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05 Oct 2011
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Oracle Solaris 11 Full-feature Preview Available to Gold Level Members [24695]
GA Release Planned for November 2011

Fully a month ahead of its scheduled November 2011 release, Oracle presented detailed information on Solaris 11 at Oracle OpenWorld. The key features of Oracle Solaris 11 include:

  • Built-in virtualization
  • Built-in data services
  • New software provisioning and maintenance infrastructure
  • End-to-end security for data asset protection, hardened OS startup and secure system access
  • Maximum performance and scale
  • Increased Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and Java-based application performance, availability, security and manageability

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26 Sep 2011
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HP-UX to Oracle Solaris Porting Guide [24663]
Oracle White Paper Argues that Porting HP-UX to Solaris Is Both Logical and Operationally Sound

In 111 pages, "HP-UX to Oracle Solaris Porting Guide," an Oracle white paper, treats the subject in exhaustive detail, filling a growing need as the future of HP-UX becomes increasingly uncertain. With ISVs offering diminishing support to HP-UX 11i -- an even more threatening situation to those users running on Intel Itanium processors -- porting to the Oracle Solaris OS presents itself as a logical solution. The white paper adds the consideration that source code compatibility between platforms ensures applications ported to SPARC systems can be recompiled easily on x86 systems and vice versa.
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21 Sep 2011
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Simplified Installation and Cloud Provisioning with Oracle Solaris 11 [24621]
Result Is Lowered Up-front and Ongoing Deployment Costs

Oracle has developed Solaris 11 with simplification and modernization of installation as one of the key areas of focus and the lowering of up-front and ongoing costs of deploying Oracle Solaris-based systems and software stacks as one of the principal goals. A few of the benefits of these new Oracle Solaris installation technologies are:

  • Improvement for the cloud-driven software lifecycle process
  • Reduced complexity resulting from enterprise-scale flexibility features in the product
  • Unified design that supports various installation options
  • Enabled end-users able to take advantage of modern network protocols and architectures with WAN-based network and file-based software repositories
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19 Sep 2011
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Oracle Releases Solaris 10 8/11 with New ZFS Capabilities [24587]
Additional Hardware Support, Performance Enhancements

Newly released Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 provides enhancements to Oracle Solaris ZFS and Oracle Solaris install technologies, advanced support for the latest SPARC and x86 systems and Oracle Database 11g performance improvements. The Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 update includes new features, fixes and hardware support, in an easy-to-install manner and preserves the Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee Program to guarantee binary compatibility with older Oracle Solaris releases.
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15 Sep 2011
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Solaris 11 Available for Early Adopters [24582]
Be Among the First to Download

An update to Oracle Solaris 11 Express that contains all the features expected to be part of Solaris 11 is now available to download on the Oracle Tech Network, blogger Constantin Gonzalez writes. Users will need to accept the special OTN Early Adopter License and join the OTN program, according to Gonzalez, who writes that the release notes cover known issues, numerous ways of installation, and a list of obsolete packages and new packages since Solaris 11 Express 2010.11.
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12 Sep 2011
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With Project Crossbow, Creating an IPMP Group on Solaris 11 Is Simple [24548]
imadm Makes It all Happen Without the Old Headaches

Among the many useful networking features available in Project Crossbow is the capability to create IP multipath groups with a single new command -- ipadm -- that eliminates the fuss and bother that was once involved in setting up IPMP. Blogger unixben alerts users to this feature in his blog, where he adds the comment that, if you felt there was no compelling reason to upgrade to Solaris 11, Project Crossbow changes all that.
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