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12 Nov 2013
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Chalk Talk with John: Business Value of Identity and Access Management [33639]
Conveying the business value of Identity and Access Management to non technologists

Conveying the business value of Identity and Access Management to non technologists can potentially be challenging, especially considering the breadth capability supplied by these technologies.

In this episode of Chalk Talk with John, Bob at Codeaway Valley asks Jim from Middleware Fields how they are able to manage access to buildings and facilities throughout their community. Bob and his team struggle to keep up with the needs of their community members, while ensuring the community's safety. Jim shares his creative solution to simplifying the management of access throughout their community in Middleware Fields.
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06 Nov 2013
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Oracle White Paper about Directory Services Integration with Database Enterprise User Security (EUS) [33547]
EUS deployment options available with Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) and Oracle Internet Directory (OID)

IT departments are under consistent pressure to reduce cost, enhance security, and improve compliance to support ever-competitive business. Databases are critical components of enterprise IT infrastructure, so it is key to centralize and integrate database users and privileges into an enterprise identity management framework. However, many enterprises today still manage users and privileges on an individual database basis. From an end-user perspective, this means that each user must remember multiple passwords. From an administration perspective, redundant user management is costly; managing user authorizations in multiple databases is error-prone. From an auditing and compliance perspective, on-time provisioning and de-provisioning of user access and privileges across databases is challenging. Enterprise User Security (EUS), an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition feature, leverages the Oracle Directory Services and gives you the ability to centrally manage database users and role memberships in an LDAP directory...
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28 Oct 2013
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Security Inside Out Newsletter [33458]
October Edition

The latest October edition of the Security Inside Out newsletter is now available and covers the following important security news:

  • Securing Oracle Database 12c: A Technical Primer
  • HIPAA Omnibus Rule Is in Effect: Are You Ready?
  • The Internet of Things: A New Identity Management Paradigm

Read on for details.
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07 Aug 2013
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Understanding and Using Trusted Extensions in Oracle Solaris 11 [32184]
An introduction to the evolution, installation, and usage of the security extensions incorporated in Oracle Solaris 11

Yuli Vasiliev has written an introduction to the evolution, installation, and usage of the security extensions incorporated in Oracle Solaris 11.

"Trusted Extensions is a powerful security technology of Oracle Solaris that allows you to create a multilevel (labeled) security environment in which users with different access permissions can work simultaneously with data that has different access controls, thus enabling you to enforce strict access controls for your data based on both data sensitivity and data ownership.

Want to comment on this article? Post the link on Facebook's OTN Garage page. Have a similar article to share? Bring it up on Facebook or Twitter and let's discuss. This article unveils some history and background on Trusted Extensions and then explains how to install and enable the feature in Oracle Solaris 11. It covers how to create and configure a Trusted Extensions system with the help of tools available in Trusted Extensions, including the txzonemgr script, Labeled Zone Manager, and Label Builder..."
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11 Jul 2013
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National Security, the "two man rule" and Solaris [31789]
Built in to Solaris Since Solaris 10 (2005)

Jim Laurent, an Oracle Sales consultant, writes, "Solaris 10 and 11 have all the tools to assist in creating a "two man rule." In fact, we published a paper on the topic in 2005. Its comprehensive role and profile based collection of authorizations ensure that only user with the proper authorizations are allowed access to administrative tools. Solaris can be configured so that one user has the role of "Security Admin" while another user has the role of "System Admin." The security admin has privileges to add users and give (or remove) authorizations from those users but does not have all the other traditional capabilities of "root." In other words, the security admin cannot accidentally "rm -rf /" to corrupt the system. The system admin has authorizations to perform traditional system administration functions such as create file systems, manage services but cannot create new users or give himself additional privileges..."
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25 Jun 2013
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Security Inside Out Newsletter [31583]
June Edition

Troy Kitch writes, "The latest edition of Security Inside Out newsletter is now available. If you don't get this bi-monthly security newsletter in your inbox, then subscribe to get the latest database security news. This bi-monthly edition includes:

  • Q&A: Oracle CSO Mary Ann Davidson on Meeting Tomorrow's Security Threats

  • Oracle Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson shares her thoughts on next-generation security threats. Read More

  • New Study: Increased Security Spending Still Not Protecting Right Assets

Despite widespread belief that database breaches represent the greatest security risk to their business, organizations continue to devote a far greater share of their security resources to network assets rather than database assets, according to a new report issued by CSO and sponsored by Oracle. Newsletter us here.
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