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28 Mar 2014
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Three Busted Social ROI Myths [35482]
Blog by Jack Newton

Today's post is from Jack Newton, Dir. of Outbound Product Management & Strategy for Oracle Social Cloud. He dispels some of the myths around social ROI, and demonstrates how to put ROI measurement on solid ground.

I have social ROI set up as a Google Alert, and it's rare that a day goes by when there's not something posted about it. There are good reasons for this.

One is that there are many myths about measuring ROI. And just like the definition of a myth - "a... legendary story... with or without a determinable basis of fact" -- myths tend to endure, get passed down and then repeated.

Every good story needs a hero. That hero can be you by following some steps to get your company on solid ground with measuring ROI. And at the same time, set the company on a course to make the entire customer experience better...
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19 Mar 2014
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Oracle and Accenture Study Declares the CFO a Technology Evangelist [35382]
New Oracle and Accenture Study Declares the CFO a Technology Evangelist

To define and benchmark the key attributes of modern, technology-enabled finance, Oracle and Accenture co-sponsored a global study with Longitude Research, entitled Empowering Modern Finance: The CFO as Technology Evangelist.

Respondents included 1,275 CFOs, senior finance executives and line business executives from organizations around the world of varying sizes and industries -- 300 of whom were senior non-finance executives -- and found that the modern CFO is a technology evangelist who recognizes the value of digital and cloud technologies for the finance function and the business as a whole, but a gap remains between CFO ambitions and reality ...
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06 Mar 2014
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Masters of the Data [35171]
CIOs Tune in to the Importance of Data Quality, Data Governance, and Master Data Management (MDM)

David Baum writes, "Modern business applications produce ever more relevant and actionable information for decision makers, but in many cases the data sources are fragmented and inconsistent. Despite tremendous advancements at the application layer, nearly all IT initiatives succeed or fail based on the quality and consistency of the underlying data.

Why this glaring oversight? According to Mark A. Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research, CIOs are responsible for making information available to their businesses in a consistent and timely basis, but in most organizations, information management is seen as a delegated set of tasks and is not the CIO's top priority..."
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03 Mar 2014
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Healthcare's Next Innovation? [35170]
The Answer Is In The Data

John Foley (director, strategic communications, for Oracle Corp), writes in Forbes, "As the healthcare industry goes digital, all of those doctor visits and other health-related transactions are creating terabytes of highly valuable data. In too many places, however, that data isn't shared as widely as it could be. Outdated systems and processes limit availability to the department that generated the data.

It's the data management equivalent of myopia.."
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26 Feb 2014
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Big Data Architecture in Under 4 Minutes [35060]
by Michael Meldeau

Michael writes, "The benefits of Big Data are truly extraordinary and a game changing technology that will impact decision makers everywhere. With Big Data, users have the ability to analyze and view extremely large pools of data to conduct advanced and predictive analytics that capture business trends, aid medical research and even improve crime prevention. While the promise of Big Data is alluring, most of us still have questions about what the right solution is and how it should be deployed, managed and maintained over the long haul.

If Big Data is on your IT roadmap, be sure to watch this 4 minute clip from Rob Reynolds ..."
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25 Feb 2014
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Big Data and Analytic Top 10 Trends for 2014 [35061]
Learn about the trends, problems, and breakthroughs in big data and analytics

Peter Schutt writes, "Which information management priorities are at the top of the corporate IT agenda? What are the most compelling developments in big data, analytics, mobile computing, data warehousing, and cloud computing that motivate IT leaders to undertake new technology initiatives?

Oracle surveyed hundreds of IT decision makers to learn about their big data and analytics plans for 2014 - both within the Oracle customer base and the industry at large. Respondents provided specific feedback on mobile BI, cloud, Hadoop, data discovery, predictive analytics, and decision optimization technologies and practices. From this extensive data set we compiled the following trends:..."

  • Business Users Get Hooked on Mobile Analytics
  • Analytics Take to the Cloud
  • Hadoop-Based Data Reservoirs Unite with Data Warehouses
  • New Skills Bolster Big Data Investments
  • Big Data Discovery is the Secret to Workforce Success for HCM
  • Predictive Analytics Lend Fresh Insight into Big Data Strategies
  • Predictive Analytics Bring New Insight to Old Business Processes
  • Decision Optimization Technologies Enhance Human Intuition
  • Business Leaders Embrace Packaged Analytics
  • New Skills Launch New Horizons of Analysis

Read on for details.
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