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06 Feb 2014
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Run Oracle Database Like a Ferrari, But Save Like a Prius with Oracle Storage [34869]
Webcast with Steve Zivanic, VP, Storage Business Group at Oracle

Join Dave Vellante, Co-Founder and chief research officer of Wikibon and Steve Zivanic, VP, Storage Business Group at Oracle to learn how optimizing storage infrastructure and exploiting database services results in significant CAPEX and OPEX savings and lower overall TCO.

Attend the Webcast to learn how the combination of Oracle Database and Oracle storage helps:

  • Reduce your storage footprint by 3x-5x
  • Accelerate database queries by 5x
  • Reduce storage admin tasks by 65%

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05 Feb 2014
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Making The Right Hybrid Storage Array Buying Decision: Oracle Zs3 Series Stands Out As A Hybrid Enterprise Storage Solution [34776]
By Claudiac Caramelli

Claudiac writes, "In a new Head-to-Head Product Report on Hybrid Storage Arrays, the Data Center Infrastructure Group (DCIG) concluded that "the EMC VNX5400 is probably the most ill-equipped of these arrays to meet enterprise performance demands short and long term". The report goes on to say that "the Oracle ZS3 Series stands out in stark contrast to other offerings from enterprise storage providers. It gives enterprise organizations the features they need in a hybrid storage array without having to compromise."

What to say more? Just review the full report HERE..."
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11 Dec 2013
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Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 [34013]
S/W Update, 16Gb FC ATO support

Oracle Storage is pleased to announce the following changes to the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance family:

  • Availability of ZFS Storage OS8 Minor 1 (2013.1.1). This software version provides additional performance enhancements that made possible our world record SPC-2 performance, as well as the SPECsfs response time of 700us.
  • Support for the 16Gb FC HBA ATO part number. Customers now have the option to purchase the 16Gb FC HBA at the time they purchase their ZFS Storage ZS3 system. The HBA will arrive tested and installed in their system.
  • LOD extension for 15K rpm drives, DS2-0BASE disk shelf and 73 GB Write Flash. Customers who desire the 15K rpm disk drive configurations can purchase them until December 15, 2013.
  • LOD extension for the 512 GB Read Flash Accelerator. Customers can purchase 512 GB Read Flash Accelerator until February 28, 2014, to expand their existing system L2ARC configuration.
  • 7420 M2 EOL plans postponed. EOL announcement for the ZFS Storage 7420 M2 has been postponed and this configuration will remain active until further notice.

ZSF Storage Appliance Family

ZFS Storage ZS3-4

ZFS Storage ZS3-2
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23 Oct 2013
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Oracle Licenses VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Oracle Storage [33368]
Agreement Enables Customers to Access and Manage Oracle Storage from VMware Environments

Oracle has licensed VMware vSphere Storage APIs to enable customers to more easily manage Oracle storage from VMware environments. VMware users and service providers will be able to more easily take advantage of the higher levels of performance and efficiency available with Oracle's ZFS Storage Appliance and Pillar Axiom storage systems. Customers can also streamline their data centers by consolidating storage onto fewer, higher performance storage systems to support an ever growing number of virtualized servers.

Oracle announced it has signed an agreement with VMware enabling support of VMware vSphere Storage APIs on Oracle storage products, including Oracle's ZFS Storage Appliances and Pillar Axiom storage systems.

The license enables development across VMware infrastructure, including the VMware vSphere API for Array Integration (VAAI), VMware vSphere API for Storage Awareness (VASA), VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM), and VMware vSphere.
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14 Oct 2013
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How Does Oracle Make Storage So Freaky Fast? [33298]
Short Videos Available

Rick Ramsey writes, "The sound quality of these videos is not very good because I taped them while people around me were watching the America's Cup, but the content is worth your time. Jason Schaffer, from Oracle Storage Engineering, explains ...

How the ZS3 Storage System is Engineered by Jason Schaffer (3 minutes)

The ZS3 is the fastest storage system "on the planet." Jason Schaffer explains what makes it so fast, how it was engineered, and what you can do with it.

How the ZS3 Storage Appliance Tunes Itself by Jason Schaffer (2 minutes)

Jason Schaffer, from Oracle Storage Engineering, explains how the ZS3 Storage System uses the Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol (OISP) to automatically tune its I/O patterns to make Oracle Database 12c run faster.

How Oracle Makes the ZS3 Storage System Go Fast by Jason Schaffer (4 minutes)

Jason Schaffer explains how the ZS3 Storage Appliance uses DRAM to get its crazy fast performance. Taped at Oracle OpenWorld 2013."

Read on for links to the videos and More Resources About the ZS3 Storage Appliance
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07 Oct 2013
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Sun Storage 2500-M2 Drives [33202]
600GB 10k 2.5. SAS2 hard drive

Oracle announced the availability of a new 600GB 10k 2.5" SAS2 hard drive for Oracle's Sun Storage 2500-M2 arrays. The new 600GB 10k 2.5" SAS-2 hard drive will be in a new carrier that:

  • Is compatible for use in current 2540M2 and 2530M2 arrays, as well as 2501M2 enclosures Can be added to existing arrays either within the same system or within the same enclosure along side 3.5" drives
  • Is NEBS-compliant
  • Is only supported in 2540M2, 2530M2 and 2501M2 trays and can not be deployed in earlier generation 2540M1, 2530M1, 2510M1 arrays or 2501M1 enclosures or any 6000 arrays

Oracle is also announcing end of life for 300GB/600GB 15k 3.5" SAS-2 hard drives.
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