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07 Oct 2013
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OpenWorld 2013 in Small Bites [33187]
By Richard Lefebvre

Richard Lefebvre writes, "Over 60 thousand people descended on San Francisco for a fabulous OpenWorld 2013, the largest Oracle conference in history. The energy in and around Moscone, on the streets, and in the hotel lobbies was absolutely palpable.

Best improvement of OpenWorld 2013 San Francisco - replacing the tents on Howard Street with table tops, couches, umbrellas, music, and keynotes and general sessions showing on big screens in the sky. Attendees could enjoy the beautiful San Francisco weather and still get in on all that was going on in Hall D of Moscone North. An inspired upgrade!

Our applications strategy was clearly enunciated..."
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03 Oct 2013
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Look Who's Coming to Town - OpenStorage Summit at the Santa Clara Convention Center [33101]
October 23-24 at the Santa Clara Convention Center

OpenStorage Summit has a strong line-up of presentations for this 2-day event, October 23-24 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. There are keynotes and panels with such companies as SanDisk, Microsoft, Samsung and so many more, covering topics from cloud hosting to enterprise capabilities.

Just to whet your curiosity, below are some of the exciting presentations at the OpenStorage Summit:

  • Industry Analyst, Ben Woo, Managing Director at Neuralytix,Inc. will be presenting on "Object Storage - The Revolution Lives" as well as participating on a panel discussion on "Software Defined Storage - What's behind the name?"

  • Sheng Liang, CTO Cloud Platforms for Citrix will participate on a panel on "Cloud hosting and open storage; A match made in heaven"

  • Nexenta's own Chief Strategy Officer, Evan Powell, will present "Why the Adoption Rate for Open Storage Is Accelerating". He will also moderate on a few panels.

See more of the agenda and register now! Register using priority code Nexenta to receive a $200 full conference pass!
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25 Sep 2013
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Why Big Data Management Will Drive the Future [32993]
Mark Hurd Keynote

After inviting the audience to participate in sending a personalized video message to ORACLE TEAM USA as they attempt to claim the America's Cup trophy for a second time, Oracle President Mark Hurd turned his focus to the new dynamics of both customer service and big data at the Monday morning kickoff keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

Noting that there are nearly nine billion personal devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs being used worldwide - and that number is predicted to grow to 50 billion by 2020 - Hurd's focus was on getting value out of big data. Oracle's range of products, including Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalytics, Oracle NoSQL, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and the newly announced Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance, is helping customers like Airbus, Thomson Reuters, Turkcell, UL, and the NYSE create a solid and extensible foundation for acquiring and making sense out of enormous volumes of data within hours rather than days or weeks.
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25 Sep 2013
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Everything Runs Fast [32994]
Larry Ellison Keynote

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison opened this year's Oracle OpenWorld 2013 conference with a series of blockbuster announcements.

He first announced the breakthrough In-Memory Option for Oracle Database, which delivers 100X faster queries for real-time analytics, and a 2X increase in transaction processing rates. "We figured out a way to speed up query processing and at the same time at least double database transaction processing rates," he said.

Ellison explained that Oracle's solution was to use a dual format that stores both row and column in-memory formats for the same database. Oracle can now scan billions of rows per second per CPU core, which converts join processing into fast column scans.

Ellison then introduced the Oracle M6-32 Big Memory Machine. With a massive 32 terabytes of DRAM memory and double the cores of Oracle's previous generation M5 servers, these SMP systems use a silicon-switching network for terabyte-scale computing. Based on the new SPARC M6 processor, this is the fastest in-memory database machine available today. The Oracle M6-32 is also the core building block of the Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 engineered system, which Ellison also announced.
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20 Sep 2013
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Unpack Software-Defined Storage at OpenStorage Summit (@openstorage) [32921]
October 22-24, 2013; Santa Clara Convention Center; $100 Off Registration

This Summit, hosted by Nexenta, focuses on innovation developments in open-source storage-related solutions. There is an opportunity to network, explore innovations, cloud platforms, technical solutions and so much more. Individuals from companies leveraging open-source storage will present case studies, lessons learned, and financial impact.

Reasons to attend:

  • Hear how cloud service providers are using open storage at scale

  • Pick the brain of an expert - Hear subject-matter experts present in Sessions, lead Group Discussions and then meet them one-on-one to cover topics that relate specifically to your organization

  • Arm yourself with knowledge - Create your conference agenda from the conference sessions

  • Show and share - The Solutions Exchange is the perfect place to network, learn and explore the latest in infrastructure products, services and solutions for cloud services and data centers

  • Network, network, network - Meet, connect, and share your experiences with peers from across the industry

Two of the speakers on the agenda may be familiar, Matt Ahrens and George Wilson, from Delphix. They are giving a presentation on "OpenZFS: The Future of Open-Source ZFS Deployment".
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12 Sep 2013
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Oracle ZS3 Storage Appliances: Tier-1 Performance at Tier-3 Prices [32838]
A Wikibon Report

"On September 10, 2013 Oracle announced a major upgrade to its storage appliances by introducing the ZS3-2 and ZS3-4 products. Table 1 shows the summary data highlighting the major attributes of the systems. Wikibon has written in depth about the Oracle Storage Appliance, and concludes that the ZFS appliance is a true "flash-first" hybrid, allowing high continuous read and write rates with sustained low latency. Oracle continues to add functionality to this platform and as a result is expanding its use cases. Specifically, "sweet spot" applications for the solution span a widening spectrum suitable for high performance streaming workloads such as database backups, latency-sensitive data warehouse loading, use as an analytics file system and as a high-performance filer..."
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