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Data Centers Get Automatic Refresh with Sun Refresh Service for the Sun Blade 8000 Modular System
Subscription Service Provides the Latest and Fastest AMD Opteron Processors
August 15, 2006,
Volume 102, Issue 3

Sun announced this week (August 15, 2006) the Sun Refresh Service, which enables customers to have the newest and fastest compute modules in the Sun BladeTM 8000 Modular System. Customers who subscribe to the service will get an automatic refresh of server modules equipped with the latest and fastest AMD Opteron processors as soon as they become available. These upgrades can result in gains of up to 40 percent or more performance on average annually, including upgrades to future generations of multi-core CPU technology or for future memory technology.

Generally, servers that are more than two years old are costing you needless expenses in power and cooling, rack space, software licenses and administration overhead. Worse, their low performance represents lost productivity and competitiveness for your business users. The Sun Refresh Service can help you create ongoing competitive advantages by keeping your compute systems up-to-date with the newest, fastest and most efficient technology.

Ultimately, customers can save up to 40 percent in overall costs over a three-year period. More program details will be announced in the coming months.

How to use the Sun Refresh Service:

  • 1. Subscribe to the Sun Refresh Service.
  • 2. Select a qualified Sun Blade 8000 Modular System configuration.
  • 3. Sun Service will install the newest systems in your datacenter.
  • 4. Sun Service will continually refresh your systems with the latest, fastest and most efficient server modules, featuring the latest CPU, I/O and memory technologies.

More information on the Sun Refresh Service is available online.

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