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Archived Sun Hardware Articles
21 Jan 2013
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Oracle Announces 400GB Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe Card Support [29381]
Accelerates Storage Intensive Applications on Sun Server X3-2L System

Oracle has announced the Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe card support for Sun Server X3-2L Systems. The F40, which is ideal for running Oracle databases with Smart Flash Cache feature available in Oracle 11gR2 and above, has been designed as a high-performance 400GB (Gigabyte) PCIe Flash Card able to accelerate storage intensive applications with random I/O workloads and improve server efficiency by reducing storage latency and increasing I/O throughput.
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23 Nov 2012
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Collaboration: An Unexpected Advantage of Engineered Systems [28584]
Team Approach, Involving Users, Results in Quicker Fixes

There are unexpected benefits, collaborative in nature, in the use of engineered systems, contends User 12244672, citing two examples of such advantages. These involve solving a node eviction issue running Oracle Database 11g R2 with Solaris 11 SRU 12 under extreme load on the ExaLego test system. The fix went into all Solaris releases just 10 days from initial discovery. In the second example a customer experienced sporadic performance degradation, and a number of contributing factors were discovered, including tunable parameters. A collaborative investigation identified the root cause to be a CPU bound networking thread being starved of CPU cycles under extreme load.
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31 Dec 2011
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Which IO Option for Which Server? [25151]
Cross Platform IO Support

If you need to know which IO option cards are available for which server, there is now a new portal on

This wiki contains a full list of IO options, ordered by server, and maintained for all current systems. Also included is the number of cards supported on each system.

The same information, for all current as well as for all older models, is available in the "Systems Handbook", the ultimate answerbook for all hardware questions.
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25 Nov 2011
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Technical Product Guide for Sun Ray Clients [24966]
Covers Sun Ray 3; Sun Ray 3 plus, and Sun Ray 3i

On Jaap's VDI Blog Space readers will find a link to the new technical guide for all three Sun Ray clients: Sun Ray 3, Sun Ray 3 plus, and Sun Ray 3i. The online documentation provides detailed information about the similarities and differences between the three Sun Ray client hardware models. The "Sun Ray 3 Series Clients Product Guide" lists the features and technical specifications of the Sun Ray Client such as number of ports, chassis, graphics, network interfaces, power supply, operating conditions, MTBF, reliability, and other standards. The guide also contains a separate chapter about environmental data.
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07 Nov 2011
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Beefing Up Xeon Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability: Slide Set [24861]
Oracle Solaris Optimization for Intel Processors Pays Off in Many Ways

"Beefing Up Xeon RAS with Solaris," a presentation by Ashok Raj originally given at Oracle OpenWorld 2011, is available as a slide set that covers the following aspects of the talk:

  • Intel Processor Advances
  • Platform RAS Components (Oracle Solaris FMA)
  • Xeon Machine Check Architecture Improvements
  • Future Enhancements

Raj contends that Oracle Solaris has been optimized for Intel Xeon-based systems in terms of scalability, enhanced power management, and mission critical reliability.
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21 Sep 2011
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Oracle Database Appliance [24629]
Simple, Highly Reliable, Affordable Database System for Small/Midsize Enterprises and Departments

The Oracle Database Appliance is an easy-to-use, affordable, and highly available database appliance that is built using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on a 2-node Sun Fire server cluster running Oracle Linux.

The Oracle Database Appliance features a pay-as-you-grow software licensing for Oracle Database and related software from 2 to 24 processor cores. This allows customers to align their software spend with their business growth without the need for any hardware upgrades.

With proactive system monitoring, one-button software provisioning, full-stack integrated patching, and automatic phone home on hardware failures, the Oracle Database Appliance also reduces the cost and resources required to build and maintain a highly-available database system.
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