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Sun Ray Center of Excellence Highlights Sun Ray Virtual Display Clients
All Computing Performed on the Server Not the Desktop
August 14, 2006,
Volume 102, Issue 3

The stateless nature of Sun Ray ultra-thin clients allows for complete session mobility, improves workflow, and helps ensure the protection of data.

For customers looking for an interoperable desktop computing solution that reduces the maintenance, upgrade and operational costs associated with most "fat" client environments, Sun RayTM virtual display clients provide the answer. Scalar Decisions, the Toronto-based Sun partner, showcases the benefits of Sun Ray virtual display clients in the Sun Ray Center of Excellence (CoE).

The Sun Ray (CoE) is located in the head offices of Scalar Decisions in Toronto, Canada. It is designed to prove out Sun Ray virtual display clients technology and its ability to deliver a complete Microsoft desktop environment.

It got started with Sun and Scalar's distribution partner, GE Access. Managing Director, Paul Kerr, said they built the CoE with technology from Sun, including hardware, software and Sun Ray virtual display clients.

"AMD added support for the initiative by contributing its technology that allowed the center to different environment types and to virtualize multiple environments to real world customer situations," Kerr explained.

Scalar evolved out of the Enterprise Technology Group (ETG), a partner of Sun. They design solutions such as those built on the technology tested in the Sun Ray CoE to help customers lower their IT costs and get the most out of their computing resources.

Kerr said that customers wanted to see the various technologies working in concert around the Sun Ray environment, technologies such as AMD based Sun servers, Microsoft software, VMware and Linux in conjunction with the Sun Ray virtual display clients.

The Sun Ray CoE is using the new Sun Secure Global Desktop Software 4.2 (formerly Tarantella) and Sun Ray 2FS virtual display clients (covered in article [16201]), dual Opteron AMD processors in Sun FireTM V20z servers in a high availability (HA) environment, and Citrix software. The Center of Excellence includes:

  • Windows Servers running on 64-bit AMD Opteron
  • Citrix, Tarantella (acquired by Sun), Rdesktop providing full integration to Windows
  • Sun Ray servers running in a highly available redundant grid
  • Next Generation Trader Workstation layout with a multi(4)-head display (A Sun Ray 2FS supports 2 monitors; 2 Sun Ray 2FS units can support 4 monitors)
  • Smart card integration

Sun Ray virtual display clients feature server-based computing. All computing is performed on the server, not the desktop. There is no operating system on Sun Ray virtual display clients, so users can access any application running on the server. Sun Ray virtual display client is stateless, so it only needs to be plugged in -- no set-up is necessary. This advantage expresses Scalar Decisions' philosophy, that technology should be doing work and not creating work.

Users can work at any Sun Ray client on a network by taking their smart card with them from station to station for truly mobile computing.

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