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Net Talk on Improving Datacenter Lifecycle Management
Know the Challenges Before Upgrading
What are the typical challenges associated with hardware upgrades in a datacenter? For advice on simplifying the process, watch the on demand Sun Net Talk featuring Craig Churchill. Churchill is the global director of the Installed Base Marketing at Sun. He explains the process and how the Sun Upgrade Advantage Program can help.
    Introspection of a Java Virtual Machine under Simulation
    Authors Extract High-level Data from Java Virtual Machine

    Given the widespread use of the virtual machine in commercially significant systems and the complication the VM brings with it -- presenting an extra abstraction layer between the application and the observed hardware effects, Greg Wright, Phil McGachey, Erika Gunadi and Mario Wolczko have chosen to address the issue in a Sun Labs paper entitled "Introspection of a Java Virtual Machine under Simulation."

    Greg Papadopoulos - Blog on The Ecology of Computing
    Google in the Palm of Your Hand
    Greg Papadopoulos has resumed his blog, tackling most recently what he refers to as the "...environmental and sociological consequences of computing something." The full text of "The Ecology of Computing" is online. He foresees a future that would include, by 2050, Google's entire CPU grid in a user's mobile phone.
    Sun CIO Bob Worrall on ERP Consolidation, Flex-time
    Integrated Business Information System Project Deliverable Due in July 2007
    Bob Worrall is the new CIO at Sun Microsystems, coming to the post from his earlier assignment as VP for IT at Sun. He spoke with Computerworld's Eric Lai about the company's three-year Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consolidation plans and about how Sun plans to use flex-time to combat the anticipated effects of a flu season or other disruptive influence.
    Sun Java System Identity Manager Implemented at Henkel KGaA
    System Does in Nine Months What Would Have Taken Five Years for Legacy Mods
    Henkel KGaA, a Fortune Global 500 company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, employs some 51,000 people in its world wide markets for home care, personal care and adhesives, sealants and surface treatment. Henkel sought to replace its mainframe-based system for administering employee identities that was developed in the early 1990s and turned to Sun Java System Identity Manager as the solution.
    Netra CP3060 UltraSPARC T1 ATCA Blade Provides High Density
    Get Partitioning Ability with the UltraSPARC T1 Processor
    The Netra CP3060 UltraSPARC T1 ATCA Blade is the first blade to incorporate Sun's Chip Multithreading Technology (CMT) to meet the needs of telecommunications and other applications that require different types of processors when using an ATCA. The UltraSPARC T1 processor has partitioning capabilities and is a low-power processor, delivering extreme performance and performance per watt, especially when running the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS).
    Sun Fire X4500 Server (aka Thumper) Documentation
    ILOM, Solaris 10 OS Installation and More
    Need some documentation for your new Sun Fire X4500 server, the world's first hybrid data server? Sun provides PDFs and HTML versions online of many how-to guides for installation of the OS, product notes, an ILOM guide and more.
    Sun Fire X4600 Server Maintenance and Troubleshooting Course
    Web-based Training Package Include Course and Assessment
    Learn the Sun Fire X4600 server architecture inside and out with this web-based course, Sun Fire X4600 Server Maintenance and Troubleshooting. The course covers installation of the server and configuring the server processor. The training also covers troubleshooting and replacing internal components.
    Top Ten Articles for Last 4 Issues
    Vol 103 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4

    Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for each of the last three issues. The Web version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last four issues. The top articles from the last issue - Vol 103, Issue 4 - were:

    • OpenSolaris to Find its Way into Google? [17056]
    • New Sun Fire V445 Server Introduced at High End of the Entry-level Server Line [17035]
    • Win a Thumper Server: Enter Sun's 'Thump This' Contest [17052]
    • Economical Sun Fire V125 Server: Powerful and Compact [17042]
    • Java EE (J2EE) Programming (with Passion!) Free Online Class [17051]
    • Outstanding Price/Performance in New Sun Fire V 215 and Sun Fire V245 Servers [17038]
    • Good News From Sun Marketing [17084]
    • U.S. Daylight Saving Time Changes in 2007 to Affect JRE [17021]
    • IDC Reports Growth in Sun Disk Storage and Tape Storage [17058]
    • University Reduces IT Maintenance Costs by Deploying Sun Ray Virtual Display Clients [17001]
      Book: NetBeans IDE Field Guide
      Second Edition Adds Details on Matisse GUI Builder
      Looking for advice about the NetBeans 5.0 IDE from experts who have worked with it for years? Try the "NetBeans IDE Field Guide." This second edition has added how to build applications with the Matisse GUI Builder, how to use the NetBeans Collaboration Modules and more.
      Just Commit: Project Hudson
      Builds are Automated, Freeing Up Developers
      One of the projects on the page is Project Hudson, which monitors executions of repeated jobs, such as building a software project or jobs run by cron. Hudson creates an automated, continuous build and checks to see if the build works. It will notify you if it does not work, but while it is working, you can be working.
      Sun Begins Using Verisign Certificate for Digitally Signed Solaris Patches
      Signed Patch Users Need to Update Patch Tools

      Sun began using a new Verisign certificate for digitally signed patches for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) on September 24, 2006. This means that a signing certificate will be used for all three Solaris OS releases, Solaris 8, 9 and 10 OS. Customers using signed patches will be required to update their patch tools to continue to install these patches. Failure to do so will result in patch installation installation errors.

      Sun Studio Software Introductory Course for Solaris OS Developers
      Increase Productivity Using Performance Analyzer Feature
      Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) developers have a new course available to introduce them to the capabilities of Sun Studio software. Course WP-100-S10 (available only in the U.S.) provides developers with an overview of how to compile, edit, debug and analyze performance with Sun Studio.
      Sun Downloads for Sun Firmware, Solaris OS, CoolThreads
      Have a Look at These New Tools

      Check out the new downloads available from Sun that include Sun Firmware Flash Update Tool (fwflash), Solaris SRP Driver 1.0 and Tuning Tool for CoolThreads Technology (CoolTuner) 1.0.1.

      "Make the Transition to the Solaris 10 Operating System"
      Course for Systems Administrators of Solaris 8, 9 OS

      The course "Make the Transition to the Solaris 10 Operating System" (course ID number VC-SA-210-S10) presents the essential differences between the Solaris 8, Solaris 9 and Solaris 10 Operating Systems. The course covers skills and tasks that are new or are changed in Solaris 10.

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