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Sun Ups the Ante on Its Data Storage Product Line
StorageTek Acquisition Seen as Vital to Sun's Profitability
With the data storage market projected to grow to as much as $US65 billion by 2010, Sun is counting on its acquisition of StorageTek as a critical element in its strategy to exploit that market. eWeek's Chris Preimesberger reported on Sun's marketing plans for NAS in a recent article.
Integrating SeeBeyond Technology with Sun's Open Source Position
Mark Bauhaus, Sun VP of SOA, Shares his Views on the Process
Mark Bauhaus, senior VP of Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) software at Sun shared his views on the integration of SeeBeyond middleware with the Sun Java Enterprise System with Rich Seeley, who published the interview on
Texas Advanced Computing Center, Sun Collaborate on Maverick
Solution Enables Remote Analysis of Very Large Datasets
The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) and Sun have collaborated on the development of a new remote visualization solution called Maverick, Faith Singer-Villalobos of the center reports. Remote visualization, she writes, "enables researchers to interactively analyze very large datasets by using powerful, high-end visualization systems located at advanced computing centers."
Sun Adds Plans for Dealing with Flu Pandemic to Recovery Measures
Sees Technology, Telecommuting as Important Elements of Plan

Sun has extended its emergency operational plans to include recovery from a possible avian flu pandemic. Maggie Fox, health and science writer for Reuters, reports on some aspects of the Sun plan. According to Fox, Sun is relying on both technology and on widespread use of telecommuting to enable its 38,000 employees working productively in the event of a pandemic.

Highlights of the 2006 JavaOne Conference
Speakers Urge Attendees to Get Involved, Make a Difference
The recap of this year's JavaOne Conference, the 11th so far, includes mention of the appearances by such Sun notables as Jonathan Schwartz, Scott McNealy, James Gosling, John Gage and Sun alumnus Ed Zander.
Free and Open Source S/W
OpenSPARC T1 Version 1.1 Released as Free Download
64-bit, 32-thread Chip Multithread Design Features Floating Point, Cross-bar
OpenSPARC T1 Version 1.1 is now available for free download. This release is the 64-bit, 32 -threaded processor, chip multithreading design developers have been waiting for.
OpenSolaris and NetBeans Win Codie Awards
Software & Information Industry Association Honors Outstanding Achievements
This year's Codie Award winners are OpenSolaris from Sun and CollabNet Subversion from CollabNet for Best Open Source Solution, and NetBeans 4.1, also from Sun, for Best Software Development Solution. The awards are presented annually by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), and are designed to "showcase the software and information industry's finest products and services."
Porting Solaris Dynamic Tracing Tool to FreeBSD
John Birrell Shares His Thoughts on this Work in Progress
Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) tool is making its way, following its open source debut, in the direction of FreeBSD. This tool for advanced performance analysis and debugging of server software is the focus of an ongoing effort to port it to FreeBSD, an effort that was taken over from FreeBSD developer Devon O'Dell and is now being led byFree BSD developer Joh Birrell.
Migrating Under Cover: Dealing with the Fear of Change
Making Toolbars, Menus Resemble Microsoft Office

Is migrating software really as difficult as it looks to users? Solveig Haugland addresses this intriguing question in his blog, where he suggests that a large part of the resistance to this sort of change comes from anxiety over the issue of change itself, no matter what is being changed.

Sun's Data Management Group Marketing VP Whitemore Interview
More than Storing Data in Vaults - Manage Active Data Well
Chris Mellor of Techworld talked with James Whitemore, Sun's marketing VP for the Data Management Group (DMG). Mellor clarifies his impression of what Sun is doing with storage. Sun is not just focusing on storage resources but managing data, not data stored in vaults but data that is actively needed.
The Best Storage Products Combined with the Best Staff Reduces Costs
Interview with Eulas Adams, VP Sun's Data Management Group
Eula Adams, vice president of Sun's Data Management Group (DMG), sees opportunities for growth ahead. Sun formed the Data Management Group in late 2005, after acquiring StorageTek in June of that year. DMG aims to support the entire data management stack with superior products and superior software, operating on a network.
    New Sun StorageTek Enterprise Class 4Gb FC PCI-X HBA
    Capable of Up to 800 MBps Maximum Data Transfer at Full-Duplex
    Sun is introducing a new low profile form factor HBA for the enterprise-level SAN storage market -- Sun StorageTek Enterprise Class 4Gb FC PCI-X HBA. This HBA is powered by Emulex technology and is RoHS 6 compliant. With the combination of PCI-X and 4 Gb Fibre Channel, these HBAs exhibit exceptional performance, making them the perfect fit for SAN environments that need to perform to today's most rigorous standards.
    Sun StorEdge L500 Tape Library Touch Screen Operator Panel
    Announcing a New Trade-in Allowance for the Sun StorEdge L500 Tape Library
    A new touch screen is available for the Sun StorEdge L500 tape library. The touch screen is a user-friendly GUI for day-to-day operations that allows for local operating access to the library, with minimum configuration access. Also, the Sun Upgrade Advantage Program has a new trade-in allowance: Trade in disks for disks or Sun and non-Sun tape libraries for additional disk drives.
    Sun StorageTek C4 Tape Library Meets RoHS Directive
    High Rack Density and Low Cost per Gigabyte
    Sun has made the Sun StorageTek C4 tape library and the native fibre attach C4 RoHS compliant. The Sun StorageTek C4 now offers native fibre attach with LTO3 and SDLT600 drives, in addition to the existing SCSI offering.
    Sun StorEdge 9900 TrueCopy Remote Replication Suite Now Available for the Sun StorEdge 9985 System
    All Features Consolidated into a Single Suite

    Looking for a reliable and dependable Disaster Recovery solution that involves both synchronous and asynchronous remote replication? Evaluate Sun StorEdge 9900 TrueCopy Remote Replication Suite. In the event of an outage, the replication suite duplicates data from one Sun StorEdge 9900 storage system to another, across any distance.

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