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Archived Security Articles
13 Oct 2014
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SPARC and Solaris Leadership in Security [38810]
By Kelvin Gee

Kevin Gee writes, "Oracle's SPARC systems and Oracle Solaris OS are co-engineered to provide efficient secure technology. SPARC security uses hardware accelerators to deliver leading performance.

Oracle leads in providing encryption and policy-based key management that ensure data protection for cloud and virtual environments. Oracle has proved its dramatic security performance advantages through rigorous testing. In the cloud a huge amount data needs to be encrypted. For data at rest, AES block-level encryption is FIPS 140-2 certified to support U.S. government agencies. The end-to-end performance of all system components that make up a virtualized environment..."
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08 Oct 2014
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Seamlessly & Securely Managing 360k+ User Identities While Reducing IT Complexity [38715]
By Eric Renaud

Eric writes, "Following the 2013 decision to choose Oracle's PeopleSoft applications running on Oracle Exadata database machines as its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) and campus-solutions platform in 2013, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology was also faced with another critical decision prompted by the impending end-of-life scenario of its legacy identity management solution.

Spurred with the overarching goal to provide secure and role-based access to all of the school's applications and online services for a growing and increasingly remote student body, Seneca chose Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite as its new platform for managing identity and access rights..."
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18 Aug 2014
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Securing a Cloud-Based Data Center [37915]
How to protect and secure your cloud infrastructure using Oracle Solaris technologies such as Oracle Solaris Zones, ZFS, and network virtualization

by Orgad Kimchi, Ron Larson, and Richard Friedman

Table of Contents

  • Security in the Cloud
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Security Features
  • How Oracle Solaris Remote Lab Achieves Its Security Goals with Oracle Solaris 11
  • Conclusion
  • See Also
  • About the Authors

No doubt, with all the media reports about stolen databases and private information, a major concern when committing to a public or private cloud must be preventing unauthorized access of data and applications. In this article, we discuss the security features of Oracle Solaris 11 that provide a bullet-proof cloud environment. As an example, we show how the Oracle Solaris Remote Lab implementation utilizes these features to provide a high level of security for its users.
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17 Aug 2014
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Oracle Introduces Key Vault Software Appliance to Manage and Safeguard Encryption Keys [37796]
From Database Trends and Applications Magazine

"While encryption is widely recognized as the gold standard for protecting data privacy, the technology is only as strong as its key management, according to Oracle, and critical credential files such as Oracle wallet files, Java KeyStores, Secure Shell (SSH) key files, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate files are often widely distributed across servers and server clusters that use error-prone synchronization and backup mechanisms.

Just months after the massive data breaches of the 2013 holiday season, a newly discovered data breach is again shining a spotlight on the need for better enterprise data security and the fact that not enough is being done to secure critical customer data. This time, the reported data breach involves a Russian crime ring and 1.2 billion user names and passwords as well as at least 500 million email addresses..."
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08 Aug 2014
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Focus on Database Security at Oracle OpenWorld, 2014 [37697]
By Troy Kitch

Troy writes, "Data security threats and regulatory compliance are the new "death" and "taxes" that we can all be certain of. Security is a hot topic across all organizations, whether you have 100 or 100,000 employees. Organizations are scrambling to mitigate threats and comply with regulatory requirements. Oracle OpenWorld is the place for customers to hear about the latest advances in data security, meet with security experts, and learn the next steps to help secure the sensitive data they hold.

With Oracle OpenWorld, 2014 about 2 months away, we've compiled the database security sessions, hands on labs, and more, that are critical for database administrators, security experts and executives to attend. As an example of just some of the talks this year:..."
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01 Aug 2014
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Solaris 11.2 released with security and other enhancements [37586]
By Gerry Haskins

Gerry writes, "There's a huge amount of new and improved features in Solaris 11.2 as well as thousands of bug fixes. In short, it's our best Solaris ever!

For security conscious customers, Solaris 11.2 delivers significant compliance enhancements (see the docs) and provides the new 'solaris-minimal-server' Install group, which is an excellent basis for installing secure, minimized (hardened) systems.

Hardening (minimizing) a system in Solaris 10 and earlier was as much an art form as a science. It was hard to be sure that the system was as minimized as possible..."
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