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Sun Gets Ready to Take on IBM, HP in Blade Server Market
New Line Will Have Rack-like Features
John Fowler, executive VP of Sun Systems group, briefed reporters in San Francisco recently on the company's approach to blade server marketing as it has changed since the ill-fated spring of 2004 when the Sun Fire B1600 and Sun Fire B100/B200 product lines made far from the intended splash. Chris Preimesberger covered the news conference for eWeek, where it was reported under the title "Sun Ready to Wage Blade Wars Against IBM, HP."
OpenSolaris: The View from Down Under One Year Out
The Open Source Community Lines Up Solidly in Support
A year into the OpenSolaris Project, James Eagleton, Sun Solaris Project Manager for Australia and New Zealand, shared his thoughts with Renai LeMay for ZDNet Australia. The prospects, he said, are good.
OpenSolaris and Solaris OS: What's Good for One...
Open Source Philosophy Does No Harm to Proprietary Line
Has the first year of the OpenSolaris Project been a success? There are some metrics available from that suggest that the answer is yes.
OpenSSO and Service-based Architectures
Eric Leach Offers Insights into Another Sun Open Source Effort
Single Sign On for open source has been a product of interest at Sun Microsystems. Eric Leach, Sun Identity Management product line manager, shared his thoughts on OpenSSO with a writer for the Entiva Group Analyst Report.
Solaris OS Compared to Linux: Developer-related Concerns
Sockets, Memory, Synchronization, IPC and More
If you've been wondering about how the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) compares to the the Linux operating system, see the article by Max Bruning on the Sun Developer Network site. He uses Solaris 10 OS and Linux 2.6.
Working with Solaris Containers and the Solaris Service Manager
White Paper from Sun Blue Prints OnLine
The white paper "Working with Solaris Containers and the Solaris Service Manager" by Joost Pronk van Hoogeveen, Solaris Software, explains how Solaris Containers and Solaris Predictive Self-Healing work together to address the need to virtualize servers, especially as hardware and software infrastructures grow.
Can You Build GLib With Sun Studio Tools?
If You Build it This Way, It Will Work!

Nikolay Molchanov of Sun provides a technical article on building open source applications with Sun Studio 11 to see if the software is suitable for it, to find out what kind of problems would be encountered and to compare the dmake tool with the GNU make tool.

Tell Sun What You Want in Solaris 10 OS
Give Your Input for Applications to Run on Solaris 10 OS

Sun is seeking input about what applications you would like to run on Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). Fill in the form to list the application name, the software vendor and application version number.

Solaris OS Training Options for C++ Developers
New Classes Available Now, Others Coming Soon

Check out the courses available to C++ developers who want to take advantage of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) by porting applications and optimizing data throughput in a networked environment. Courses include shell programming for sys admins, perl programming and real-time programming for the Solaris OS.

Top Ten Articles for Last 4 Issues
Vol 99 Issue 4 and 5; Vol 100 issue 1 and 2

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for each of the last three issues. The Web version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last four issues. The top articles for the four most recent issues were:

  • 100.2: Gartner Weighs in on Effect of Sun's Job Cuts [16545]
  • 100.1: Sun's Growth Plan Announced [16517]
  • 99.5: Solaris ZFS Administration Guide [16356]
  • 99.4: Sun Desktop Manager 1.0 Installation & Configuration Guide [16394]
    How to Analyze Large XML Schemas
    Sun Developer Article Demonstrates Using NetBeans IDE

    Jeri Lockhart and Marina Sum strongly encourage developers to look into NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5 IDE as a tool for analyzing schemas in the course of development and maintenance operations. The authors note that the query results for NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5 IDE can clearly display a schema's structure, contents and the relationships among the components.

    Solaris ZFS a Welcome Improvement for ServerWatch Writer
    Solution Offers Improvements in Speed, Performance, Data Integrity

    Solaris ZFS clearly has a fan in Carla Schroder, whose piece for ServerWatch, "ZFS Adds Exciting Twist to Mundane World," characterizes Solaris ZFS as a file system built from the ground up that provides speed, ease of administration and data integrity in "one magical package." Furthermore, the scalability of the 128-bit filesystem solution ensures its longevity, she contends.

    Refining the Personal Digital Assistant
    A How-to Guide on Producing Sorted Lists

    Developers who use a personal digital assistant will find John O'Conner's Sun Developer Network article on "Creating a Sorted JList Component" useful. He explains using the decorator class, SortedListModel.

    Choosing the Right Sun Compiler C++ Library
    A Feature-by-feature Comparison

    Sun's C++ compiler comes with both libCstd and libstlport, two libraries that implement the C++ standard library. libCstd is used by default and is based on Rogue Wave's stdlib 2.1.1. libstlport is based on STLport version 4.5.3 and is used if you specify the compiler option -library=stlport4. Mukesh Kapoor compares the two and discusses instances in which users might use one rather than the other in his Sun Developer Network article "Comparing C++ Standard Libraries libCstd and libstlport."

      Using Auto-Install to Deploy Java Web Start Applications
      Avoids Having to Guess the Java Runtime Environment Version

      Developers of Java technology applications face the need to anticipate the version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) their solutions will encounter in the course of deployment. Chet Haase, Thomas Ng and Dana Nourie address this issue in "Auto-Install: Easier Launching of Java Web Start Applications," a Sun Developer Network article.

      Four New NetBeans Tutorials from Tim Boudreau
      Using Lookup, Nodes and Property Editor
      Tim Boudreau presents four new NetBeans tutorials on Selections: (1 & 2) Selection Management I and II, (3) NetBeans Nodes API and (4) NetBeans Property Editor. The tutorials are sequential, starting with the Selection Management part I. Each tutorial uses code from the previous one.
      Four New Plug-ins for NetBeans IDE
      Beyond Simple Refactoring with Jackpot and More
      The latest plug-ins for the NetBeans IDE bring the best of Sun research to developers. These are: Jackpot, Real Time Java technology, Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT) and Grid Compute Server for NetBeans.
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