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Archived Sun SysAdmin Articles
17 Jun 2014
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Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter [36986]
June Editions

The June issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter is now available here.


  • Accelerate Private Cloud Adoption with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 Introduces Groundbreaking Database Management Capabilities
  • Latest Oracle Enterprise Manager Release Includes Major Enhancements for Managing Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c

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03 Jun 2014
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Oracle Delivers Latest Release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c [36750]
Richer Service Catalog for Database and Middleware as a Service

IT organizations are adopting private clouds as a stepping-stone to business-driven, self-service IT. Successful implementations hinge on the ability to efficiently deploy and manage cloud services at enterprise scale. Having a complete cloud management solution integrated with an enterprise-class technology stack is a fundamental requirement for IT. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 meets that requirement by helping businesses become more agile and responsive, while reducing cost, complexity, and risk.

New capabilities provide advanced technology stack management, secure database administration, and enterprise service governance, enabling Oracle customers and partners to maximize database and application performance and drive innovation using self-service IT platforms.
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28 May 2014
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Solaris 11.2: Time based access limitations [36631]
Lesser known facts about Solaris

"Let's assume you want to limit ssh login for user junior to a certain timespan, let's say weekdays between 13:10 and 17:00. With Solaris 11.2 it's really easy to limit access to certain services based on times.

To enforce this, you can set access_time for certain PAM services for the use junior like this. The limitation is done by the module and the man page states: ..."
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25 May 2014
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DNS client configuration steps in Oracle Solaris 11 [36630]
By Gurubalan Thangapandian

This guide covers Quick how to configure DNS client on Solaris 11.

DNS client configuration in Solaris 11 is based on SMF service rather than file based. When you configure a system as DNS client, you will be performing the following two configurations.

I. DNS client setup

II. Configure Name service switch to use DNS

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24 May 2014
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Less known Solaris features: ptime [36517]
By Joerg Moellenkamp

Joerg writes, "Long time readers of my blog know that i'm preferring prstat over top at any time. The micro state accounting in prstat gives you a much deeper insight. Using a tool not capable to use microstate accounting is like looking a video in 240p instead of 4k ultra hd (to stay at this: dtrace is like 8k ;) ). prstat is doing a really useful job in telling you what's happening at the moment in a processes.

However sometimes it's interesting to know, what happened in the past since the startup of the process. And there is a tool that is doing this. With ptimes -m you can lookup the information of the micro state accounting since the creation of the process..."
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19 May 2014
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How to Set Up a Hadoop 2.2 Cluster From the Unified Archive [36518]
By Orgad Kimchi

Orgad writes, "Learn how to combine an Apache Hadoop 2.2 (YARN) cluster using Oracle Solaris Zones, the ZFS file system, and the new Unified Archive capabilities of Oracle Solaris 11.2 to set up a Hadoop cluster on a single system.

Also see how to configure manual or automatic failover, and how to use the Unified Archive to create a 'cloud in a box' and deploy bare-metal system..."
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