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Archived Solaris Articles
29 Nov 2013
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Presentations from Solaris Day, Nov 27th, Moscow [33800]
Oracle Solaris Overview and Roadmap, Consolidation Tools, Optimization Tools

Frederic Pariente writes, "Thanks for attending the Moscow Solaris Day on Wednesday! I am posting here presentations from the event, as promised. I am also pointing you to the Oracle OpenWorld 2013 keynote presentations from John Fowler and Markus Flierl, for further reading on Solaris Sparc roadmap, and to the dimSTAT tool, if you are looking for a powerful monitoring solution for Solaris systems."

  • Oracle Solaris Overview and Roadmap
  • Solaris 11 Consolidation Tools
  • Oracle Solaris Optimization Tools

Read on for links to the presentations.
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25 Nov 2013
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Oracle Solaris 11 in the Cloud [33801]
Hands-On Labs of the System Admin and Developer Community of OTN

This lab demonstrates how Oracle Solaris can provide the best cloud environment by setting up a multilayer application environment, effectively creating a "cloud in a box."

  • Lab Introduction
  • Prerequisites
  • The Environment
  • Lab Outline
  • Lab Goals
  • Exercise 1: Configuring the System and Setting Up the Network
  • Exercise 2: Configuring the Storage Layer
  • Exercise 3: Configuring the Web Layer
  • Exercise 4: Configuring the Database Layer
  • Exercise 5: Configuring the WordPress Application
  • Exercise 6: Monitoring Zones
  • Exercise 7: Performing Resource Management
  • Exercise 8: Ensuring Availability
  • Exercise 9: Securing the Environment
  • Conclusion
  • For the Adventurous

Read on for details.
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21 Nov 2013
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How to Limit Upgrades Beyond a Prescribed Version of Oracle Solaris [33716]
by Bart Smaalders and Alta Elstad

An article by Bart Smaalders and Alta Elstad begins, "The Oracle Solaris 11 Image Packaging System (IPS) provides various methods to control the operating system version to which a server can be upgraded. One method is to provide a custom incorporation package.

An incorporation package specifies the versions of other packages that can be installed. An incorporation package ensures that if you install an incorporate dependency package of that incorporation package, only the prescribed version of the dependent package can be installed. You can create your own custom incorporation package to specify the constraints you want. Using a custom incorporation to control the version of software that can be installed enables you to easily maintain different versions of Oracle Solaris on different machines without maintaining multiple package repositories. Each image can install a different version of the custom upgrade control incorporation package. All systems share the same package repository that contains all versions of software needed by any of the systems.

In the example in this article, a system has been newly installed with Oracle Solaris 11.1. The solaris publisher origin is the Oracle Solaris support repository, which includes many updates since Oracle Solaris 11.1 was released. The IT department in the example company has not yet qualified the most current support updates, and they want to limit administrators to upgrading to only the latest update that is qualified for their environments, not the latest update that is available from the package repository..."
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12 Nov 2013
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Focus on Oracle Solaris [33641]
Solaris Sessions from Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Solaris talks from Oracle OpenWorld 2013:

General Sessions

  • Oracle Solaris Strategy, Engineering Insights, and Roadmap
  • What's New with Oracle Engineered Systems


  • Building an Ultrafast, Scalable, Multithreaded, Multiprocess Server
  • Best Practices for Maintaining and Upgrading Oracle Solaris
  • Customer Panel: Oracle Solaris in Action
  • Getting Unbeatable App Performance on SPARC Enterprise M-Series and SPARC T-Series Servers
  • Why Oracle Solaris Is the Best UNIX for Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic
  • How to Set Up a Public Key Infrastructure for Secure Shell and PuTTY
  • Why Oracle Fusion Middleware Runs Best on Oracle Solaris
  • Oracle Solaris Panel: Insights and Directions from Oracle Solaris Engineering
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Best Practices for Software Lifecycle Management
  • ISV Panel: Oracle Solaris and ISV Insights
  • Ten Key Solaris Zones Differentiators Enhancing Cloud Platforms
  • Consolidate Databases and Provide Dynamic Quality of Services
  • Compliance and Security: Least Complexity, Lowest Risk with Oracle Solaris

See the website for links to talks and/or slides.
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04 Nov 2013
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Overview of Process Scheduling Classes in the Oracle Solaris Kernel [33548]
by Brian Bream

Brian Bream writes, "The Oracle Solaris kernel has a number of process scheduling classes available.

Timesharing (TS) This is the default class for processes and their associated kernel threads. Priorities in the class are dynamically adjusted based upon CPU utilization in an attempt to allocate processor resources evenly.

Interactive (IA) This is an enhanced version of TS. Some texts reference this in conjunction with TS, i.e. TS/IA. This class applies to the in-focus window in the GUI. It provides extra resources to processes associated with that specific window.

Fair Share Scheduler (FSS) This class is 'share based' rather than priority based. The threads associated with this class are scheduled based on the associated shares assigned to them and the processor's utilization..."
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28 Oct 2013
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Oracle Solaris Cluster October 2013 [33460]
New qualifications and general news for the Oracle Solaris Cluster product

Oracle has announced new qualifications and general news for the Oracle Solaris Cluster product.

Hardware Qualifications

  • Sun Server X4-2 and X4-2L servers, Sun Blade X4-2B server module with Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3
  • Sun Storage 16 Gb Fibre Channel ExpressModule Universal HBA, Emulex
  • Oracle Dual Port QDR InfiniBand Adapter M3

Software Qualifications

  • Oracle Database 12c Real Application Cluster with Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1
  • Oracle Database single instance and RAC with Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1
  • Oracle VM server for SPARC 3.1
  • SAP Netweaver with new kernel versions
  • ZFS Storage Appliance Kit version 2011.1.7.0 and 2013.1.0.0
  • Application monitoring in Oracle VM for SPARC failover guest domain Storage Partner Update

  • Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 with the HDS Enterprise Storage arrays
  • EMC SRDF for Oracle database 12c RAC in Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 geo cluster configuration

See the Oracle Solaris Cluster for details.
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