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Enhanced Performance Netra T2000 Server, DC Version
With CMT, CoolThreads Technology and UltraSPARC T1 Processor
August 14, 2006,
Volume 102, Issue 3

The NetraTM T2000 server (DC version) is Sun's first Netra server to incorporate the Chip Multi-Threaded (CMT) UltraSPARCR T1 processor, powered by the latest CoolThreadsTM technology. The Netra T2000 is a 2RU carrier-grade rackmount, ruggedized NEBS Level 3 certified and ETSI compliant server, making it ideal for the most demanding applications in the toughest environments. This Netra server provides enhanced performance/throughput, consistent form, fit and function.


The UltraSPARC T1 processor is equipped with up to eight 4-way multithreaded cores and support for 32 simultaneous threads, with 8 threads executed per clock cycle, providing higher throughput for multiple, single thread applications or multi-threaded applications.

The high-bandwidth 4-way shared 3-MB Level-2 cache provides optimum-sized cache for multi-threaded processors, reduces processor cost and complexity to ensure a balance is achieved between high throughput and low cost/complexity.

The four on-chip DDR2 channels deliver 25.6GB/sec processor to memory bandwidth for direct access from processor to memory, with minimum contention for memory.

The SPARC v9 standard processor implementation delivers binary compatibility with previous generation of Sun systems and SolarisTM Operating Systems (Solaris OS) software. The pre-installed software image for the Sun Netra T2000 Server has been updated to include the latest Solaris 10 06/06 OS. (A 00-day evaluation of JavaTM Enterprise System 2005Q4 is also pre-loaded.)

There are four programmable alarms available in the Netra T2000 server: Critical, Major, Minor and User. This enables Telco operators to use a relay to signal fault conditions to a rack or control room panel as well as an alarm monitoring system.

Other features:

  • ECC and/or Parity Protection on caches, TLBs and Register files for maintenance of data integrity across on-chip memories

  • Hardware RAID support provided by the onboard disk controller, supporting either two-disk RAID 1 (Integrated Mirror) volumes, or two-, three-, or four-disk RAID 0 (Integrated Stripe) volumes, providing data redundancy and increased performance at no additional cost

  • Chipkill to detect failing DRAM. DRAM channel is then mapped away from failing DRAM through Sparing

  • Space efficient, rack-optimized 2RU design

  • Four onboard 10/100/1000-Mbps Ethernet ports

  • Four PCI slots that support legacy telecommuncation PCI cards

  • 19-inch 4 post rackmount kit and flip down bezel are standard with every system

  • RoHS Compliant

The AC version will be released (revenue released) in October 2006.

Upgrade Plan

The new Netra T2000 servers are eligible for the Upgrade Advantage Program. Customers can trade-in and upgrade their old Sun or non-Sun servers and receive a trade-in allowance applied toward the list price of their new Sun Netra T2000 server. With this program customers have the option to trade-in their servers on a one for one basis or consolidating multiple servers to single Sun Netra T2000 servers.

Leveraging X-Options from Existing Netra Servers

The Netra T2000 server leverages the following x-options:

Disk drive from the Netra 210: XRA-SS2ND-73G10K: 73-GB, 10000-rpm, 2.5-inch SAS disk drive

Rack kits from the Netra 240:

  • X7901A-4: 19-inch 2 post rackmount kit
  • X7902A-4: 23-inch 2 post rackmount kit
  • X7904A-4: 600mmx600mm rackmount kit
  • X8099A-4: 19-inch 4 post slide mount kit

Wago Kit: X949A-4: Wago DC plug connectors, 10-pack

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