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28 Apr 2015
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It is the Dawning of the Age of the L2ARC [42277]
Oracle has fundamentaly changed the L2ARC

Roch Bourbonnais writes, "One of the most exciting things that have gone into ZFS in recent history has been the overhaul of the L2ARC code. We fundamentaly changed the L2ARC such that it would do the following:

  • reduce its own memory footprint,
  • be able to survive reboots,
  • be managed using a better eviction policy,
  • be compressed on SSD,
  • and finally allow feeding at much greater rates then ever achieved before.

Let's review these elements, one by one..."
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27 Apr 2015
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ZFS Storage Appliance Benchmark [42276]
Datasheets, benchmarks, reports

Javier Puerta lists three ZFS resources:

  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance: Extreme Enterprise Efficiency and Performance at an Incredibly Low Price
  • Realizing the Superior Value of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance with particular focus on performance
  • ESG Lab Brief: Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4

Read on for links.
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10 Apr 2015
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The Oracle Storage Cloud in a Nutshell [41798]
By Bogdan Paun

Bogdan writes, "The concept of software defined storage is getting a lot of traction lately. The Oracle Cloud Storage service (part of Oracle's IaaS offering) is one such service that is well-suited for both enterprise needs and the casual end-user I've recently given a talk about this service at the Oracle Cloud Forum held at Cluj/Romania as part of the Cluj IT Cluster Innovation Days series of events. The Oracle Cloud Storage service is based on the OpenStack Swift module.

Remote objects are stored in containers (on which you can easily set read/write permissions pertaining to different user roles). On write each object is copied on to 3 different disks and these redundant copies are actively monitored so you get a high reliability level..."
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06 Apr 2015
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Lights, Camera, and... Action with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance! [41795]
By Sneha Rajendran

Sneha Rajendran writes, "Inspired by the recent Oscars award ceremony, I decided to try my hand at directing and here is my work in progress script, featuring our star - Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

Location: Editing Studio..."
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06 Apr 2015
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Is that purpose-built backup appliance really the best for your database backup and restore? [41797]
Data protection is a critical component of the job

Doug Chamberlain writes, "Data protection is a critical component of the job if you have anything to do with IT operations. Regardless of your job title, database administrators and storage administrators alike, know how critical it is to plan for any type of systems outage. Backup and restore are key components of a data protection and preparing for a disaster recovery event. The storage architecture is a key element in the overall enterprise IT environment, and when focusing on the implementation of disk storage for backup and recovery, there isn't just one platform to do the task.

And if you are looking at database backups, only Oracle can provide a better database backup platform than storage behemoth EMC..."
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01 Apr 2015
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Oracle gets ZFS filer array spun up to near-AFA speeds [41673]
Thor-like ZS4-4 soars, knocks SPC-2 score for four

Chris Mellor writes in "The Register", "Oracle's ZFS filer array has virtually matched an all-flash array in the SPC-2 streaming storage benchmark and set a new SPC-2 streaming/price/performance record [PDF].

It introduced its ZS4-4 array in December last year, as a refresh of the prior ZS3. That was rated at 17,244.22MB/sec on its SPC-2 run with a $22.53 price/performance score.

The ZS4-4 array was rated at 31,486.23 MB/sec with a price/performance rating of $17.09, heading towards being twice as fast with a better price/performance number..."
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