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Sun Fire X2100 M2 High-performance 2-way 1-RU server
Get AMD Opteron 1000, LOM, Shared Network Access for the Service, More Ports
August 14, 2006,
Volume 102, Issue 3

The Sun FireTM X2100 M2 (for Model 2) is a high performance 2-way 1-RU server in Sun's line of x64 rack-optimized servers. The Sun Fire X2100 M2 can run SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS), Linux or Windows. It is an ideal solution for HPC/grid computing, web infrastructure and application development uses that demand flexibility, scalability and maximum return on their investment.

This new model can be configured with one Next-Generation AMD Opteron 1000 Series processor, supports up to four unbuffered DDR2 DDR2/667 memory DIMMs and has two PCI-Express slots for expansion. The server comes standard with four Gigabit-Ethernet ports and an embedded Lights Out Manager (LOM), offering similar advanced management functions as the Sun Fire X4100/X4200 ILOM.

Support contracts are available from Sun for Solaris OS, Linux and Windows. VMware is not supported on 1-socket systems. Please note that the Sun Fire X2100 M2 has different operating systems support than the current Sun Fire X2100 servers.

The AMD Opteron 1000 Series dual core processor comes with integrated DDR2 memory controller, HyperTransport link and AMD PowerNow! technology with Optimized Power Management (OPM). The processor also features second-generation HyperTransport CPU-to-I/O link delivering 2x4.0GB/sec (8.0GB/s aggregate) bandwidth and integrated 128-bit wide Memory Controller. This provides a high-speed connection between processor and core logic. It eliminates performance bottlenecks found in traditional x86 Front Side Bus (FSB) architectures (found in Intel processor based systems).

Shared Network Access for the Service Processor through one of the four Gigabit-Ethernet ports of the main server provides maximum flexibility to customers by allowing use of a single switch port to access both the system and the service processor, or dedicating the port to the Service Processor for complete network separation while the server uses the remaining three ports. (The Sun Fire X2100 has two Gigabit-Ethernet ports where the M2 has four.)

Sun N1TM System Manager v1.4 (RR October 2006) supports the Sun Fire X2100 M2 and enables rapid discovery, configuration and provisioning of groups of Sun servers, and simplifies data center management tasks by enabling remote power control, hardware component monitoring and software patching.

The Sun Fire X2100 M2 server comes standard with four networking ports and IMPI 2.0 compliant Service Processor for in-band and out-of-band management access at no extra charge, resulting in lower purchase cost as well as reduced ongoing system administration cost.

Under the Upgrade Advantage Program, qualified Sun and non-Sun systems are eligible for trade-in value towards the purchase of a select Sun Fire X2100 M2 configurations.

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