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21 Aug 2006
Performance, Resource Efficiency and Manageability Features of Latest Sun Servers
UltraSPARC IV+ Processors and AMD Opteron Increase Performance

Increase data center utilization and get the computing power you need to keep pace with increasing demands with Sun's newest Sun Fire systems and Sun Ultra workstations. These new products leverage the latest UltraSPARC IV+ and Next-Generation Opteron processors to deliver better performance, efficiency and investment protection.
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14 Aug 2006
Sun Fire X2100 M2 High-performance 2-way 1-RU server
Get AMD Opteron 1000, LOM, Shared Network Access for the Service, More Ports

The Sun Fire X2100 M2 (for Model 2) is a high performance 2-way 1-RU server in Sun's line of x64 rack-optimized servers. The Sun Fire X2100 M2 can run Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), Linux or Windows. It is an ideal solution for HPC/grid computing, web infrastructure and application development uses that demand flexibility, scalability and maximum return on their investment.
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14 Aug 2006
Time To Repair Support for Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 Servers
Repair Time Agreement to Meet SLAs

A new Time To Repair support option is now available for Sun Fire T1000 and Sun Fire T2000 servers. This specialized service offering is designed for customers such as multi-national corporations and those with heterogeneous server environments who need a hardware support agreement that delivers a firm commitment on repair time rather than response time.
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14 Aug 2006
Enhanced Performance Netra T2000 Server, DC Version
With CMT, CoolThreads Technology and UltraSPARC T1 Processor

The Netra T2000 server (DC version) is Sun's first Netra server to incorporate the Chip Multi-Threaded (CMT) UltraSPARC T1 processor, powered by the latest CoolThreads technology. The Netra T2000 is a 2RU carrier-grade rackmount, ruggedized NEBS Level 3 certified and ETSI compliant server, making it ideal for the most demanding applications in the toughest environments.
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14 Aug 2006
x86 and x64 Server Market Survey Assesses Sun's Impact in this Market
Opteron-based Galaxy Servers Rated Well

The Gabriel Consulting Group worked with ITJungle on a survey of the x86 and x64 server market. They asked what vendor is the leader in technical factors, how the vendors rate on business criteria, and customer attitudes about their own x64 server vendor. The survey found that "Sun seems to have capitalized on its massive UNIX installed base to establish a solid beachhead in the x64 market with its Opteron-based 'Galaxy' servers."
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