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Archived Workstation Articles
29 Jul 2010
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Sun Ray Client Boot Process [23336]
Process Flow Detailed in Seven Basic Stages

The detailed work flow of the Sun Ray Boot Process has been posted on the Sun Ray Software Wiki. The process flow shows how a Sun Ray client obtains its basic network parameters, firmware server, and Sun Ray server. From powering on and reading local configurations to determining if a Sun Ray server is available to connect to and connecting, it is all there and laid out in a seven-step process.
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16 Jul 2010
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Sun Ray Software 5 Enhanced [23324]
Latest Features Enhance Efficiency, Access and User Experience; Helps Increase Adoption of Desktop Virtualization

The Sun Ray stateless thin client was first introduced by Sun in 1999. The latest version of the server software that supports both the Sun Ray physical clients and the virtual desktop client has just been released by Oracle. The enhancements in this releases include:

  • support for Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • an enhanced virtual desktop client (OVDC)
  • Smart card support for OVDC
  • Sun Ray connector for VMware View 4
  • increased efficiency
  • broader support for heterogeneous environments
  • improved ease-of-use
  • enhanced user experience
  • Enhanced multimedia with bidirectional audio capabilities – improves the user experience with Windows applications
  • Client Serial Port Mapping

A number of bug fixes are also included in this release.
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06 Jul 2010
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Configuring and Customizing Opera for Sun Ray [23188]
Steps for Setting Up a Sun Ray Webkiosk Browser

Opera is a web browser and Internet suite that is offered free of charge for personal computers and mobile phones. Although support for Solaris was dropped this spring, an example of using Opera as a Sun Ray Webkiosk browser was recently detailed. The assignment called for a Sun Ray client to offer Web browsing without access to the desktop operating system, and to reset after periods of inactivity. The steps for configuring and customizing Opera for the Sun Ray client are shared.
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02 Jul 2010
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Sun Ray Server Software on OpenSolaris [23204]
Workarounds for the Unsupported OS

Working through the install of Sun Ray Server Software on OpenSolaris 2009.06, the author of The Grey Blog shares his experience of the process using a Sun Ray 2 client. At this time, the Sun Ray Server Software is not supported on OpenSolaris. The blogger proceeds through the installation and addresses some of issues the open source OS may encounter, offering helpful workarounds.
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23 Jun 2010
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Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VirtualBox VM, Sun Ray Server Software [23189]
Configuring a VM and Setting Up the Software with the OS

The process of configuring Oracle VirtualBox VM for Oracle Enterprise Linux and installing Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4 for Sun Ray Server is the subject of two blog entries by Jaap Romers.
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10 Jun 2010
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Patch and Firmware Released for Sun Ray Products [23187]
For SRSS 4.2 and Sun Ray 3 Plus Clients

Sun Ray users have a new patch for Sun Ray Server Software (SRSS) 4.2 and new firmware for the Sun Ray product line's newest addition, the Sun Ray 3 Plus Client. The firmware is included in the patch, Sun Ray Core Services Patch-02, which means users can now deploy the Sun Ray 3 Plus clients via virtual private network (VPN). Oracle recently introduced the Sun Ray 3 Plus Client along with the latest release of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software. These products add to Oracle’s desktop virtualization portfolio, which also includes Oracle Secure Global Desktop and Oracle VM VirtualBox.
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