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25 Jul 2013
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Just How Messed Up Is My Code? [31960]
Enter NetBeans code metrics

Geertjan writes, "More often than not, you know your code is pretty messed up. The excuse you have is that you inherited it from someone else. That, of course, doesn't change the fact that your code is messed up. It changes how responsible you feel about it but, as you'll soon be reminded by someone, the fact that you now own the code means that it's your responsibility now. The fact that your code works doesn't mean that you understand it and that's because the code is messed up in numerous different and interesting ways. The fact that you don't understand how it works means that it's hard to maintain it...

Enter NetBeans code metrics, introduced in NetBeans IDE 7.4 which, at the time of writing, is in its Beta phase..."
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11 Jul 2013
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What's New in EMCLI [31787]
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3

Adeesh Fulay writes, "If you have been using the classic Oracle Enterprise Manager Command Line interface ( EMCLI ), you are in for a treat. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c R3 comes with a new EMCLI kit called 'EMCLI with Scripting Option'. Not my favorite name, as I would have preferred to call this EMSHELL since it truly provides a shell similar to bash or cshell. Unlike the classic EMCLI, this new kit provides a Jython-based scripting environment along with the large collection of verbs to use. This scripting environment enables users to use established programming language constructs like loops (for, or while), conditional statements (if-else), etc in both interactive and scripting mode..."
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27 Jun 2013
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Java EE 7 support in Eclipse 4.3 [31578]
Main themes of this release

Arun Gupta writes, "Eclipse Kepler (4.3) features 71 different open source projects and over 58 million LOC. One of the main themes of the release is the support for Java EE 7. Kepler specifically added support for the features mentioned below:

  • Create Java EE 7 Eclipse projects or using Maven
  • New facets for JPA 2.1, JSF 2.2, Servlet 3.1, JAX-RS 2.0, EJB 3.2
  • Schemas and descriptors updated for Java EE 7 standards (web.xml, application.xml, ejb-jar.xml, etc)
  • Tolerance for JPA 2.1 such as features can be used without causing invalidation and content assist for UI (JPA 2.1)
  • Support for NamedStoredProcedureQuery (JPA 2.1)
  • Schema generation configuration in persistence.xml (JPA 2.1)
  • Updates to persistence.xml editor with the new JPA 2.1 properties
  • Existing features support EE7 (Web Page Editor, Palette, EL content assist, annotations, JSF tags, Facelets, etc)
  • Code generation wizards tolerant of EE7 (New EJB, Servlet, JSP, etc.)

A comprehensive list of features added in this release is available in Web Tools Platform 3.5 - New and Noteworthy.

Download Eclipse 4.3 and Java EE 7 SDK and start playing with Java EE 7! ..."
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20 Dec 2012
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Underground PHP and Oracle Manual Available on OTN [28985]
Download this Free PDF with the Latest Information on PHP OCI8 Extension, Oracle Database 11g R2

The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual has been updated for Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2, co-author Christopher Jones announces. He and Alison Holloway wrote the manual for PHP programmers developing applications for Oracle Database. According to Jones, the manual, which contains unique, updated material about PHP's OCI8 extension for Oracle Database XE 11g, bridges the gap between the many PHP and Oracle books available. The revised edition contains new chapters about using PHP with Oracle TimesTen, NetBeans and Oracle Tuxedo, along with a new chapter about installing PHP on Oracle Solaris. This free 347-page pdf is available for download on OTN.
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25 Oct 2012
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Oracle Announces GA for Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile [28190]
Cross-platform Capability Boosts Productivity, Protects Investment

Oracle has announced GA of its new HTML5 and Java-based Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile that enables developers to build hybrid mobile applications for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. Oracle ADF Mobile, which is based on a next-generation hybrid mobile development architecture, allows developers to increase productivity while protecting investments by enabling code reuse through a flexible, open standards-based architecture. With Oracle ADF Mobile, developers using its write once and deploy-to-many capability can extend enterprise applications to mobile devices across platform interfaces even as technology shifts occur.
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05 Jul 2012
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'Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Solaris Porting Guide': OTN White Paper [26799]
Covers Information Useful for Users of Debian, Suse, Ubuntu or Centos as well

Commenting on the recently published Oracle white paper "Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Solaris Porting Guide," available on OTN, Joerg Moellenkamp describes it as an "interesting document" that covers not only RHEL but contains as well information helpful to users of Debian, Suse, Ubuntu or Centos. He writes that the paper covers what one should consider when you want to port your application (or just script) from RHEL to Oracle Solaris 11. Admins, he says, will find the section that describes where the gnu tools are located and the differences between Solaris native commands and their gnu counterparts.
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