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Java Technology
Java 6 SE Gets Numerous Security Enhancements
Sun Increases Solution's Functionality by Wide Margin
There are a number of security enhancements now available in Java 6 SE. These enhancements provide a new level of functionality to a solution already widely adopted by users on the basis of its original merits.
What IT People are Saying About the New Java SE 6
Tech Tips on Compilers, APIs
Java SE 6 is making an impression on engineers and programmers, both inside and out of Sun. See some tech tips from insiders involved with JSRs.
Java Application Platform SDK Update 2 Now Available
New Portlet Container 1.0 Beta
The Java Application Platform SDK Update 2 supports the newly released Java SE 6 and introduces a new runtime component, Portlet Container 1.0 Beta, to develop and test Java portlets.
"Java and XML", Third Edition, from O'Reilly
Covers All Major Java XML Processing Libraries
The third edition of the book "Java and XML" covers all the major Java XML processing libraries, including full coverage of the SAX, DOM, StAX, Java Document Object Model (JDOM), and dom4j APIs as well as the latest version of the Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) and Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB).
Benefits of Consolidating Multiple Database Servers on Sun Fire X4600 Server using Solaris Containers
Increase Server Utilization and Reduce Complexity
A Sun BluePrints white paper "Application and Database Server Consolidation on the Sun Fire X4600 Server using Solaris Containers" (October 2006) by Kevin Kelly explores the combined capabilities of the Sun Fire X4600 server and Solaris Containers technology as a consolidation platform for multiple database servers and for Java EE application servers.
More Servers Added to System Packs Offering
Simplifying IT Acquisition and Getting the Most Value from IT Assets
Sun has added 15 more systems to its Sun System Performance Packs, including the x64 (x86, 64-bit) Sun Fire x4500 and Sun Fire X4600 servers and Sun Blade 8000 and 8000 P modular systems, which run the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), Windows and Linux. A Plus plan is also being introduced, with higher level services.
Sun StorageTek Business Analytics V5.1: Improved Reporting Tool
Manages Multi-vendor, Multi-storage Environments Remotely
The newly released version of Sun StorageTek Business Analytics V5.1, a tool for comprehensive business analytical reporting, enables customers to visualize and manage multi-vendor, multi-site storage environments from a central location, providing such data as storage assets, storage utilization, lost capacity and the adequacy of data protection.
Sun Replaces Sun StorageTek SATA Array
New RoHS-Compliant Sun StorageTek 6140 Array Is Successor
Sun is removing the Sun StorageTek 3511 SATA array from its product list and replacing it with the RoHS-compliant Sun StorageTek 6140 array. The last order date for this transition is March 9, 2007; the last ship date, June 8, 2007 and the end-of-service life June 8, 2012. No contract renewals will be allowed that extend past the EOSL date.
Brocade SW7500 FC Switch for SAN Extension Available
Enables Resource Utilization and Long-distance Extension Without Physical Merger
The Brocade SilkWorm 7500 FC Switch allows customers to interconnect their SAN islands for greater resource utilization and long-distance extension and to do so without the risk and complexity of physically merging SAN islands into a single large fabric. The switch supports such strategic business initiatives such as disaster recovery, data migration, and ongoing technology upgrades.
Sun StorageTek 9900 HiCommand Tuning Manager 5.1 Released
Solution Provides Enhanced Monitoring, Reporting, Forecasting Capabilities
Sun has released the Sun StorageTek 9900 Series HiCommand Tuning Manaager 5.1 software, an intelligent and proactive solution that provides monitoring, reporting and forecasting functions for the Sun Storage 9910, 9960, 9970, 9980, 9985 and 9990 systems. Tuning Manager, which is an integral component of the StorageTek HiCommand Management Framework, is an effective tool when it comes to tracking application performance problems within the SAN to the storage array or other key component of the fabric.
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