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Beyond Compliance: The Convergence of Provisioning and Identity Auditing
e-seminar Set for September 19, 2006
Driven by such issues as compliance, third-party collaboration and data integrity, identity management is becoming an increasingly vital subject for workers in IT. Sun is sponsoring an hour-long e-seminar entitled "Beyond Compliance: The Convergence of Provisioning and Identity Auditing" that is scheduled for September 19, 2006, at 9:00 a.m. PDT/12:00 p.m. EDT.
Java Composite Application Platform Suite Aids Infonet
Integration and Application Features Ease CRM Operations

Sun's Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS) came to the rescue for Infonet Services Corporation. Infonet was faced with the need to correct inconsistent and erroneous customer data while also cutting internal costs and providing a single customer view in the management of its portfolio of network-based solutions that include broadband, Internet, intranet, multimedia, remote and local access and such application services as call center, collaboration, messaging and hosting.

Sun Infrastructure Saves Scottish Water Utility $10M Annually
Consolidation Affects Servers, Applications, Storage, Personnel
Formed in 2003 from the merger of three water authorities, Scottish Water inherited a legacy IT Infrastructure that effectively precluded the consolidation necessary for cost effective operation. More than 30 Sun, HP and Fujitsu servers and more than 80 applications in finance, human resources and science, and three databases siloed in direct-attached storage devices (each with its own backup) made server and storage consolidation imperative. The new Sun IT infrastructure produced annual savings of $10 million.
Presentation on Niagara-2 Chip by Sun Distinguished Engineer Greg Grohoski
Posted on Site
Sun Distinguished Engineer Greg Grohoski made a presentation on the Niagara-2 chip at the Hot Chips 18 conference in August 2006 and has made his presentation available online. Learn how this next-generation server-on-a-chip will double throughput and throughput per watt while greatly improving floating-point performance and delivering wire-speed cryptographic acceleration.
Scott McNealy Security Keynote Video from RSA Conference 2006
Eliminate Frankensteins in the Data Center and Clones on the Desktop
A video of Scott McNealy's speech at the 2006 RSA Conference earlier this year is available online. With his usual humor, he discussed the reasons for insecure data and how Sun technology can help to secure it.
Java Technology
Java University at Sun Tech Days: Training Offered in Java EE and AJAX
Sun Tech Days Expands Topics to Include Solaris 10 OS, NetBeans and OpenSolaris

Java University (JavaU) training has been added to the 2006-2007 Sun Tech Days events. The first event was held in Seattle, WA, September 6-8, 2006. The program has been expanded to 13 days and to cover more topics, including Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), NetBeans IDE and OpenSolaris.

Java Card Technology Well Placed to Take Advantage of Government ID Mandates
Java Card 2.2.2 Specification Designed to Operate with Contactless Cards

Frost & Sullivan, the U.S. research firm, recently predicted that government ID projects will drive growth for smart cards and that Java Card from Sun is being used and is well placed to take advantage of this market opportunity.

Get the Latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version Consumer-Friendly Site Provides Updates

Do you have the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your computer? You can test to see what version you have by going to the page. The download from, Sun's consumer-friendly site, is free and will allow web-based programs that use Java technology-based software to run on your computer more easily.

Free and Open Source S/W
OpenOffice Suite Adopted in India by Election Commission and Some Schools
Richard Stallman Advocates Open Source at GPLv3 Conference
The Indian Election Commission (EC) has decided to uninstall Microsoft Office applications from its entire workspace and replace them with OpenOffice, according to a report on Kolkata Newsline.
New Enterprise-class WSRP Open Source Project
Web Services for Remote Portlets Implementation
The new Enterprise-class WSRP Open Source project is part of the overall Portal Open Source Project (defined by the OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets TC). The goals of the project include building a community of developers who are committed to increasing the quality of the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) implementation.
Shmux 1.0: Execute the Same Command on Many Hosts in Parallel
Now Available for Solaris OS versions 8 and 10, on SPARC and x86

Version 1.0 of the free program shmux has been added for Solaris 8 Operating System (Solaris OS) on SPARC and Solaris 10 OS on SPARC and x86. Shmux is a program for executing the same command on many hosts in parallel.

Enhanced Hardware Only Support Offering within the SunSpectrum Support Portfolio
Hardware Service Plans

For customers seeking hardware-only support, a new offering from SunSpectrum support portfolio provides four plan options: Next Business Day Support, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Sun Hardware Service Plans provide hardware service coverage, parts replacement, telephone and online technical support, knowledgebase access, and Sun alerts and notifications, as well as other supporting benefits.

Support Your System with the Sun Spare Parts Listing
Same Rigorous Testing as Used on Sun Systems

Spares are available to all Sun customers to help support their own system and perform self-maintenance up to five years after the EOL of a system. Hardware spares purchased from Sun have been tested using the same rigorous testing process and testing equipment used on Sun systems.

Sun Tech Days Conference in Seattle, Washington
Web 2.0, Java Technology and the Solaris 10 Operating System
Sun started its 9th series of worldwide events for developers, "Sun Tech Days, 2006-2007", in Seattle, Washington. There is no charge for these events which will be loaded with technical content, practical "how to" information, demonstrations, examples of real-world solutions, hands-on training and more. Please note that space is limited. Wednesday, September 6th, Sun Tech Day featured two bonus, no-cost, developer days: NetBeans Day or OpenSolaris Day. On Thursday, Sun offered full-day Java University classes.
Sun Microsystems Launch September 13, 2006
On the Web and Live in New York City

Sun Microsystems will be hosting a live web event to unveil its newest line-up of products, services and programs.

According to the Sun announcement:

"Open, flexible, high-performance Sun systems, services, storage and software help cut costs, mitigate risk, simplify IT infrastructures and enable new revenue-generating services. Get a reminder to join Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz and other Sun executives to find out how."

Some Sun offices may be hosting a customer event as there will be a live satellite broadcast of the general session.

Atlanta OpenSolaris User Group - ATLOSUG
Next Meeting - Tuesday, September 12, 2006
The next meeting of the Atlanta OpenSolaris User Group will feature Ryan Matteson in a talk titled, "DTrace Toolkit". The grup was established to connect members of the community interested in OpenSolaris and Solaris, and to grow the OpenSolaris community in the Atlanta area. All are welcome - developers, open-source contributors, system administrator, architects, and any other interested parties. For more information.
Storage Briefs: Dual TCP/IP Interface for the Sun StorEdge L8500 Tape Library
HP LTO3 4Gb FC Drives for Sun StorEdge L180/L700 and Sun StorEdge L8500 Libraries
A second TCP/IP host interface feature is now available for the Sun StorEdge L8500 tape library, which boosts the availability of the tape library. In another storage product announcement from Sun, HP LTO3 4Gb FC drives are now available for Sun StorEdge L500, Sun StorEdge L180/L700 and Sun StorEdge L8500 libraries.
Sun StorageTek Service Plans and Online User Guide
Get Quality Service and Support from SunSpectrum

The SunSpectrum Support portfolio has been enhanced to include an advanced support offering for storage with the Sun StorageTek Service Plans. This support offering for storage builds on the strengths of both the Sun and legacy StorageTek support offerings to help you get the most out of your Sun storage systems and meet your need for data availability.

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Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for each of the last three issues. The Web version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last four issues. The top articles from the last issue - Vol 102, Issue 5 - were:

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  • SciMark Benchmark Results of Sun Ultra 20 M2 Workstation Reach World Record Level [16939]
  • The Institute For Genomic Research Selects Sun Fire Servers Over HP [16931]
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    Revisiting Valuable Solaris OS Books: Solaris Systems Programming by Rich Teer
    Maximum Information with Minimum Distraction
    While Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) is the newest version of the OS and full of valuable features, plenty of people still use version 9 or earlier and need a good reference book, especially one that can help them build on their Solaris knowledge and improve their use of version 10. Rich Teer wrote a definitive guide to Solaris OS that covers up to version 9 called "Solaris Systems Programming" that is loaded with practical advice.
    DTrace Quick Reference Guide Available Online
    Selected Tables of Variables and Functions

    A Quick Reference Guide to DTrace has been posted on the Sun Developer Network with links to a table of providers, functions, aggregating functions, variable and built-in variables.

    Consolidating Services from Many Servers to One Sun Fire T2000 Server
    Sun Java Enterprise System and Solaris Containers Simplify Management, Improve Performance
    Consolidating multiple enterprise infrastructure services from many servers to the Sun Fire T2000 server using the Sun Java Enterprise System and Solaris Containers can can simplify management, improve performance and increase the efficiency of delivering enterprise infrastructure services. A Sun BluePrints white paper outlines how to perform this consolidation.
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