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Newly Formed Open Grid Forum Promotes Grid Adoption
Enterprise Grid Alliance, Global Grid Forum Merge
In late June the Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA) and the Global Grid Forum (GGF) completed negotiations for a merger of their organizations and the formation of the Open Grid Forum (OGF), an organization devoted to accelerating the adoption of grids worldwide. Former GGF Chairman Mark Linesch is the president and CEO of the new forum.
    Carnival Cruise Lines Has Sun Onboard
    IT Infrastructure Delivers Critical Management Data
    Carnival Cruise Lines has invited Sun Microsystems aboard its fleet of 21 FunShips, where the IT infrastructure provides Carnival executives the timely, accurate information they need to optimize pricing and grow revenue while also minimizing costs and maximizing system availability. In fact, Sun has sailed with Carnival for over 15 years.
    Grooming IT Talent at Sun
    Walking in Someone Else's Shoes is the Key

    Ask Bill Vass, CIO at Sun Microsystems, how best to train a new hire and he'll tell you, as he did Judy Mottl in an interview for TechCareers, that allowing employees to experience a variety of positions within an organization serves both the individual and the enterprise by helping both find the best niche for a particular talent.

    Sun's Approach to the Market
    Larry Singer Explains the Evolution of Marketing Strategy
    Larry Singer, senior VP of Sun's Strategic Insight Office, explained the company's "componentized" industry strategy in an interview entitled "Larry Singer Interview on Vertical Market Strategy."
      Java Technology
      New Features in Java SE: Mustang
      Article Highlights Additions, Improvements in Latest Release
      The newest features of Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) Version 6, Beta 2 are highlighted in a Sun Developer Network article by Danny Coward and Mark Reinhold that readers will find at "What's New in Java SE 6 Beta 2 (Mustang)."
      Introducing the EL #{Â} Syntax
      Why There AreTwo Syntaxes in Java EE 5
      The fifth article in the Web Tier series and Java EE 5 is now available on the Java Developer web site. In this one Pierre Delisle and Jennifer Ball consider what distinguishes the new #{...} syntax from ${...} expressions and why there are two syntaxes rather than just one. The article is entitled "Web Tier to Go With Java EE 5: Introducing the EL #{…} Syntax."
      How to Use the Headless Mode Feature in Java SE
      What to Do When There is No Display, Keyboard or Mouse

      How to use the headless mode capabilities of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) is explained in Artem Ananiev and Alla Redko's Sun Developer Network article "Using Headless Mode in the Java SE Platform." The authors define headless mode as "...a system configuration in which the display device, keyboard or mouse is lacking."

      Free and Open Source S/W
      Open Source is About Sharing the Wealth, Says Simon Phipps
      Compatibility, Licensing Issues Remain to Be Ironed Out
      Simon Phipps takes a "share the wealth" view of the open source effort, in a report by Colin Barker of ZDNet UK. According to Phipps, chief open-source officer for Sun, "the enrichment of the commons" is the kind of thinking that should be driving the move to open source. "This is not volunteerism. It is directed self-interest..." Phipps contended at the recent Open Source Business Conference in London. Multiple Document Handling Vulnerabilities
      Upgrade to v 2.0.3 to Avoid Problems
      The office suite OpenOffice, has three vulnerabilities that can be fixed by the update in version 2.0.3. StarOffice software is also affected. Affected versions of OpenOffice are 1.1.x, 2.0.2 and prior versions.
      Project Crossbow Achieves Virtualization of Network Interface Cards
      Continued Results From OpenSolaris
      Project Crossbow is the subject of a recent posting by David Marshall for InfoWorld. His enthusiasm is obvious for the possibility of dividing a physical network interface card (NIC) into a number of virtual interface cards while still having the ability to prioritize network traffic and retaining full resource control. This is what Project Crossbow, a part of the OpenSolaris Project, is designed to do.
      OASIS Standard SPML Version 2 Gets Interoperability Demo
      Manages User Identities Across Heterogeneous Applications
      The Service Provisioning Mark-up Language (SPML) version 2.0 is an approved OASIS Standard that lets companies manage the provisioning and allocation of identity information and system resources within and between organizations. Several major companies, including BEA Systems, BMC Software, CA, Capgemini, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, SOA Software and Sun, recently collaborated in a demonstration of the solution's interoperability.
      Ease of Solaris ZFS -- You'll Never Look Back
      Ten Reasons to Reformat your Hard Drives
      Love at first command: The tech recipes site has served up the top ten reasons why you'll love Solaris ZFS and be willing to reformat your hard drive. From ease of administration to "computer, heal thy self", the ZFS feature is making a big splash in the midst of the summer heat. Dive into the top ten reasons why Solaris ZFS is so easy to love.
      Access Changes to Sun Software Updates & Patches: Anonymous FTP Ends
      Effective Mid-July 2006
      Starting in mid-July 2006, changes to the Sun Software Updates will change from using Anonymous FTP to an online account with Sun. See the website for details.
      Sun Software Tours Available Online
      Take Advantage of These Resources
      Need to make a presentation? Jazz up a meeting about software? Or just want help understanding some of Sun's software products for yourself so you can explain it better? Sun's software tours and demos are here to help. The list of Flash demos gives you choices of seeing the Sun Ray thin clients in action, the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), or StarOffice 6.0 software.
      John Fowler Answers Tough Questions About Sun's Server Group
      Trends Affecting Server Market
      Michael Kanellos of CNET isn't afraid to ask tough questions of Sun executive John Fowler. Concerns about how recent layoffs at Sun could affect R&D and how Sun x86 servers differ from everyone else's were discussed as well as what everyone's talking about, from the gas pump to the datacenter, saving energy due to its high costs.
      Sun Fire X4100 Server Review by WindowsITpro
      "Great Buy for the SMB" decided to review the Sun Fire X4100 server when they learned the server supports Windows Server 2003. They concluded "Sun appears to have met the challenge of providing a high-performance server for the Windows community."
      Top Ten Articles for Last 4 Issues
      Vol 100 issue 1, 2, 3 and 4

      Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for each of the last three issues. The Web version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last four issues. The top articles for the four most recent issues were:

      • 100.4: Solaris 10 6/06 Released with New Enhancements: Solaris ZFS [16661]
      • 100.3: Ubuntu on UltraSPARC Processor-based Server Available to Download [16596]
      • 100.2: Gartner Weighs in on Effect of Sun's Job Cuts [16545]
      • 100.1: Sun's Growth Plan Announced [16517]
        Tech Tips: Create Charts in Portlets and Stop Data Race with LockLint
        Sun Developer Network Explains JFreeChart and Static Data Race & Deadlock Detection

        Learn how to generate images to represent structured data on web pages with JFreeChart, an open-source graphing and charting library. Also check out another tech tip on how to detect deadlock and static Data Race with the Lock_Lint command.

        Performance Tuning Siebel Software on the Solaris OS
        How Solaris OS Reduces Risks and CMT Benefits Performance

        If you need to get the best performance out of your Siebel server and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), then read the detailed technical article, Performance Tuning Siebel Software on the Sun Platform, by Khader Mohiuddin. The tests used Siebel 7 eBusiness Applications Suite on the Solaris OS platform, running real-world scenarios.

        New Data Race Detection Tool from Sun Studio Express Program
        Find Runtime Data Races in Multithreaded Applications
        Sun Studio Express program now offers builds of future Sun Studio software releases currently under development for download. It provides developers an early look at new Sun Studio software features and technologies for testing and feedback. Featured in this build is the new Data Race Detection Tool (DRDT). DRDT works with the performance analyzer to find runtime data races in multithreaded applications.
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