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Archived Tape Articles
12 Sep 2013
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StorageTek Linear Tape File System, Library Edition [32829]
Simple Drag-and-Drop File Management with Tape

Oracle Makes Tape Storage Easy to Use and Manage like Flash and Disk with Drag-and-Drop User Interface for Exabyte Scale Archives

Oracle's StorageTek Linear Tape File System, Library Edition (LTFS LE) helps makes tape storage as easy to use and manage as disk at a lower cost, using a familiar "drag-and-drop" paradigm. It further broadens the appeal of tape storage in industries with large file assets, such as media and entertainment, enabling customers to take advantage of tape's low cost per terabyte for backup, large-scale data retention, archive and preservation projects, while allowing customers to save 40 percent in acquisition cost over IBM's TS3500 20PB Tape Library solution.
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29 Jul 2013
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StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library [32056]
Self Support

Cinzia Mascanzoni writes, "Check out the StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library with its best-in-class value, ease-of-use, simple scalability, and low-cost. It's no wonder the StorageTek SL150 is an ideal backup and archive solution for growing businesses. It eliminates the need for rip and replace, as well as the associated costs of multiple libraries to accommodate data growth. And best of all, Oracle Partners can provide their own support for this product and still receive all of the benefits of the Oracle Incentive Program..."
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30 Apr 2013
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Cloud Storage: the Next Frontier for Tape [30815]
Paper by The Enterprise Strategy Group

This paper explores the usage scenarios and economics of public, private, and hybrid cloud storage services -- particularly in the context of recent evolutions in tape technology and usage. By taking a cohesive look at today's interrelated cloud/tape landscape, we conclude that there is a definite place for tape in the cloud services landscape.
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22 Mar 2013
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Get Oracle's Tape Storage Upgrade Guide with Information on the Latest Oracle StorageTek Tape Solutions [30254]
Helps Users Modernize Storage Infrastructure

Oracle's "Tape Storage Upgrade Guide" is a great place to start a conversation with your Tape customers about what they could achieve with a modern tape infrastructure, Cinzia Mascanzoni posts, adding that it includes the following:

  • A chapter on each of our latest StorageTek Tape products, with explanation of the innovations and the benefits they deliver
  • Links to customer testimonials, white papers, and product overview videos
  • Information about the Upgrade Advantage Program and how to take advantage of it

Download your copy today. Registration and log-in required.
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01 Mar 2013
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Oracle's StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library Perfect for Entry-level, Mid-level Markets [29980]
Cost Effective, Scalable, Partner Friendly Solution Drives Adoptions

Maureen Slavin, Senior Manager, Storage Product Enablement, Oracle, discusses the StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library in an OPN PartnerCast video. The growth and diversity of data is chiefly responsible for the need driving this product, according to Slavin. The SL 150 has great appeal for the entry level and mid-level markets, she says. Expansion by the customer of up to 450 Terabytes (TB) in 21U rackspace accounts for much of this appeal, she asserts. Oracle Fusion Middleware makes management of all this storage extremely easy to use and very cost effective. Suport for the SL150 is very partner friendly, further adding to the product's appeal.
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21 Feb 2013
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Oracle's StorageTek Tape Products Capture Awards, Media Attention [29882]
Industry Recognition, Market Gains Reflect Product Family Excellence

The media attention garnered by the recent successes of the Oracle StorageTek product line is reviewed in a post by Chris Ilg, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director with Oracle Storage Product Marketing. In December, the StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library won Best Business Storage Product at the V3 Technology Awards, and in January was named a finalist in Storage Magazine/Search Storage’s 2012 Products of the Year Awards. A further achievement was Oracle’s StorageTek brand's recognition by Storage Visions as Visionary Media and Entertainment Storage Company for advances in storage for digital archiving and preservation.
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