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Sun Servers, VMware Solutions Deliver Consolidation Benefits
IT Managers Can Attack Real Estate, Cooling, Power Costs Effectively
The combination of Sun x64 servers, VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3, and new support for the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) enables IT organizations to build into their data centers the ability to quickly respond to rapidly-changing business conditions through the use of a virtualized data center that can adapt in real time.
Climate Protection Summit Attendees Hear Sun's Eco-responsibility Message
San Francisco Conference Studies Sustainable Computing
The recent Climate Protection Summit in San Francisco was the occasion for Sun VP of Eco Responsibility, David Douglas, to stress the company's commitment to reducing the impact of technology on the environment and its focus on all facets of eco responsible computing. Douglas challenged business leaders to take action within their communities against global warming.
Java Technology
Call for Papers Open for JavaOne Conference 2007
Deadline is December 15, 2006
The 2007 JavaOne conference Call for Papers is now open. The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2006. Topic areas range from the Java SE to open source and consumer technologies.
New Web Site for HotSpot Virtual Machine
Download the Source Code
Here it is! The new web site for the Java HotSpot virtual machine, featuring nearly 1500 C/C++ headers and source files amounting to almost 250,000 lines of code. Not only does this download opportunity include the class loader, bytecode interpreter and supporting runtime routines, but also comes with two runtime compilers from bytecode to native instructions, three garbage collectors and a set of high-performance runtime libraries.
New Web Site for the Mobile & Embedded Community
A Gathering Place for Colleagues
The Mobile & Embedded Community is the modern equivalent to the village pump, a gathering place that enables and empowers developers to meet, collaborate and innovate, contributing to the evolution and adoption of the Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) for mobile and embedded devices.
Sun Releases Sun Blade 8000 P Modular System
Unit Outperforms Rackmount Servers by Large Margin
The Sun Blade 8000 P Modular System is the second platform to be introduced in Sun's blade server family. Like its relative, the Sun Blade 8000 System, it shares a similar modular architecture featuring separate hot-pluggable modules for processing, I/O, networking, system management, and infrastructure (PSUs, fans). The System's 10 maximum hot-pluggable Sun Blade X8400 Server Modules -- each featuring four dual-core Opteron processors with up to 64 GB (PC3200) memory, 64 Gbps of I/O throughput and two optional SAS or SATA hot-swappable HDDs -- deliver incredible scalability.
eWEEK Praises Sun Fire X4500 Server
Finds Hybrid Storage/Server Features to Have Wide Appeal
The Sun Fire X4500 Server caught the eye of e WEEK reviewers who praised the unit's storage capabilities. Victor Loh reports writes that eWEEK found the Sun Fire X4500 "... packs an impressive processing and storage punch."
New Rack Extension for Sun Rack Cabinets Adds Depth
Flexible for Cabling, Can be used in Rear or Front
A new rack accessory is available that will increase the depth of the cabinets by 10 centimeters, allowing more space for cabling in the back. The rack extender accessory can be installed on Sun Rack 900-38, Sun Rack 1000-38, and Sun Rack 1000-42.
    Prices Reduced on UltraSPARC IV+ 1.8GHz Sun Fire Server Configurations
    Greater Price/Performance Ratio
    Prices have been reduced on Sun Fire V490-E25K systems and 1.8GHz UltraSPARC IV+ Uniboards. This price reduction gives customers a greater price-and-performance ratio.
    Tech Tip on Administering Portals with Scripts
    Save Time and Reduce Errors
    Want to save time configuring scripts for common tasks in portal administration? Tech specialist Jim Faut (with Marina Sum) has written a tech tip on how to invoke command-line interface (CLI) utilities in Portal Server and Access Manager and how to configure scripts for common tasks. He focuses on the Sun Java System Portal Server 7 and the Sun Java System Access Manager 7.
    Tim Bray on Java, PHP and Ruby: Quelling the Controversy
    Scalability and Maintainability of Java Programming Language vs. PHP
    Tim Bray, Director of Web Technologies at Sun, spoke at the PHP Conference in early November 2006 in Frankfurt about PHP, the Java programming language and Rails for Web application building. After the presentation was posted online, some discussion broke out on about the value of Java, PHP and Rails. Floyd Marinescu of InfoQ did some follow up by talking to Bray about it.
    JavaScript Video on SDN Channel
    Featuring Project Phobos
    The November featured video on the SDN Channel explains how to simplify application development and improve productivity with the latest emerging Java technologies. Roberto Chinnici, Sr. Staff Engineer, Java Platform, talks about writing web applications using scripting with Project Phobos.
    "Essential CVS," Second Edition Updated for New CVS Features
    Learn Proxying and Additional Hooks for Third-party Programs
    The second edition of the book, "Essential CVS" by Jennifer Vesperman covers version 1.12 of CVS. It presents an overview and most commonly used commands. A Quick Start Guide section explains how to build a basic CVS repository with the default settings and few extras.
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