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Archived Solaris Articles
04 Oct 2013
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The Best x86 Platforms for Oracle Solaris [33100]
Oracle x86 Systems

With adoption in over 50,000 businesses and institutions, Oracle Solaris has clearly established itself as the world leader in UNIX-based operating systems. Oracle Solaris includes many unique and innovative technologies that are not commonly available in other operating systems, such as Oracle Solaris ZFS, Dynamic Tracing (DTrace), predictive fault detection, built-in virtualization, and advanced security.

As a result of a broad strategic alliance between Oracle and Intel, Oracle Solaris has become widely deployed on Intel-based x86 systems from a variety of different hardware vendors. Intel has embraced Oracle Solaris as a mainstream UNIX operating system for enterprise-class, mission-critical systems based on Intel Xeon processors.
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01 Oct 2013
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Impressions from Oracle Open World 2013 [33010]
By Markus Flierl

"4 days of Oracle Open World are over now..., I've had a super-busy week with over 2 dozen customer meetings and 1/2 dozen analyst meetings, not to mention partners and internal colleagues. Oracle Open World is by far my most productive week of the year and I thrive on that! The best summary of the last week is what I heard from one of the analysts from a major analyst firm: 'We are seeing the Renaissance of SPARC and Solaris'.

It all started on Sunday with a customer advisory board in the San Francisco office. Some of my technical leads and I spent 1/2 day with key customers reviewing our key investments and getting their feedback on those. One of the customers gave a talk on their self-provisioning IaaS and PaaS cloud taking advantage of the latest S11 features. They are using a combination of Solaris zones as well as OVM SPARC in order to achieve super-high compression rates and drive the cost/VM well below what they can get with RHEL and VMWare on x86 hardware. Not to mention all of the other benefits of Solaris like higher up-time, security, super-efficient patching etc..."
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02 Sep 2013
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So, what makes Solaris Zones so cool? [32746]
Karoly Vegh Provides 10 Reasons

Karoly Vegh writes, "This post is about the third option, a container technology built right into Solaris: Solaris Zones. They are pretty awesome, especially on Solaris 11 - they're like vacation: once you go Zones, you won't want to leave them :) But what exactly makes Zones so cool?

There are a number of reasons, allow me to list my favourite top 10:..."

  • Solaris Zones are performance overheadless
  • Resource Management
  • the Golden Image cloning
  • Zone independence
  • Branded Zones
  • Cluster integration
  • Immutable Zones
  • Exclusive IP stack with VNICs
  • zonestat
  • Per-zone fstype statistics

Read on for details.
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26 Aug 2013
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Upgrading to Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 using Solaris 11.1 [32462]
By Jeff Savit

Jeff Savit says his "previous blog entry described new features in Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1, and I commented that it was "really easy" to upgrade. In this blog I'll show the actual steps used to do the upgrade.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 is delivered in Solaris 11.1 SRU 10.5, and includes device driver improvements used in service domains and guests, so the primary task is to update each domain to the new SRU..."
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15 Aug 2013
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Exploring Installation Options and User Roles [32349]
by Alexandre Borges

Alexandre writes that this is ,"Part 1 of a two-part series that describes how I installed Oracle Solaris 11 and explored its new packaging system and the way it handles roles, networking, and services. This article focuses first on exploring Oracle Solaris 11 without the need to install it, and then actually installing it on your system...

In this article, my approach will be to show you how you can explore Oracle Solaris 11 before (or instead of) installing it. Then, I help you install it, and I will describe the Oracle Solaris 11 desktop, how to use the root role, and how to get some basic information about the system.

In Part 2 of this series, I will explain several of the important features of Oracle Solaris 11, such as networking features, the Service Management Facility, and the Image Packaging System.

Along the way, I will also share a bit about my experience installing, configuring, and administering Oracle Solaris 11 and what kind of problems I faced when I tried to use it..."
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26 Jul 2013
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Video: Oracle Solaris 11 for ISVs [31964]
Why Port to Solaris 11?

Why certify your application on Oracle Solaris 11? John Shell, Sr. Director of Partner Enablement, invites Mike Mulkey, Sr. Manager of Solaris Partner Adoption, to understand the value to ISVs of certifying their applications on Oracle Solaris 11.
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