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17 Mar 2015
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Software in Silicon Cloud for Developers Learning Stream [41418]
A new five-part video series is available on YouTube

Jshell writes, "A new five-part video series is available on YouTube that shows enterprise developers how to use the Oracle Software in Silicon Cloud to test their software and leverage the unique advantages of Software in Silicon technology. As you engage the different areas of your target accounts, keep the link above handy - getting developers to exploit Software in Silicon features (e.g., Application Data Integrity) will pay dividends in the future..."
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09 Mar 2015
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Going Beyond Big Data [41304]
A Conversation with Tara Robert

March is Influencer month on the Oracle Social Spotlight blog! Today's influencer is data guru Tara Roberts, Vice President of Oracle Data Cloud.

"Tara Roberts: Big data is meaningless unless businesses have a way to 1) extract important signals from the noise and 2) have the ability to 'act on' those insights to target, personalize and measure every customer interaction. The companies who win are the ones who are able to uniquely predict their customers' desires and intentions and to personalize, plan and react before their competitors can. The answer is to 'know more' with unique data insights, not just access to big data - which, as a standalone is more of a business challenge than an opportunity..."
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27 Feb 2015
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Is Mobile Over-hyped? [41043]
By David Dorf

David Dorf writes, "Don't get me wrong; I think mobile has and will continue to have a huge impact to the retail industry. It's just that sometimes we get swept up by the shinny new object and neglect the basics. Less than two years ago Marc Andreessen declared that stores were dead, yet they still typically represents more than 90% of a retailer's revenue. Investments may not track contributions exactly, and that's understandable. We just can't let the ratio get too out-of-sync. Put another way, a meal consists of main dishes and side dishes. If the chef neglects the side dishes the meal won't be ruined, but the converse is not true..."
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23 Feb 2015
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Introducing Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data! [41045]
By Madhu Nair

Madhu Nair writes, "Big data systems and big data analytics solutions are becoming critical components of modern information management architectures. Organizations realize that by combining structured transactional data with semi-structured and unstructured data they can realize the full potential value of their data assets, and achieve enhanced business insight. Businesses also notice that in today's fast-paced, digital business environment to be agile and respond with immediacy, access to data with low latency is essential. Low-latency transactional data brings additional value especially for dynamically changing operations that day-old data, structured or unstructured, cannot deliver..."
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16 Feb 2015
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How Big Data in Business Will Evolve in 2015 [40808]
seven key areas offer a wealth of opportunity

Mike Hallett writes, "Where should you focus your attention in 2015? According to Oracle's data experts, there are seven key areas that offer a wealth of opportunity this year. These are the strategies, capabilities, and approaches that will put the benefits of big data more in reach for enterprises that are prepared to take the advantage.

  • Corporate boardrooms will talk about data capital, not big data
  • Big data management will grow up
  • Companies will demand an SQL for all seasons.
  • Just-in-time transformation will transform extract, transform, and load (ETL).
  • Self-service discovery and visualization tools will come to big data.
  • Security and governance will increase big data innovation.
  • Production workloads will blend cloud and on-premise capabilities.

For a look at Proven Business Value from Big Data Case Studies and how companies are using big data to improve operations and enhance customer experience, check out these stories..."
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13 Feb 2015
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Mark Hurd: 40% of US workforce can retire in 8 years. Is your HR ready? [40809]
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd shares his thoughts on the ever-evolving digital landscape

"We all know that the demographic of the global workforce is changing but do you realize how fast? As Oracle CEO Mark Hurd points out, in an Oracle Profit Magazine interview this month, 'In the next eight years, 40 percent of everybody working in the US can retire. And the implications of that - swapping out 40 percent of the workforce - will shake up the workplace in some radical ways.'

That potential disruption could be as catastrophic as a bad line change in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It begs the question, is your HR department ready?..."
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