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21 Nov 2013
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How CEOs Can Transform HR into a Revenue Driver [33717]
Mark V. Hurd

Mark V. Hurd, President of Oracle, writes, "As I visit with big companies and organizations all over the world, it's clear that most CEOs realize they need to make some dramatic changes in how they recruit people, align and manage performance, make compensation decisions, and optimize talent.

What's not so clear to them is how they make that happen. While HR leaders and their teams are supposed to bring alive the cliché that 'people are our most valuable asset,' many CEOs are not yet leading the way in giving those HR leaders the tools, authority, and organizational opportunity they need to unlock the value of the organizations' talent pools.

Paradoxically, that lack of support from top executives is occurring even as 60 percent of CEOs surveyed by PwC say they're concerned about not having enough talent, and/or the right mix of talent. As a result, those CEOs say, that talent gap is presenting them with some significant challenges:.."
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19 Nov 2013
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Oracle Mainframe Re-hosting Solutions [33719]
By Jerome Cheng: Part One

Jerome Cheng writes, "This paper provides an overview about Oracle Mainframe Re-hosting solutions from a technical point of view. For people who have little Mainframe background, it adds some mainframe basic concept introduction. It is targeted to technical people who are interesting in mainframe modernization technology to understand Oracle solution in this area.

This paper will be split into two parts:

  • Part 1: Background for some basic mainframe concepts
  • Part 2: Oracle solution overview (It will be published later in an other blog)

What is Mainframe Re-Hosting?

Re-hosting is one of the options for modernization of Mainframe legacy system. In the modernization of Mainframe legacy system technology, there are several technical options, according to some common definitions, we can categorize three options:..."

Read on for details.
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14 Nov 2013
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Report from Oracle's Innovation Forum [33627]
Don Sheppard, IT World Canada

Don Sheppard reports that he "attended the Oracle Innovation Forum in Toronto on Nov. 6, a full day seminar billed as an opportunity to 'see innovation in practice.' There were two keynotes and three parallel presenter tracks:

  • Track 1: Pathway to your cloud
  • Track 2: Transform the enterprise: Simplify. differentiate. Innovate
  • Track 3: The modern data center

The basic question (from the website) being posed was: Cloud. Mobile. Social. Big data. The Internet of Things. The latest buzzwords, or powerful global forces?... So, what did I take away from the seminar? ..."
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06 Nov 2013
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Mark Hurd On BT Win, Oracle Growth, And Investing In The Cloud [33546]
CNBC Interview

Mark Hurd was recently interviewed on CNBC where he said that "the real driver of the cloud is not pricing; it's really the speed of provision and capability, instead of a long roll-out it's now like you get access to software quickly. I also get a standard piece of the software that gets now updated and driven by the company as opposed to me and this is a big trend you're going to see in the IT industry; is customers trying to shift work from their IT budget to the company's R&D budget, and that's what's very attractive about the cloud."

When asked, "is it time for Oracle just to exit hardware?" Mark said, "There is absolutely zero chance of us exiting the hardware business..."

See the video for the full 15 minute interview.
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28 Oct 2013
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Oracle eyes optical links as final frontier of data-center scaling [33454]
PCWorld Article

Stephen Lawson writes in PWorld, "Oracle is exploring silicon photonics, an optical technology drawing widespread interest, as a potential weapon in the battle against data-center power consumption.

Advances in CPU and memory design could boost efficiency dramatically over the next few years. When they do, the interconnects among components, servers and switches will effectively become the power hogs of the data center, according to Ashok..."
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14 Oct 2013
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Key Facts about Disaster Recovery [33300]
High availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), and Continuity Of Operations Programs (COOP)

Frank Wickham writes, "From time to time I have had discussions about high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), and continuity of operations programs (COOP). Sometimes we dive deep into the topic without communicating several key high level messages that will guide the conversation forward.

To what degree do we implement a DR program

Many organizations have made the determination that they do not need any protection at all. They have evaluated the trade off between having some type of protection and not. Most organizations do not provide for a full DR..."
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