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Archived Telco Articles
24 Feb 2014
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Oracle Helps Network Operators Efficiently Deliver Complex Services and Streamline Network Processes [35077]
Oracle Expands Its OSS Solution for Network Resource Management

Oracle announced a new release of its Oracle Communications Network Resource Management solution with the general availability of Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.2.3, Oracle Communications Network Integrity 7.2.2.P2 and Oracle Communications Network Intelligence 7.2.2.P2.

Oracle Communications Network Resource Management solution enables network operators - including communications service providers, government agencies, utilities and other enterprises - to plan, deploy, optimize and transform their networks by building out mobile backhaul and fiber broadband networks, repatriating stranded network assets, help reduce leased capacity costs and support network consolidation and migration. The solution also supports the delivery of increasingly complex Ethernet and IP data services to business and wholesale customers.
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27 Jan 2014
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SaskTel to Upgrade Network Infrastructure [34658]
Will Support Next-Generation IP Services for One Million Wireless and Wireline Subscribers

SaskTel - a leading full service communications service provider (CSP) in Canada's Saskatchewan province - has selected Oracle Communications Unified Session Manager to deliver a multi-service IMS network core on a single common infrastructure to support next-generation hosted business services.

As CSPs shift to all-IP infrastructures, services like voice over LTE (VoLTE) and unified communications help improve competitiveness with traditional and over-the-top service providers. With a multi-service IMS network core, SaskTel can more smoothly transition to these next-generation IP services and rapidly develop new wireless and wireline services and applications for consumer and business customers.

The Oracle Communications Unified Session Manager will also enable protected communications across IP network borders to help ensure next-generation services are secure and reliable. SaskTel will initially leverage the Oracle solution to roll out hosted businesses services to its enterprise customers, but the company also plans to offer expanded VoLTE, rich communications services, session initiation protocol trunking and consumer voice services on the new network core.
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24 Dec 2013
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The Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller Documentation [34213]
Enable Web browsers with Real-Time Communications

Cheryl Lander writes, "Our last blog of the year is written by John Francis, one of our Technical Writers who's been working on the Service Delivery Platform writing team for nearly two years. This blog is about his experience leading the documentation work for one of our new products, the Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller. His past projects include Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 5.1, for which he wrote this blog entry, and Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management Elastic Charging Engine..."
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17 Dec 2013
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IT-as-a-Service with Oracle VM Enables Higher Business Availability [34112]
Telco Case Study Whitepaper

Monica Kumar writes, "Using Oracle VM, the Telco customer is able to realize a highly efficient server infrastructure to dynamically provision and reclaim resources to quickly respond to business demands. With over 100 Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) servers deployed in an Oracle VM-based virtualized environment, the Telco customer has a solid, highly available infrastructure designed for maximum flexibility.

To better respond to the customer needs for application services, the Telco customer uses Oracle VM Templates to roll out new servers, each taking only 10 minutes per box which can be ready in parallel. "It's all cabled once, it's all in a pool, and we have created processes and procedures to quickly add more resources as we need them. Oracle VM provides this elasticity." says the Telco architect.

Read the whitepaper and get an in-depth look at "IT-as-a-Service" deployment at a large Telco..."
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11 Dec 2013
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New Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker Simplifies Multi-Vendor Unified Communications Networks [33999]
Vendor-Neutral Solution Enables Disparate Enterprise IP Telephony and Unified Communications Networks to Offer Virtually Seamless and Scalable Next-Generation Services and Applications

"To help integrate multi-vendor voice, video and unified communications (UC) systems and applications in enterprise networks, Oracle introduced Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker, which provides seamless interoperability, simplifies network operations, optimizes use of private Internet protocol (IP) networks, and helps support compliance with various regulatory, legal and industry standards.

Oracle announced the Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker, a new, core communications controller designed to enable the hyper-connected enterprise with a new era of rich employee collaboration and efficient customer service..."
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22 Apr 2013
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Netra SPARC T5-1B Server Module: A TELCO Powerhouse [30535]
Perfect Match for Sun Netra 6000 Modular System

Oracle's Netra SPARC T5-1B carrier grade server module combines with Oracle’s Sun Netra 6000 modular system to create a modular network infrastructure for data-intensive and enterprise workloads. The Netra SPARC T5-1B can populate up to 10 blades in the carrier-grade Sun Netra 6000 modular system. Its 16 cores per processor deliver 2.5x the system throughput over previous generation, and its 1.2x single-thread performance increases and doubles the L3 cache accelerates application performance and improves scalability. The SPARC T5-1B has twice as many compute cores as the previous generation (8 to 16), and it is NEBS TM Level 3 certified.
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