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07 Mar 2014
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March 18th, 2014: Virtual Sysadmin Day for Europe, Middle East, and Africa [35178]
By Larry Wake

Larry writes, "In case you're new to this: the Oracle Technology Network Virtual Sysadmin Days are a series of hands-on, proctored labs for systems administrators, brought to you on the web. They're free, although you do need to register, and there is some prep work you need to do beforehand.

The next one in the series is coming up on Tuesday, March 16th and will start at 9 AM GMT, so we're calling this the "Europe/Middle East/Africa" edition, although we never discriminate -- jump in from wherever you are then, and we'll be there..."
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21 Feb 2014
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Virtual Sysadmin Day and Hands On Labs [34974]
By Chris Kawalek

Chris writes, "If you missed Virtual Sysadmin Day last month, it is available in replay mode. It's not quite the same as the real-time environment where you could ask questions, but you do get recorded versions of the presentations that were given to give you some extra context for working through the Hands On Labs. Also, if you are in EMEA friendly time zones, there is a second live Virtual Sysadmin Day coming up on March 18. You can register here.
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11 Feb 2014
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The Non-Beginner's Guide to Syncing Data with Rsync [34879]
single solution for data redundancy needs

How-To-Geek writes, "The rsync protocol can be pretty simple to use for ordinary backup/synchronization jobs, but some of its more advanced features may surprise you. In this article, we're going to show how even the biggest data hoarders and backup enthusiasts can wield rsync as a single solution for all of their data redundancy needs..."
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08 Feb 2014
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13 Resources To Learn The VI/VIM Text Editor [34654]
Screencasts, Tutorials, Cheatsheets

Making the switch from one text editor to another is not easy. Most programmers agree that the time it takes to become comfortable with the new editor becomes a major hindrance for their work. As a result, many don't make the switch.

Still, VIM is one of the most popular text editors around. So, if you're looking to make the switch then these resources will make the transition much smoother for you. Watch the screencasts and read through the tutorials if you need. Keep the cheatsheets handy to get around the editor easily.
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02 Feb 2014
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Back Up a Thousand Databases Using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c [34676]
by Porus Homi Havewala

Porus writes, "Oracle has long supplied a powerful utility, Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), along with the database software install, which is used to backup and recover Oracle databases, either as a complete or incremental backup. The scripts are placed in a shell script wrapper at the Unix level, and then scheduled using the Unix cron job facility. These scripts need to be tested, verified and maintained.

While this task is manageable for one or two databases, the same task must be repeated with every new database or every new database server that is provisioned-and the time spent on setting up such backups increases correspondingly.

In this technical article, we will see how the DBA can set up and schedule RMAN database backups for thousands of databases using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c more easily and efficiently than the older, more time-consuming, manual method of performing Unix shell scripting and cron jobs for each database to be backed up..."
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30 Jan 2014
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January issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter [34675]
Table of Contents

This Edition's Content January 2014:

  • News
  • Featured Event: Cloud Odyssey
  • Videos
  • Customer Buzz
  • Demos
  • Blogosphere
  • Webcasts
  • Resource Center
  • White Papers
  • E-Books
  • Additional Resources
  • Find an Oracle Partner
  • Training
  • Oracle Magazine
  • User Groups
  • Events

January Issue On the Web
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