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New Generation of Modular Storage from Sun's StorageTek Acquisition: Two Arrays
Introducing the Sun StorageTek 6140 Array and Sun StorageTek 6540 Array
August 14, 2006,
Volume 102, Issue 3

The first new products from the Sun StorageTek acquisition have been released: Sun StorageTekTM 6140 array and Sun StorageTekTM 6540 array. Key features are heterogeneous service and support expertise from StorageTek and end-to-end systems expertise from Sun. A new SPC benchmark shows the StorageTek 6140 array set the world record for SPC-2 price/performance and delivered the best performance in its class.

The StorageTek 6140 array is a ROHS-compliant, 4 gigabits-per-second (Gb/sec) Fibre Channel (FC) array designed for both direct attached and SAN attached storage. The StorageTek 6140 array offers:

  • a fully redundant architecture with drive intermixing (FC or SATA-2 disk drives)
  • 8x 4 Gb FC ports
  • 4GB cache
  • application-oriented management
  • switched drive connectivity
  • a maximum capacity of 112 disk drives

The StorageTek 6540 array is a ROHS-compliant, 4 GB/sec Fibre Channel (FC) array focused on large databases and high-performance computing. The system features:

  • a fully redundant architecture with drive intermixing (FC or SATA-2 disk drives)
  • 8 x 4 Gb FC ports
  • 16 GB cache
  • application-oriented management
  • switched drive connectivity
  • a maximum capacity of 224 disk drives

The StorageTek modular storage family is designed for customers seeking to support business-critical applications and for Service Providers looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-use enterprise-class platform with the ability to confidently handle large data sets. Through common storage modules, common array management and common data services, Sun's new modular storage line helps customers preserve the investments they've made in people, processes and infrastructure. This new family also delivers a full suite of data services and enterprise-level data protection capabilities for the midmarket.

Paul Giroux, vice president, Storage, Sun, said the new systems "exceed the rigorous requirements of business-critical applications and surpasses the performance, density and flexibility of existing modular systems. This is just one example of the value Sun StorageTek delivers customers – watch for additional developments in short order."

Features of Sun's Modular Storage Line

"Storage managers are looking for solutions that scale in performance, capacity and capability," said John McArthur, Group Vice President and General Manager at IDC. "The new Sun StorageTek modular storage family provides an open, standards-based system with the scale to support a wide variety of data and storage services for business critical applications."

Key features in the modular storage line include:

  • Sun has added over 15 profiles to their products to increase the speed of deploying application-specific configurations with automated provisioning.

  • For immediate access to storage capacity, Sun added the Instant-on volumes feature that virtually eliminates the time users have to wait to use new storage volumes and enables fine-tuning application performance.

  • The common management and storage modules enable companies to save money by maximizing current resources and replicating data across generations.

  • Data protection software and services includes replication, snapshot and full-volume copy

  • High availability architecture

  • Service and support

Benchmark Results

The SPC measurement was run on a StorageTek 6140 array in conjunction with a Sun FireTM X4200 server and delivered 686.90 SPC-2 MBPS performance and an SPC-2 price/performance of $124.36 SPC-2 $/MBPS, ASU Capacity of 2,147.484 GB, Total Cost of $85,424, Auth# B00008.

The StorageTek 6140 array starts at $25,000 USD and is available from Sun and its authorized resellers. The StorageTek 6540 array starts at $85,000 USD and will be available in the next 30 days, according to the Sun press release.

The storage products have been adopted by companies such as Tata Teleservices, Reliance Infocomm, PNB, Citibank and HDFC in India, according to

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