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Archived Training Articles
13 Apr 2017
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Training Thursdays: Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud with Oracle OpenStack [62451]
By Antoinette O'Sullivan

Antoinette blogs, "The Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux solution maintains the flexibility of OpenStack while allowing customers to deploy and manage public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Get the most out of the recently released Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux 3 by taking the Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux: Getting Started seminar. This course helps you understand all the concepts involved in this architecture and guides you through installation and configuration..."
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07 Apr 2017
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The Value of IT CertificationThe Value of IT Certification [62241]
By Sheryl Domingue

Sheryl blogs, "Taking an IT certification has become a common practice in recent years for those who want to remain up-to-date with the constantly evolving IT industry. Whether it's getting hired, a promotion, re-skilling for a new line of work, or staying current to the latest technology, many more IT professionals are seeking the value of certification.

According to the latest Pearson VUE survey, 88% of IT professionals recommend certification to a colleague when discussing a career or advancement in IT. Given the fact that IT is a fast-paced industry, there is no surprise to see that more than half of respondents work in IT - 63.3%. The survey yielded nearly 28,000 completed responses from employees of 26 of the world's leading IT organizations..."
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04 Apr 2017
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New Intuitive Learning Platform - Engineered for Cloud Learning [62253]
By Sudhir Menon

Sudhir blogs, "With a growing number of cloud implementations across ORACLE Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PAAS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), a re-engineered cloud learning platform with new functionalities is essential for adoption.

The key characteristics of these new cloud learning platforms include:

  • Adaptive learning across versions of cloud implementation
  • Incremental learning for various levels of users
  • An intuitive platform for collaboration, knowledge management from the platform
  • Measurable and outcome-based learning
  • Instrumentation for reporting, certification
  • Video-based learning with attached web based learning

Customers and organizations are exploring platforms that provide seamless employee learning for an integrated, continuous learning platform that keeps up with constantly changing cloud product lines.

Below, we'll explore the top 10 desired functionalities of a cloud platform..."
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30 Mar 2017
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Transform Your Business with Training for the Internet of Things (IoT) [62031]
By Diana.H. Gray

Diana blogs, "Imagine a world where everything is connected to a wide variety of devices:

  • Automobiles with built in sensors monitoring what's in your refrigerator
  • Life saving tracking devices to follow your daily activity routines
  • Automation of your home security system

All of this data, while seemingly unrelated, could be tracked remotely through the Internet and existing network infrastructures.

This provides a huge opportunity to collect data remotely, process data and apply the intelligence behind the data to new prospects..."
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16 Mar 2017
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Training Thursdays: Oracle Linux is Engineered for Oracle Cloud [61621]
By Antoinette O'Sullivan

Antoinette writes, "Oracle Linux is engineered for Oracle Cloud. This operating system:

  • Is designed for business-critical workloads in the cloud
  • Uses latest technologies such as Docker
  • Is a major contributor to mainline Linux cloud features
  • Powers Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle Cloud

To get the most out of Oracle Linux, take the Oracle Linux advanced administration training. If using Oracle Linux 7, take the Oracle Linux 7: Advanced Administration course in one of the following formats:.."
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07 Mar 2017
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Now Available! New Training and Certifications for March [61393]
By Jim Vonick, March 7th, 2017

Jim Vonick blogs, "Have you explored Oracle University's new training and certification offerings for March 2017 yet?

This includes new training for Oracle Cloud Applications Release 12.

And if you haven't tried Oracle Learning Subscriptions, it's a great time to explore this flexible learning format.

As our best value offering, enjoy 24/7 access to continuously updated digital courses for 12 months..."
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