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14 Nov 2014
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Designing a Robust Deployment Architecture for Storage Repositories [39292]
By PoorFrodo

PoorFrodo, an Oracle blogger, writes, "Getting your storage repositories right is one of the more important aspects of planning and deploying Oracle VM. Throwing everything into one or two different storage repositories is not very robust nor is it conducive to backups, routine maintenance, high availability or disaster recovery. Conversely, allocating a storage repository for each individual Oracle VM guest is not scalable or practical.

You need to put some thought into the way you design and deploy Oracle VM storage repositories to gain maximum flexibility, scalability and recoverability. So, here are a few things to think about..."
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06 Nov 2014
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New Logzilla Drives for the Oracle 7000 ZFSSA [39247]
200GB usable, up from the 73GB usable drive

Steve Tunstall says, "Yes, the new, larger Logzilla SSD drives for your ZFSSA systems are now out. They are 200GB usable, up from the 73GB usable drives.

Yes, you will sometimes see them referred to in some marketing literature as 400GB. This is because there is extra room in enterprise SSD chips to allow for cell burnout and keep their 5 years lifetime. Make no mistake, they will give you 200GB of actually capacity in the ZFSSA systems..."
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04 Nov 2014
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Oracle FS1-2 Flash Storage System [39246]
Now Generally Available

Introduced at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, the Oracle FS1-2 Flash Storage System is now generally available.

The Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system, Oracle's premier preferred SAN storage solution, delivers enterprise-grade storage capabilities that are optimized for flash media and coengineered with Oracle software. Using the Quality of Service Plus (QoS Plus) feature, the Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system places data across flash and disk storage to maximize performance, efficiency, and cost based on usage profiles and business priorities.

The Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system takes application-engineered storage to a new level by providing out-of-the-box tuned storage provisioning profiles for Oracle Database and key applications, including Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange. With the Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system, you can consolidate storage while achieving predictable performance for multiple diverse workloads in enterprise computing or multitenant environments.
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31 Oct 2014
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Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Plug-in for Enterprise Manager (v2.0) Now Available [39051]
By John Shell

Version 2.0 of the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Plug-in for Enterprise Manager is now available. The plug-in supports the capture and display of metrics from any number of ZFS Storage Appliances in the Enterprise Manager interface. Also available through the interface are all tunable settings (including support for provisioning of projects and shares).

As noted in the 2014 IOUG Database Storage Survey, for a vast majority of customers, the current vendor-supplied storage management tools provide insufficient insight into the effects of the database on storage. Using Enterprise Manager with the ZFS Storage Appliance Plug-in takes a large step towards solving this problem.
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24 Oct 2014
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Virtual Compute Appliance and ZFS Storage Appliance [38926]
Friday Spotlight

Honglin Su writes, "In today's splotlight, we want to share some great assets about Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

Virtual Compute Appliance is a converged infrastructure solution that combines preconfigured networking, servers, and storage into a convenient package that system administrators can easily deploy into an existing data center. Combined with the virtualization power of Oracle VM, the Virtual Compute Appliance provides the perfect general-purpose solution for rapidly and easily bringing online a new rack into a cloud environment. Customers can expand storage of the Virtual Compute Appliance by connecting to Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance externally. We published a new white paper that describes how to increase the storage capacity of the Virtual Compute Appliance by adding a new rack containing a larger Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance cluster..."
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13 Oct 2014
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Oracle ZFS Storage Users Group Conference [38817]
November 10th 2014

OZUG is the Oracle ZFS Storage Users Group, an IOUG Special Interest Group. As an independent and non-profit group, its charter is to help members collaborate and share information around Oracle ZFS Storage. The User Group's Fall Conference is scheduled for November 10th at Oracle's Santa Clara office, with an RSVP requested by Monday, October 20th. Topics include:

  • Best practices with Oracle Database integration
  • Workflow, scripting, RESTful API best practices
  • SMU, snapshot, cloning, and replication best practices
  • Encryption ...and more

Registration details are here.
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