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Archived Java Technology Articles
17 Feb 2017
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Oracle preps developers for Java 9 upgrade [60740]
InfoWorld, February 17th, 2017

Oracle has released a guide to help developers move from Java 8 to Java 9

Paul writes in InfoWorld, "In preparation for the planned July release of Java 9, Oracle has released guidance for moving applications over to the forthcoming upgrade, which features big changes through modularization.

The newly released JDK (Java Development Kit) 9 Migration Guide notes that every update brings with it binary, source, and behavioral incompatibilities with previous versions. 'The modularization of the Java SE Platform brings many benefits but also many changes,' Oracle said. 'Code that uses only official Java SE Platform APIs and supported JDK-specific APIs should continue to work without change.' But code that uses certain features or JDK-internal APIs may not run or may give different results, the company cautioned..."
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06 Feb 2017
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Javapocalypse soon! Oracle warns devs to bin plugins, fast [60525]
The Register, February 6th, 2017

The last browser to support NPAPI plugins - Firefox 52 ESR - should appear in March

Simon writes in The Register, "Oracle's warned developers who still expect browsers to run code developed for Java plugins to get busy finding an alternative.

The developers behind all major browsers have decided the NPAPI framework invented last millennium by Netscape has had its day, because there are now better ways to do multimedia and other fun stuff inside a browser. Chrome therefore binned plugins in 2015, IE gave up ages ago, the fat lady sang at Opera during 2016 and Safari has stopped bothering too..."
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06 Jan 2017
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Java T-Shirt Recognition Promotion Extended! [59460]
By Eva Chase

Eva writes, "That's right, earn any new Java certification from June 1st 2016 to March 31st, 2017 and you're eligible to receive a free Java certified t-shirt.

Show off your skills. You worked hard, we know it. Don't forget to let everyone else know it! Tweet your photo using the #javatshirt hashtag

It's been a lot of fun for us to see your posts! ..."
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04 Jan 2017
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Enhancing ICS Mappings with Custom Java Classes by Ricardo Ferreira [59466]
By Juergen Kress, January 4th, 2017

Juergen writes, "One of the most common tasks performed during the creation of integrations in ICS (Integration Cloud Service) is the implementation of mappings. In a nutshell, mappings are the resources that ICS uses to allow messages coming from the configured source application to be sent to the configured target application. Failure in properly defining and configuring these mappings directly impacts how integrations are going to behave while sending messages downstream..."
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30 Dec 2016
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The History And Future Of The Java Programming Language [59334]
As the internet's renowned programming language, Java has had a profound impact on how people navigate the digital world

Omed writes, "As the internet's renowned programming language, Java has had a profound impact on how people navigate the digital world. Much of what users expect in terms of performance from their devices that access the internet has been set by Java functionality. You don't have to be a developer, however, to recognize its influence.

The story of Java goes back more than two decades and has evolved along with the digital transformation of the world. As consumer and business demands on scalability increases, Java is forced to grow and adapt in order to stay relevant. Stakeholders are approaching their work armed with a primer on Java's history, current use, and future direction..."
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28 Dec 2016
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Oracle survey: Java EE users want REST, HTTP/2 [59333]
InforWorld, December 23rd, 2016

Paul Krill writes in InfoWorld, "In September and October, Oracle asked Java users to rank future Java EE enhancements by importance. The survey's 1700 participants put REST services and HTTP/2 as top priorities, followed by Oauth and OpenID, eventing, and JSON-B (Java API for JSON Binding)..."

"REST (JAX-RS 2.1) and HTTP/2 (Servlet 4.0) have been voted as the two most important technologies surveyed, and together with JSON-B represent three of the top six technologies," a report on the survey concludes. "Much of the new API work in these technologies for Java EE 8 is already complete. There is significant value in delivering Java EE 8 with these technologies, and the related JSON-P (JSON with Padding) updates, as soon as possible."
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