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x86 and x64 Server Market Survey Assesses Sun's Impact in this Market
Opteron-based Galaxy Servers Rated Well
August 14, 2006,
Volume 102, Issue 3

Sun posted a better than expected showing in this survey ... We believe Sun's results deserve a bit of applause. - Dan Olds

The Gabriel Consulting Group worked with ITJungle on a survey of the x86 and x64 server market. They asked what vendor is the leader in technical factors, how the vendors rate on business criteria, and customer attitudes about their own x64 server vendor. The survey found that "Sun seems to have capitalized on its massive UNIXR installed base to establish a solid beachhead in the x64 market with its Opteron-based 'Galaxy' servers."

The vendors were IBM, HP, Dell and Sun. The survey data came from datacenter personnel. There was slow growth in server sales except for the 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x64 server market. In the survey, "roughly 30 percent of the respondents have standardized on IBM, 21 percent each on Dell and HP and 28 percent on Sun."

"Sun posted a better than expected showing in this survey -- third overall and third in almost every category. While some may feel that anything other than an outright win is a loss, we believe Sun's results deserve a bit of applause. Sun has only been in this market for a couple of years and is competing against far larger and more established vendors. Also, coming in third means Sun managed to beat Dell, which is certainly a feather in its cap (if anyone is still putting feathers in caps)," consultant Dan Olds said.

Tables and graphs are available in the ITJungle article online.

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