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Videos and Podcasts and Interviews on the Sun-Intel Alliance
Schwartz, Otellini, Fowler and Others
Here are some resources with more about the recent Sun-Intel alliance announcement. Included are links to the Intel-Sun alliance page on the Intel web site, videos (podcasts) of the press conference, discussion/analysis from IDC's Jean Bozman, and an interview with John Fowler of Sun.
Mentor Graphics and Sun Collaborate to Qualify Design Verification Tools on Solaris 10 OS
To Build Next-Generation System-on-Chip and Printed Circuit Board Designs
Sun and Mentor Graphics Corp. have expanded their partnership. Mentor will produce products that will be qualified on the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) running on x64/x86 platforms.
Nanotechnology Labs in London Collaborate on Research by Using Sun Visualization System
Software Enable High Performance 3-D Modelling and Visualization
The high performance 3-D graphics technology of the Sun Visualization System are being put to use in two new nanotechnology labs in London. The London Centre of Nanotechnology (LCN) and the Bio-Nano Centre (BNC) will collaborate on research made possible by Sun Scalable Visualization Software, which can handle large volumes of numerical and visual data.
Top Ten Articles for last Issue
Volume 107 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for the last 4 issues. The top 10 articles for last week, Vol 107 Issue 4, were

  • Sun Returns to Profitability: Second Quarter Results [17557]
  • ZFS Resources: Best Practices Guide, Veritas and Benchmark Details [17527]
  • Sun and Intel to Collaborate on New Servers with Intel Xeon Processors [17551]
  • Cost-Effective, High-Performance Visualization System [17558]
  • New Business Model for Solaris Subscriptions [17512]
  • "Hats Off to Solaris OS" -- Switching from Red Hat to Solaris 10 OS [17556]
  • Announces 1,522 Software Packages are in the "Stable" Tree [17550]
  • Provision Solaris OS, Red Hat and SuSE Systems with New Sun Connection Service [17552]
  • Consolidation Tool for Sun Fire Servers V1.0, Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 Servers [17528]
  • Schwartz Sees Strong Ethical Foundation at Sun [17522]
    Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8.1 is Released
    Comes Fully Integrated with Complete Runtime Environment
    The new Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8.1, built on the popular NetBeans 5 IDE platform, is an award-winning development platform with powerful features such as UML modeling, instant collaboration and application profiling.
    New Multi-Language Support Added for NetBeans 5.5 IDE
    Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and More
    Java user groups and developers have contributed work to make NetBeans 5.5 IDE available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Traditional Chinese. The NetBeans Translation Project provides opportunities for members of the community to localize the IDE and documentation.
    Using SwingWorker to Boost the Performance of Java SE 6
    Sun Developer Piece Includes Code, Downloadable Demo
    John O'Conner's Sun Developer piece demonstrates, with examples of code, how the performance of Java SE 6 can readily be improved through the use of SwingWorker. He notes the common mistake application programmers make, which is in misusing the Swing event dispatch thread (EDT). They either unknowingly access user interface (UI) components from non-UI threads or simply disregard the consequences, he writes.
    Tech Tip for Component Developers on Using AJAX in Web Pages
    JavaScript, Components and Widgets Explained and Illustrated
    Ed Ort's recent article on AJAX explains clearly and with examples how to use AJAX to add components to a web page such as fields with an auto-completion feature. He talks about adding an auto-completion component and using widgets.
    Advanced Encryption Capabilities Available with Sun StorageTek T10000 2Gb FICON Crypto Drive
    AES Protection Level, 256-bit Encryption Key
    Sun StorageTek T10000 2Gb "Crypto Ready" FICON connectivity drive has an optional encryption feature upgrade: the Sun StorageTek Crypto Key Management Station, appropriate crypto accessory kit, and KMS Implementation Services.
    Vulnerabilities in Solaris OS and Sun Ray Software
    Admin Password Can Be Intercepted; Arbitrary Commands can be Executed

    Three alerts from Sun Solve provide workarounds and patches for vulnerabilities in Sun Ray Server Software (unprivileged local user to intercept the Sun Ray administrator's password) and for issues that affect the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) - the tip(1) command and Kodak Color Management System.

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