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Project Blackbox: Think Inside the Box
And this Box Will Deal with the Outside on Its Own
Those of you who recall Sun's "Write Once, Run Anywhere" will be reminded of it by the language used to describe Project Blackbox, which is "build once, deploy anywhere." Project Blackbox is a completely virtualized, modular datacenter in a 20 foot-long shipping container that is wired, plumbed for cooling and ready to be pressed into service wherever a customer's business needs dictate.
DTrace: An Interview with the Founding Fathers
The Dynamic Story of a Dynamic Application
Adam Leventhal, Mike Shapiro and Bryan Cantrill have something like the status of rock stars at Sun, reports Alex Handy writing for SDTimes. The trio is responsible for the development of DTrace, and they share some of the development history of their baby in "DTrace: Anatomy of a 'Rock Star' Application."
Returning Insurance to a Back-to-basics Policy
The Role of Service Oriented Architecture
David Piesse, Head of Insurance for Asia Pacific at Sun Microsystems explained the changing role of insurance in a recent Sun Solutions piece where he considered the connection between IT functions and Service Oriented Architecture.
Java Technology
What's Up with Java Technology Tools
Sun Evangelist Charles Ditzel Shares His Views with Janice J. Heiss
Charles Ditzel, a partner area architect at Sun, spoke with Janice J. Heiss on the subject of helping partners migrate to Java technology platform software and on the recent developments in Java tools. The interview is called, "Tools Talk: A Conversation With Java Technology Evangelist Charles Ditzel."
Here's All You Need to Know about Java Generics
O'Reilly's New "Java Generics and Collections"
"Comprehensive" and "definitive" are terms infrequently applied to a book, but "Java Generics and Collections" from O'Reilly appears to be a work deserving of those descriptions. In a mere 294 pages, authors Maurice Naftalin and Philip Wadler are said to consider everything from the most basic uses of generics to esoteric corner cases while including an abundance of material on collections libraries and their uses.
Update to the Solaris PowerPC Code Base Released by Sun Labs
An OpenSolaris Port for 32-bit PowerPC-based Targets
A source contribution has been made available to the community that provides a functional Solaris PowerPC development environment on selected target platforms. According to the announcement on the OpenSolaris web site, the release "is a modest, but important step toward reaching the goal of developing the Solaris PowerPC port project to the point where it includes the latest source tree, provides a shell or single user prompt on the target platform, and has enhanced debugging, i.e., KMDB."
Solaris Trusted Extensions Software User's Guide
Overview, How to Log In, Access Features Explained
The Solaris Trusted Extensions User's Guide is a guide to operating in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) with Solaris Trusted Extensions installed. Trusted Extensions provides special security features for your system. Trusted Extensions software adds features to the Solaris OS that protect against intruders.
Sun StorageTek T9940 and T9840 Enterprise Tape Drives
For Mainframe and Large Network Computing Environments
The Sun StorageTek T9940 Enterprise Tape Drive and the Sun StorageTek T9840 Enterprise Tape Drive were developed to meet requirements of mainframe, large network computing and active tape environments. The T9940 line is for those customers who need to store large amounts of data, and the T9840 line is ideal for customers who need quick read and write functionality for smaller file sizes.
Sun StorageTek Virtual Array Disk System
Mid-range Mainframe Disk Solution
Do you need to drive down storage and management costs? Protect and recover data in seconds without consuming physical disk space? Get applications to market faster? Then the Sun StorageTek Shared Virtual Array (SVA) has features worth looking at.
Honeycomb Storage from Sun Used in Stanford University Digital Repository Project
Digitizing Books to Make them Searchable as Part of Google's Library Project
Storage Technology News on reported that Stanford University is using Sun's Honeycomb storage system to archive its library and make it searchable as part of the Google library project.
Sun StorageTek Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Suite of Professional Services
Have a Clear Plan for Recovery to Reduce Data Loss and Downtime

The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Suite of Professional Services minimize the effects of an IT outage. They help plan and implement the complex task of business continuity and disaster recovery by clearly defining processes and procedures to minimize disruption and data loss.

Sun StorageTek 9900 HiCommand Storage Services Manager 4.1
New Device Support

Version 4.1 of Sun StorageTek 9900 HiCommand Storage Services Manager software is available for the following Sun StorageTek systems: 9910, 9960, 9970, 9980, 9985 and 9990. Also available are related modules that are for business, application and infrastructure management capabilities.

New Sun BluePrints Guide to Solaris Containers: Virtualization in Solaris OS
Resource Management Concepts and More
The Sun BluePrints Guide to Solaris Containers is a collection of technical white papers that has been updated and consolidated into a single book. The book is available as a PDF and is 226 pages written by multiple authors. It provides an overview of the resource management concepts and technologies that comprise Solaris Containers, and it explains how to create, use and integrate Solaris Containers within a system and infrastructure.
Daylight Savings Time Patches for Vintage Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6 & 7 OS
Changes to Begin in 2007
Daylight Savings Time (DST) patches are available for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) versions 2.5.1, 2.6, and 7 ("vintage") that will allow for changes to be made to conform to new Daylight Savings Time rules (recently passed by U.S. Congress).
Implementing ZFS: Ask the Experts Online
Solaris 10 OS ZFS and Other Features Up for Discussion
Principal Engineer Chris Gerhard in Sun Service posted answers about implementing ZFS and other Solaris OS questions in an "Xperts" session online.
Get your Vulnerability Index: Sun's Readiness Assessment Determines Your Security Gaps
Online Tool Tallies Cost of Lost Revenue, Legal Fees and Repair to Company Brand
Sun's Readiness Assessment provides a data encryption approach for robust, system-wide security with key management that's safe, simple and affordable to deploy. The assessment is the first step in filling security gaps via a systems approach by Sun.
Solaris 10 OS Security Vulnerabilities
Permissions, Netscape and TCP/IP
This article lists three security alerts from the SANS Institute and SunSolve regarding the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). They deal with permissions, a vulnerability in the Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR) API, and TCP/IP function panic.
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