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Sun N1 System Manager 1.3.1 Release is Available
Simplifies Server Reprovisioning During Product Lifecycle
August 14, 2006,
Volume 102, Issue 3

The Sun N1TM System Manager 1.3.1 release is designed to simplify the task of system administrators who find it necessary to reprovision servers during their lifecycles while assigning them to various end uses or moving them from one grid to another. Provisioning, monitoring, patching and managing Sun systems is made easier through the use of this single point of integrated hardware and software management for Sun x64 and SPARCR systems.

The ability to discover compute nodes with N1 System Manager makes capturing server information simpler than it would otherwise be. The Windows provisioning capability allows a user to provision Windows 2003 to a managed node and to deploy an OS instance to one or more systems while in operation, saving time and reducing maintenance.

Bare metal OS provisioning can also be accomplished with N1 System Manager, including provisioning custom SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS), Linux and Windows on groups of systems and provisioning SolarisTM Flash Archives from a single console in both brown field and green field environments. Several modes of proactive hardware health monitoring are also possible, including:

  • Out of band monitoring of fans, temp, disk, voltages, including bare metal systems using standard monitoring protocols
  • Defining traps/alarms
  • Checking the network connections between managed nodes and management server

Similarly, operating system monitoring is also possible in several modes:

  • Monitor usage of Swap space, CPU, Memory, File System
  • Uses SNMP v1/v2 agent
  • Aggregate monitoring information at the server tier
  • Traps can be forwarded to third party monitoring solution

The hybrid user interface enables these features:

  • Remote access to management server from web browser and CLI
  • Guided forms and templates for complex commands
  • Drag and drop OS profiles, patches, etc. to systems or groups
  • Customer choice of Web UI, CLI or scriptable shell interface

With the integrated GUI and CLI, all operations performed in the GUI are synchronously reflected in the CLI and vice versa.

Seamless authentication and authorization across the entire N1 System Manager infrastructure at multiple levels of operations via CLI, BUI and serial console provides enhanced security and ease of administration.

Diskless boot support enables an administrator to provision an operating system to a host with common install setup and configuration across the infrastructure.

Users desiring to combine system management with grid compute can use Grid Engine Integration to integrate with Grid Engine product from the System Manager console.

N1 System Manager also supports Lights Out Management, enabling administrators to remotely power systems on and off, apply firmware updates and to launch serial console.

Supported Internet browsers include Mozilla 1.5 or later, Firefox 1.0 or later and Internet Explorer 6.0.

A demo of N1 System Manager 1.3.1 is available. Its predecessor, N1 System Manager 1.2, is being transitioned.

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