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29 Nov 2012
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Oracle Solaris 11.1 Blog Post Roundup [28670]
Posts by Many Hands

The release of Oracle Solaris 11.1 has prompted numerous posts, some of which have been collected by Larry Wake, including such bloggers as Darren Moffat, Glynn Foster, Alan Coopersmith, Karoly Vegh, Tim Foster, Bart Smaalders, and Peter Dennis, whose contributions extend from "What's New in Solaris 11.1?" through "Solaris 11.1: Changes to included FOSS packages," to "IPS changes in Solaris 11.1, brought to you by the letter P."] Wake provides links to each of his selections and a link to Markus Weber's list of interesting posts about Oracle Solaris 11, as well as his own shortcut on searching for Solaris posts by tag.
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16 Nov 2012
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Three Webcasts on New Features in Oracle Solaris 11.1 [28487]
Covers News about Solaris Cluster 4.1 Innovations

Join Oracle executives Markus Flierl and Bill Nesheim for the first of three webcast sessions on all the new features to be found in Oracle Solaris 11.1. This session is entitled "Oracle Solaris 11 - Innovations for your data center." A second session features Ravi Thammaiah leading a technical discussion with Scott Michael and Edward Pilatowicz on "Oracle Solaris 11.1 Optimized for Oracle Database." Finally, Steve McKinty leads an in-depth technical discussion with Sekhar Lakkapragada on the latest innovations in Oracle Solaris Cluster entitled "Oracle Technical Session: Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1." Participants can question the Oracle Solaris developers. Registration and log-in are required.
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12 Nov 2012
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How to Update to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Using the Image Packaging System [28402]
Procedures for Both the Solaris Release Repository and the Solaris Support Repository

Readers intending to update to Oracle Solaris 11.1 will find a useful resource in Peter Dennis's post on using the Image Packaging System for that operation. His how-to includes detailed instructions for using both the Oracle Solaris Release Repository and the Oracle Solaris Support Repository. As an additional feature of his post, Dennis includes a list of the bug fixes that have been addressed in SRU#12.4 but will not have been addressed in Oracle Solaris 11.1 until SRU#1.
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09 Nov 2012
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'Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration: The Complete Reference' [28398]
Co-author Harry Foxwell Discusses the New Title for SysAdmins

Harry Foxwell, co-author of "Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration: The Complete Reference" (the others are Michael Jang, Christine Tran and Alan Formy-Duval) discusses the book in a video announced in a post by Glynn Foster. The book itself leads readers to the ability to manage a highly scalable, cloud-based computing platform and deliver unmatched performance levels at every layer of the IT stack. The book also shows how to deploy Solaris from scratch and provides up-to-date details on installation options, device configuration, virtualization techniques, network security, file encryption, and Web services. NFS, Samba, and Apache are fully covered in this Oracle Press guide.
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08 Nov 2012
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Clustering Basics and Challenges: A Primer [28395]
Post on Clustering Installation Is Promised

Providing working definitions of clustering, cluster agents, quorums, voting, fencing, and split brain condition was the aim of Karoly Vegh in writing his blog post entitled "Clustering Basics and Challenges." His post includes discussion of the following aspects of clustering:

  • Cluster, HA, failover, switchover, scalability
  • Cluster architecture, interconnect, topologies
  • Cluster resource types, agents, resources, resource groups
  • Voting, Quorum, Split Brain Condition, Fencing, Amnesia

Vegh promises a future post on cluster installation.
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03 Nov 2012
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Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Now Availabile [28308]
Includes Virtual Cluster Capabilities, Expanded and Faster Disaster and Application Recovery Features

Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 is available with the following new features:

  • New Oracle Solaris 10 Zone Clusters: customers can now consolidate mission critical Oracle Solaris 10 applications on Oracle Solaris 11 virtualized systems in a virtual cluster

  • Expanded disaster recovery operations: Oracle Solaris Cluster now offers managed switchover and disaster-recovery takeover of applications and data using ZFS Storage Appliance replication services in a multi-site, multi-cluster configuration

  • Faster application recovery with improved storage failure detection and resource dependencies management

  • New labeled security environment for mission-critical deployments in Oracle Solaris Zone Clusters with Oracle Solaris 11 Trusted Extensions
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