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Java Technology
The Java Tutorial, Fourth Edition with Revised Chapters
New Information on Java SE 6
The fourth edition of the "Java Tutorial" has been updated to cover Java SE 6 (formerly called J2SE), with new chapters on Generics, Collections, Java Web Start, the platform environment and Regular Expressions.
Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Guide for J2SE 5.0
Command Line Utilities, Memory Leaks, Bug Reporting
Developers and support or sys admin personnel working with Java Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 now have access to a new troubleshooting guide for the platform. It is designed to address problems that may arise with applications that are deployed using J2SE 5.0.
Java SE Tech Tips: Creating a Desktop Application
Discussion of Java SE 6 from Product Manager
Dana Nourie takes you through creating a desktop application with Java SE, including what to consider when planning an application. Catch up with Jean Elliott, director of product marketing for the Java SE platform at Sun, for details on support of previous versions before J2SE 5, a discussion of how important developer input has been to the Java SE 6 version, the Java Community Process (JCP) and more.
Java Application Platform SDK: Overview
Includes Support for Latest Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5

The SDK team has posted an article on Java Application Platform SDK to talk about its key features and provide a link to this free release. Topics online are Java Persistence API, Web Services, SOA and more.

Free and Open Source S/W
x 2.0.4 Released
Sun Adds Support to OpenOffice
New features in the new 2.0.4 include enhanced PDF management, direct export to LaTex, new functionality in Calc and Impress, Mac OS X (X11) use of system fonts, and more. Sun is offering premium and standard support service plans for OpenOffice.
Firefox 2.0 from Mozilla Now Available for Faster Browsing
Comparison of Features with IE 7
Firefox 2.0 offers improved tabbed browsing, spell checking in blogs and web forms, session restore, live titles and more. This article lists new features and provides a download link and points to reviews and comparisons to IE7.
eWEEK Labs Reviews of Solaris 10 6/06
Much to Praise in the Latest Version
The eWEEK Labs review of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) 6/06 was written up by Jason Brooks, whose complete article ("Sun Gilds Solaris Lily") praises the new file system, among other things, in the latest version of Sun's premier operating system.
Sun Surpasses 6 Million Solaris 10 Operating System Licenses
Developers and Enterprises Creating Momentum
Sun has delivered over 6 million licenses of Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) since its release in January 2005. The Solaris OS is open source and free to download, two of its many qualities that have led to its increasing popularity.
Increase Manageability of Oracle 9i and 10g RAC on Solaris OS with Sun Cluster Advanced Edition for Oracle RAC
Get High Availability and Performance
Sun Cluster Advanced Edition for Oracle RAC provides enterprises with increased manageability for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) deployments on the Sun Java Availability Suite for both SPARC and x64 platforms.
EqualLogic Debuts Industry's Fastest iSCSI SAN Solution along with Advanced Virtualization Capabilities
PS Series Firmware Version 3 Introduces Advanced ILM Features
Recently EqualLogic made a series of announcements that strengthens its enterprise-class storage area networking (SAN) technology for high-performance environments, making it an ideal solution for the Sun Fire family of servers. First, on September 12, 2006, EqualLogic extended Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) disk drive technology. The new PS3000 Series storage arrays, the PS3600X and PS3800XV, deliver the industry’s best performance ratings in mission-critical applications. In head-to-head comparisons by an independent third party, EqualLogic’s PS3800XV significantly outperformed its rivals EMC and Network Appliance.
Sun StorageTek Operations Manager V5.1 Debuts this Month
Supports Both Solaris OS and Windows
The new version of Sun StorageTek Operations Manager V5.1, due this month, provides Sun device support for Sun StorEdge 6940, 6140, 6540, NAS, and application support for Sun SAM/QFS. This version will release on two platforms, the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and Windows, in order to be able to better compete against HP and HDS.
Sun StorageTek L1400 Tape Library: More Than Two L700's
Features Continuous Capacity, Partitioning, Lower TCO
The Sun StorageTek L1400 tape library is a high-performance automated tape library that is based on the L-Series architecture and technology. Among its new features are continuous capacity and partitioning, which provides improved growth options and delivers an excellent solution for midrange consolidation.
Sun StorageTek L700e Tape Library Features PTP Connections
Several Features Lead to Reductions in TCO
Users of large, distributed open systems implemented in UNIX and Windows NT environments will welcome the Sun StorageTek L700e Tape Library whose Pass through Port (PTP) allows for functional connections between two L700e libraries. This highly scalable tape library can allow applications to read and write simultaneously, and the media pooling feature enables multiple applications to share the large data pool that performs up to 450 cartridge fetches per hour per frame.
StorageTek Professional Services Repackaged by Sun
Now Called Sun StorageTek Business Value Assessment Suite

The Sun StorageTek Business Value Assessment Suite of Professional Services comprises four professional services, one of which is fixed price-fixed scope and the other three of which are customized to a user's needs. The Sun StorageTek Business Value Assessment Suite of Professional Services are not new services but rather are services being transitioned from the legacy StorageTek professional services organization to the Sun Client Solutions Organization.

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