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Sun Fourth Quarter Revenues Up 29 Percent
Largest Sequential Growth from Q3 to Q4 Since Fiscal 2000
Fourth quarter revenues were $3.828 billion, an increase of 29 percent as compared with $2.974 billion for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2005. The increase resulted from acquisitions and Computer Systems Products revenues which increased 15 percent year over year, the second consecutive quarter of year over year revenue increase.
Open Source Data Warehouse Appliance from Sun and Greenplum
To Deliver Usable Database Capacities of 10, 40 and 100 TB
"The ability to quickly and cost-effectively analyze large volumes of data is critical," said Tim O'Reilly, CEO of O'Reilly Media, as he expressed enthusiasm for a new data warehouse application from Sun and Greenplum, the producer of open source databases for enterprise-class Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.
Customers Choosing Sun in Financial Services, Telecom Industries
Solving Customer Business Problems with Innovative Technologies

Sun's fourth fiscal quarter of 2006 just ended. Over the past year Sun has innovated and enhanced its product line to meet and exceed demands of customers looking for scalable technology. Companies across the globe that chose Sun are Bell Canada, Integrated Telecom Company (Saudi Arabia), China Telecom Guangdong Branch, FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Reuters, and Telefonica Moviles Espana.

StarOffice 8 Product Update Three (3) Now Available
Fixes Improve Stability, MS Office Compatibility, Performance and Accessibility
An update to StarOffice 8 software is available. Called "Update Three (3)," the update fixes three security vulnerabilities that involve macros, Java applets and malformed XML documents.
Adobe Reader Now Available for UNIX and Linux Operating Systems
Commenting Feature Available
Commenting features are now enabled in the new Adobe Reader for UNIX and Linux operating systems. This increases the participation of others in collaborating on an Adobe 3D project by expanding the number of platforms the program runs on.
Solaris Operating System Vulnerabilities and Fixes
Compiled by SANS Institute
SunSolve has security workarounds for security vulnerabilities in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) causing a DoS.
McData Intrepid i10K Fibre Channel Director Comes to Market
Ideal for Management of Enterprise Data Centers
The new McData intrepid i10K Fibre Channel Director offers users the latest in FICON connectivity for enterprise SAN solutions. Featuring FlexPar hard partitioning technology, the 256-port i10K enables consolidation of fabrics while maintaining secure separation by data, management and Fibre Channel Services. The i10K's carrier-class availability, dynamic port allocation and intelligent fabric services make it the ideal backbone of the enterprise data center.
Hardware Briefs: Sun 2Gb Switches Price Cuts, EOL Cables and Fibre Channel GBICs
Support Continues as Usual for Selected Items

Sun has announced 50 percent price reductions on its 2Gb fibre channel switches, along with the transition of SCSI cables that are not RoHS-compliant and continued support for the new configuration of the McData Intrepid 6140 140-port HA base director switch.

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