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Archived Solaris Articles
10 Mar 2014
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Oracle Solaris Binary Guarantee Program [35283]
Extended to the end of 2016

Oracle ISV Engineering blogs, "For the first entry in a long time, which will mark a new lease in the life of this blog, we would like to share an important and very good news for all Solaris developers: The Oracle Solaris Binary Guarantee program has been extended to the end of 2016.

Oracle Solaris has offered a binary application guarantee covering Solaris releases for more than a decade. A source code guarantee is also offered assuring developers that what they develop for SPARC will also compile and run on x86, and vice versa..."
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25 Feb 2014
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Simplify your Migration from AIX to Solaris [35073]
By Roy Swonger

There is a brand new white paper available that will be of interest to anybody contemplating a database and/or application migration from AIX to Solaris.

Simplify the Migration of Oracle Database and Oracle Applications from AIX to Oracle Solaris gives a good description of the steps involved in planning and executing a migration project, along with the benefits you can expect to achieve and a solid example of migration using Oracle Data Pump, complete with scripted steps.

Of course, if your migration will include moving up to Oracle Database 12c, don't forget to sign up for Mike's webcast on February 26!
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06 Feb 2014
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Oracle Solaris, Pluribus Networks and OpenStack [34771]
By Larry Wake

Larry writes, "It's been a newsworthy week for Sun alumni -- first the word that Satya Nadella, who came to Microsoft from Sun, will be their new CEO, and now some interesting new technologies and other announcements from Pluribus Networks, a company founded by a few ex-Sun folk.

The Oracle Solaris news here is the agreement between Oracle and Pluribus, following Oracle Solaris 11's certification on Pluribus' Freedom Server-Switch platform. Oracle and Pluribus have announced they will be working to further integrate OpenStack management capabilities, allowing Oracle Solaris 11 compute nodes to be managed via OpenStack's Nova plug-in. This will also bring in Oracle's storage systems such as the ZS3 series, allowing them to be managed via OpenStack Cinder..."
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25 Jan 2014
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How to Identify Solaris Processor Cores [34581]

Lingeswaran R writes,"For hardware inventory, we may need to provide the Processor details like number installed physical processors , number core per processor on Solaris SPARC and X86 system.

SunMicro system doesn't make any complication to identify the CPU information on Solaris Operating system.To list the physical processor and core,we have the binary called "prsinfo" to pull the information. We can also look at the prtidag command to identify number of physical processors and cores. Here we will see some examples..."
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13 Jan 2014
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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Database Performance from Oracle Solaris Systems [34488]
Presentation Available

Oracle Solaris systems running Oracle Database are ideal for mission-critical database applications requiring high performance, best-in-class availability, and unmatched scalability. This session provides an overview of Oracle Solaris servers' unique capabilities and how to optimize your configuration for the best-possible performance. It presents tuning tips for reliable performance in a consolidated environment as well as insights into tighter integration of Oracle's SPARC hardware and software, which leads to optimal performance.
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30 Dec 2013
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Five Solaris Presentations from Oracle Week 2013 [34220]
Topics: Clouds, DevOps, Advanced Resource Management, DTrace, Hadoop

Orgad Kimchi reports that the recent "Oracle week 2013" was the largest paid IT event in Israel with 140 technical seminars and 1800 participants.

Further, "Oracle ISV Enginerring ran two seminars Built for Cloud: Virtualization Use Cases and Technologies in Oracle Solaris 11 with two Oracle partners Grigale and 4NET Plus and Hadoop Cluster Installation and Administration - Hands on Workshop

I am posting here presentations and link to the Hadoop hands-on lab, for further reading on Hadoop and Oracle Solaris:..."

Read on for details.
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