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24 Mar 2017
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Implementing Chatbots [61833]
By Carlos Chang

Carlos blogs, "Per my previous post on Artificial Intelligence, this topic is nothing less than fascinating!

Oracle has been making strong moves into the world of intelligent chatbots, its impact with consumers, within the enterprise ecosystem and specifically, what it takes to successfully implement them. At the recent QCon London 2017, Lyudmil Pelov, Lead Architect with the Oracle A-Team, had a great talk titled: Implementing Your Own Chatbot Platform! I know, that's the past, but you can check out the slides posted on SlideShare..."
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16 Mar 2017
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Oracle Helps Veterans Transition to Corporate Careers [61622]
By Rick O'Herron

Rick writes, "Oracle CEO Mark Hurd spoke last week to an audience of 30 veterans about the challenges in global IT and about Oracle's insatiable need for talent and leadership. He was followed by a panel of Oracle employees who are military veterans, who shared their experiences transitioning from the military to corporate life at Oracle.

The event was organized with BreakLine, an education and employment company that helps military veterans build careers in the private sector, including veterans looking to pivot into technology..."
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24 Feb 2017
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Oracle Magazine [60960]
January - February 2017

Oracle publishes a bi-monthly magazine. The sections are:

  • Features
  • Departments
  • Technology & Comment Sections

The features include:

  • Open for Developers By Alexandra Weber Morales
  • Personal Development By Alexandra Weber Morales
  • Cloud-Native Delivers By Alexandra Weber Morales
  • Engineer Assembles Developer Dream Team By Alexandra Weber Morales

Oracle Magazine January - February 2017
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22 Feb 2017
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Artificial Intelligence Shows Promise As Clinical Development Tool [60966]
By Srinivas Karri, February 22nd, 2017

Srinivas writes in Forbes, "During a typical day, we use a variety of applications that, by virtue of their artificial intelligence, automatically understand our speech and provide near-real-time feedback to support decision-making. Think Siri. But is machine learning, one of a number of AI techniques, ready for clinical applications, specifically to accelerate drug development and/or reduce development costs?

First, some context. Machine learning encompasses a variety of algorithmic techniques that clinical drug developers can use to identify and infer patterns to support enhanced/automated decision-making. One such technique is Natural Language Processing, which can be used to 'read' scientific text and infer its semantic context in order to search and find information more easily..."
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16 Feb 2017
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New ORACLE TEAM USA Boat An Engineering Marvel, Data Machine [60729]
By Rob Preston

ORACLE TEAM USA has unveiled the sailing machine it will take into its defense of the America's Cup this coming June: a sleek, aerodynamically sculpted foiling catamaran that is both a work of modern art and an engineering marvel.

Adhering to the new specs of this year's competition, the new and improved yacht, unveiled Tuesday evening at ORACLE TEAM USA's base here, is 15 meters (49.21 feet) long and weighs 2,400 kilograms (5,291 pounds). Those dimensions make it considerably shorter and lighter than the 72-foot colossus ORACLE TEAM USA sailed to a historic come-from-behind 9-8 victory over Emirates Team New Zealand in the last America's Cup competition, on San Francisco Bay in September 2013.
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15 Feb 2017
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GE Digital: Beyond A 'Cartoonish Version' Of The Internet Of Things [60730]
By Rob Preston

Rob writes, "No blue chip company has embraced the Internet of Things more aggressively than industrial giant GE. The company's software-endowed wind turbines, medical imaging systems, lighting fixtures, appliances, jet engines, locomotives, and other internet-connected 'things' now generate reams of data, which GE and its customers analyze to improve system uptime, cut costs, and deliver a variety of other business outcomes.

For example, by using software developed on GE's Predix operating system to collect and analyze the terabytes of data generated by a jet engine every flight, the maintenance crews of GE's airline customers can determine when to replace a component before it malfunctions, avoiding costly unscheduled downtime. To put that opportunity into context, GE estimates that 41% of flight cancellations or delays are caused by mechanical failure. How much would it be worth to an airline to eliminate such failures?..."
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