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06 Jul 2015
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HELP!! Solaris Technical Support for Developers [44146]
Free technical HELP under the Oracle PartnerNetwork (Gold and above)

Mike Mulkey writes, "DID YOU KNOW that our Solaris developers get free technical HELP under the Oracle PartnerNetwork (Gold level members and above) for any questions regarding development of their applications on Oracle Solaris 11!?

Yes, great news. But most importantly, to coin a line from our theme song, its not just ANY body who is providing that help.

Lets be clear that this is NOT a call center in the middle east. At Oracle we have a team of senior ISV Engineers who respond directly to these questions from our OPN partners..."
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30 Jun 2015
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Remote Development With Solaris Studio [44010]
By Younseo Roh

Younseo writes, "With Solaris Studio 12.4, remote development of native (C/C++/FORTRAN) and Java applications has become more convenient and streamlined. This is made possible by the feature of creating 'pure Java' desktop distribution of the IDE. Furthermore, with Studio IDE client available on most of major OSes, developers will have convenience of multiple client systems connecting to a single source repository with single copy of Studio compiler.

Here's how to do remote development with Solaris Studio IDE..."
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29 Jun 2015
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Simplify Enterprise Mobility With Mobile Application Framework [44004]
Q&A By Mitchell Palski, Oracle WebCenter Sales Consultant


  • How can Mobile Application Framework deliver Secure, Seamless Mobile for the Enterprise?

  • Is it possible to Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Mobile Application Framework?

  • We've been hearing a lot about Digital Experience in the market today. How can Oracle Mobile Application Framework be leveraged to deliver optimized user Experiences?

  • Integration is a common concern among business and IT today. Can you Integrate Data and Services across the Mobile Enterprise?

  • What about Connectivity? Can you Simplify Mobile Connectivity in the Cloud?

  • Finally, security is also a common concern when deploying anything on multiple devices. Can Mobile Application Framework deliver Secure Mobility Across All Layers?

Read on
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01 Jun 2015
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Oracle Solaris Studio: Optimal Java Performance and Remote Development [43207]
By Larry Wake

Two new videos highlighting the capabilities of the Oracle Solaris Studio developer toolsuite are available, The first one covers how to quickly identify and optimize performance hotspots in Java applications. The second one discusses how you can use Oracle Solaris Studio from virtually any laptop or desktop environment to develop enterprise applications for Oracle Solaris and Linux.
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05 May 2015
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C++ rules enforced in Studio 12.4 [42409]
By Darryl Gove

Darryl Gove writes, "Studio 12.4 has improved adherence to the C++ standard, so some codes which were accepted by 12.3 might get reported as errors with the new compiler. The compiler documentation has a list of the improvements and examples of how to modify problem code to make it standard compliant..."
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04 May 2015
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SQL Developer 4.1 - Oracle REST Data Services 3.0 [42410]
By Laura Ramsey

Laura Ramsey writes, "Oracle SQL Developer 4.1 and SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.1 let customers design, develop, and deploy applications running on premises or in Oracle Database Cloud Services. And SQL Developer 4.1 sports a new interface for DBAs to observe critical metrics in real-time around IO, networking, wait events, storage, and more.

And here's how SQL Developer now supports Public Cloud Services-- It has a one-button-click solution for copying on-premises Oracle Databases to the Oracle Database Cloud Service. So you just right-click on a 12c Multitenant Pluggable Database and choose to either move, or copy to the Cloud Service. When the operation is complete, the database is automatically made available in the Oracle Database Cloud Service..."
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