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Archived Sun SysAdmin Articles
20 May 2015
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Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter [42853]
May 2015 Issue

The May 2015 issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter is now available.

New IOUG Survey Reveals Latest Trends in Database Manageability

Released in April 2015, a new Independent Oracle Users Group survey reveals the opportunities and challenges that database administrators face today. Find out what's on the minds of more than 300 data managers and professionals.

Top Three Challenges Driving Adoption of Database as a Service

The market for cloud databases and database as a service (DBaaS) is rapidly growing. Learn about the top three barriers to adoption, what DBaaS should look like when it's done right, and how you can manage DBaaS using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Read on for details.
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12 May 2015
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Is EFSS an IT or a LoB Concern? [42588]
Cloud enterprise file sync

Tanu Sood writes, "Cloud enterprise file sync and share solutions serve a critical business need. A digital enterprise is an anytime, anyplace workplace requiring not just employees but the authorized ecosystem access to the right information at any time from anywhere on any device. This enables true collaboration in a 24 X 7 world and empowers the mobile workforce driving user productivity.

As a result, most organizations have moved away from large email file attachments, FTP server management and on-site content sharing tools and have started to instead leverage cloud file sync and share solutions..."
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30 Apr 2015
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Oracle Innovates Secure Multi-Tenancy with Oracle SuperCluster [42272]
Market leading performance, high availability, and extreme scalability

Oracle SuperCluster delivers a complete set of integrated security controls, implemented as a comprehensive platform, to enable secure multi-tenancy for service providers. Unique in the industry, the Oracle SuperCluster multi-tenant architecture enables market leading performance, high availability, and extreme scalability while also satisfying key customer security requirements such as secure isolation, strong authentication and access control, end-to-end data protection, and comprehensive monitoring and compliance auditing. The security protections designed into the Oracle SuperCluster multi-tenant architecture span every layer of the IT stack from the compute hardware, virtualization, and operating system to networking, storage, database and applications.
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09 Apr 2015
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Getting fixes faster [41788]
By Gerry Haskins

Gerry Haskins writes, "Time is money.

I remember my first unplanned downtime as a Sys Admin on-site at a major Aluminum Mill in up-state New York. The Operations Manager was literally poking me in the back of the neck asking me "Don't you know downtime costs us $250,000 per hour ? How long will it take to get back up ?", to which I replied "It'll be faster if you stop poking me in the neck!". I had the Systems back up in 20 minutes.

For Solaris and other Oracle Sun products, we try to release bug fixes as fast as possible, balancing the need for speed with the need for quality.

Since an Operating System performs many disparate functions for many disparate workloads, testing that a fix isn't toxic in any supported scenario is complex and takes time.

But we can and do provide faster relief to the customer(s) who raised the specific issue as it's easier to ensure the fix is correct for their specific environments..."
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07 Apr 2015
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useradd with "-d localhost:...". [41787]
By Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor writes, "When creating Solaris users with useradd, I prefer using "-m" (make the directory) and specifying the directory with "-d localhost:...".

Here is a quick comparison:

# useradd -m -P "System Administrator" joerg1

# useradd -m -d localhost:/export/home/joerg2 -P "System Administrator" joerg2
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25 Feb 2015
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Technology Preview available for the Oracle Linux software collection library [41055]
Useful features to both developers and administrators

Michele Casey writes, "we are announcing a technology preview for the Oracle Linux software collection library. The software collection library provides useful features to both developers and administrators, by providing access to later versions of packages and libraries commonly used in development, such as Perl, PHP and Python.

Under the software collection library, these packages can be installed on existing systems, without overwriting the base packages delivered by the platform release..."
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