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06 Feb 2017
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The Briefing Room: Oracle Data Integration Solutions & Big Data [60516]
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 4pm Eastern Time

Sandrine blogs, "Join Oracle Data Integration's Jeff Pollock in The Briefing Room for a radio broadcast on February 28 at 4pm Eastern Time!

  • Power of the Platform: How to Fast-Track the Value of Big Data
  • Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 4pm Eastern Time

Big Data offers big advantages, but getting to the starting line can be problematic. Many projects run into hurdles just trying to access and load the data that will fuel key insights. There is a significant impedance mismatch between traditional data practices and the new systems that manage Big Data. But under the covers, many of the same principles still apply, including the importance of a metadata-driven approach to help navigate the complexity of Big Data technologies. Oracle's de-coupling of logical design and physical implementation layers greatly facilitates the rapid orchestration of Big Data solutions that provide business value..."
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29 Dec 2016
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Innovation To Grow. Insight To Control: Oracle Cloud Day [59328]
By Oracle, December 29th, 2016

Oracle says, "This year we will showcase how unprecedented levels of insight gained from data are creating entirely new business categories. We will also explore how business leaders are taking advantage of the economics of information and connections to power business growth.

Save the date and let us update you on our latest cloud capabilities, share with you our customer case studies and find out how your cloud strategy is developing...

Click on your city link to register, or save the date in your calendar until registration is open..."
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28 Dec 2016
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Modular And Reusable Java EE Architecture With Docker [59329]
By Bruno Souza, Elder Moraes, and Andre Carvalho, December 28th, 2016

Bruno et. al writes, "Learn a simple process for using Docker containers to provide all the services a Java EE application requires. Can you easily replicate all the services your Java EE application needs to run? Every Java EE application needs many services: databases, message queues, NoSQL services, authentication, user management, and much more. We run some of those services inside the application server during development and small deployments. But once we grow and scale our infrastructure, we need to separate each service in its own environment. That's when things get complex..."
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01 Dec 2016
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Training Thursdays: HugePages, Crucial for Faster Oracle Database Performance [58638]
By Antoinette O'Sullivan, December 1st, 2016

Antoinette blogs, "HugePages allow larger pages to manage memory, provide faster overall memory performance and decrease page table overhead, making them crucial for faster Oracle database performance. You can use HugePages in both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations since release 2.6 of the Linux kernel.

To learn more about HugePages and many more topics, take the Oracle Linux 7: System Administration course. You can take this course in the following formats:..."
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28 Nov 2016
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Path to Open Cloud Events in North America [58639]
By Zeynep Koc, November 28th, 2016

Zeynep writes, "Oracle can help you improve your private cloud architecture while lowering your risk and cost of getting to the public cloud.

Are you migrating your mission critical workloads to the cloud? Oracle's already done it and Oracle drinks its own champagne! In other words, while lots of cloud vendors offer solutions that they want customers to buy, very few of them run their entire business in the cloud. Oracle runs a $37 billion organization, with 115,000 employees, supporting over 420,000 customers in 145 countries in the cloud..."
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22 Nov 2016
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Top 9 Tips for building a production-ready MySQL Replication environment (Webinar, Dec 9th) [58453]
By Severalnines, November 22nd 2016

Krzysztof blogs, "Join us on Tuesday, December 6th, for our last webinar of the year. Krzysztof Książek, Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines, will be sharing his top 9 tips on how to best build a production-ready MySQL Replication environment.

MySQL replication is a well known and proven solution for building distributed setups of databases, and it has gone through a total transformation with version 5.6 and more recently, 5.7. Although straight-forward to deploy, a production-ready setup requires a bit of planning and preparation. What does a good replication configuration look like? How do you ensure performance? What do you do when a topology is broken, and replication will not restart? How to perform schema changes?..."
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