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Archived Security Articles
19 May 2017
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Friday Spotlight: Security and Patch Updates to Secure Global Desktop [63589]
By: Jan Hendrik Mangold

Jan blogs, "We've now publicly released an important set of patch set updates for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) in parallel with Oracle's April 2017 Critical Patch Update (CPU). The patch set updates include security and stability fixes for SGD releases 5.3, 5.2 and 4.71.

The following reference documentation has been updated in parallel with these releases, and includes detailed information regarding the content of these updates for various platforms, as well as instructions for procuring and installing the patches in existing SGD deployments..."
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22 Mar 2017
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How to Secure MySQL/MariaDB Servers [61841]
By Ashraf Sharif

"After attacks on MongoDB databases, we have recently also seen that MySQL servers are being targeted by ransomware. This should not come as a surprise, given the increasing adoption of public and private clouds. Running a poorly configured database in the cloud can become a major liability.", writes Ashraf.

"In this blog post, we'll share with you a number of tips on how to protect and secure your MySQL or MariaDB servers..."
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03 Jan 2017
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Oracle Key Vault 12.2 BP3 is Now Available [59462]
By Michael Mesaros, January 3rd, 2017

Michael blogs, "Bundle Patch 3 (BP3) of Oracle Key Vault 12.2 is now available. This release delivers new capabilities and several improvements including:

  • Persistent master key caching to enhance database continuity in the event the OKV server is unavailable
  • Integration with the Thales nShield Connect 6000+ Hardware Security Module
  • Support for the NIST CNSA (Commercial National Security Algorithm) Suite
  • Support for Google and Office365 SMTP business services for delivery of email notification alerts.."

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03 Nov 2016
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How Secure is Your Enterprise Architecture? [57626]
By Veronik Beyst, Senior Marketing Manager, Oracle University

Veronik blogs, "If your organization is like many others, enterprise security is nothing more than an add-on to implementation projects and deployed systems. But as massive data breaches occur across the globe, it's time to give security a closer look.

In addition to trying to avoid security breaches that damage the business, as well as reputations, organizations face an emerging set of national and international security regulations and policies covering data privacy and security..."
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26 Sep 2016
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Oracle Database Security Courses Now Available! [56674]
By Diana.H. Gray

Diana blogs, "Oracle Corporation takes computer security seriously. As a large internet-facing organization, Oracle experiences many of the challenges every other organization does. As a member of many standards communities, as well as a vendor involved in product certification, Oracle is also heavily involved in many of the security, audit, and compliance standards.

Oracle Database, both on premises and in the cloud, has a large number of features related to data security.

These features are flexible enough to work within the requirements of virtually any organization.

Oracle University designed and offers Oracle Database Security courses to familiarize organizations with the capabilities and details of the security related features..."
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26 Sep 2016
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Your Data, More Secure in the Cloud [56677]
By Troy Kitch

Troy writes, "In this video, Vipin Samar, SVP of Oracle Database Security, illustrates how organizations can protect sensitive data in the cloud using a simple demonstration.

Key requirements outlined as critical security controls include:

  • Masking sensitive data
  • Restricting access by admins
  • Encrypting data by default
  • Allowing direct control of encryption keys
  • Allowing monitoring of user activities
  • Reduced TCO

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