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Get Sun StorEdge 3000 Family Software and Documentation on CD-ROM
Includes Installation, Configuration and Diagnostic Programs
August 14, 2006,
Volume 102, Issue 3

Sun has released the CD-ROM version of Sun StorEdgeTM 3000 Family Software and Documentation version 2.3. This CD contains Sun StorEdge Configuration Service Management and Diagnostic Reporter Software, installation and configuration documents, along with documentation for the Sun StorEdge 3000 product family.

The complete contents of this CD include:

  • Sun StorEdge CLI, a command-line interface used to manage and monitor arrays
  • Sun StorEdge Configuration Service, a management and monitoring program
  • Sun StorEdge Diagnostic Reporter, a monitoring utility
  • Sun StorEdge SMI-S Provider installation package (Solaris SPARCR only). This utility allows Sun StorEdgeTM Enterprise Storage Manager Advanced Applications (ESM-AA) 4.1 and higher to monitor Sun StorEdgeTM 3510 FC and Sun StorEdgeTM 3511 SATA RAID arrays. In addition to the SPARC version of the SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS), other supported operating systems include Windows, Linux, IBM AIX and HP-UX.

Sun notes that these products are no longer included with the Sun StorEdgeTM 3510 FC arrays. Instead, the contents of this CD are available via the Sun Download Center. The CD is also available by ordering the following no charge part number: NCSS9-230-W9NR (Sun StorEdge 3000 Family Software and Documentation 2.3).

The Sun Sun StorEdge 3000 Family version 2.3 software user documentation is also available from this externally available location where users can obtain:

  • Sun StorEdge 3000 Family 2.3 Software Installation Guide (Doc# 817-3764)
  • Sun StorEdge 3000 Family Configuration Service 2.3 User's Guide (Doc# 817-3337)
  • Sun StorEdge 3000 Family Diagnostic Reporter 2.3 User's Guide (Doc# 817-3338)
  • Sun StorEdge 3000 Family CLI 2.3 User's Guide (Doc# 817-4951)

Comprehensive documentation associated with the Sun StorEdge 3000 Family version 2.3 software is available online in both PDF and HTML format at this location. the following location: Users can view, print or purchase a broad selection of Sun documentation at this location.

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