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Get Your Free Solaris 10 OS and Sun Studio Software Media Kit
Limited Time Offer
For a limited time, Sun is offering a free DVD media kit which includes the Solaris 10 Operating System for both SPARC and x86 platforms as well as Sun Studio 11 software.
Sun Management Center Software User Guide
Explains New Features, Architecture, Managing Modules, Data Properties and More
Sun Management Center software is part of the Sun N1 software portfolio. Sun Management Center software is an open, extensible system monitoring and management solution. It monitors and manages operating system parameters that include load, resource usage, disk space and network statistics. A User Guide covers features in detail.
Type 7 Country Kit Featuring New Keyboard, Mouse with Scroll-Wheel
New Product is RoHS-6 Compliant
Sun has released a Type 7 Country Kit that includes a Spanish keyboard, an optical mouse and two North American power cords. The RoHS-6 compliant keyboard features OpenLook short-cut keys, two USB hubs and is fully tested for compatibility with Sun workstations and the Sun Ray Thin Client line. The three-button mouse features optical tracking and a scroll wheel is also RoHS-6 compliant and fully tested for compatibility with relevant Sun products.
Sun Posts Details on Various Hardware Offerings
Type 7 Keyboards, Mice, Switches, Power Supplies
Sun has made several recent announcements concerning its hardware offerings. These include power supplies, Sun Secure Application Switches, Type 7 keyboards and optical mice and the withdrawal of a 30 AMP power cord for the Sun Blade Modular System.
Sun BluePrints Online Guide Explains Differences Between Sun Fire X4100 and X4200 Servers and Their M2 Versions
How to Distinguish the Two Sets of Twins
Given the difficulty of distinguishing the Sun Fire X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 servers from the M2 (Model 2) versions of those products, Pierre Reynes of Sun's Systems Technical Marketing department has written a Sun BluePrints Online guide to differentiating the M2s from their counterparts.
Sun Transitions Two-post Rackmount Kit for Sun Fire V440 Server
Applies to EMEA Market Only; Other Markets to Follow
The two-post Rackmount Kit (EMEA only) for the Sun Fire V440 server is being retired from the list of Sun products for consideration of RoHS compliance in EMEA. (The announcement for the transition of the two-post rackmount kit for other geographies will occur on January 9, 2007.)
Sun StorageTek 9900 HiCommand Replication Monitor 5.5
Gives Users Visual Reference for Data Under Replication Management
Sun has released the Sun StorageTek 9900 HiCommand Replication Monitor 5.5 for the Sun StorEdge 9990, 9985, 9980, 9970, 9960 and 9910 systems. The Sun StorageTek 9900 HiCommand Replication Monitor 5.5 is a monitoring/reporting application that interfaces to replication management functions provided by an Element Manager (Storage Navigator, CCI or HiCommand Device Manager) for Sun StorageTek 9900 systems and replication software.
Sun StorageTek 9900 Series HiCommand Global Link Availability Manager 5.0 Introduced
Supported by Dynamic Link Manager (SDLM) 5.8
The Sun StorageTek 9900 Series HiCommand Global Link Availability Manager 5.0 and Dynamic Link Manager (SDLM) 5.8 are now available for HP-UX, AIX, Linux, Windows and Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).
Sun StorageTek SL500 Tape Library Comes Bundled with HP 4GB FC LTO3 Drives
Ideal Consolidation Solution in Small to Medium Market
Sun has released the Sun StorageTek SL500 Tape Library bundled with two HP 4Gb FC LTO3 drives. The new architecture on which this tape library is based promotes serviceability and allows the library to adapt easily to customers' changing tape automation needs.
New Scripting Language F3 for GUI Programming
Java Scripting Language with Static Typing
F3 is a declarative Java scripting language with static typing. Created by Sun employee Chris Oliver, the F3 language is designed to make GUI programming easier. Check out the demos online.
Create Another Sun Java Studio Creator or Make it a Visual Web Pack for NetBeans IDE?
Origins of Sun Java Studio Creator Traced, Its Present State and Future
Winston Prakash, a Sun senior software engineer, outlines the origins of the Sun Java Studio Creator and asks why there is a separate IDE called the Sun Java Studio Creator, and should there be another release of it?
Deploying MediaWiki to Sun Java System Web Server 7.0
Tech Tip from SDN
Learn how to deploy a PHP technology-based Wiki site such as MediaWiki on the latest technology preview release of Sun Java System Web Server 7.0. The tech tip from Sriram Natarajan and Marina Sum is the second part in a series on setting up and deploying JSPWiki (part 1 was covered in article [17114]).
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