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26 Oct 2012
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Download Oracle Solaris 11.1 [28191]
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Oracle Solaris 11.1 is in GA and available for download, Oracle has announced, bring such improvements as the following:

  • 8x faster database startup and shutdown and online resizing of the database SGA with a new optimized shared memory interface between the database and Oracle Solaris 11.1
  • Up to 20% throughput increases for Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Expanded support for Software Defined Networks (SDN) with Edge Virtual Bridging enhancements
  • 4x faster Solaris Zone updates with parallel operations shorten maintenance windows
  • New built-in memory predictor monitors application memory use and provides optimized memory page sizes and resource location

Existing customers can quickly and simply update using the network based repository.
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22 Oct 2012
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IDC White Paper Finds Growing Customer Comfort with Oracle Solaris Operating System [28183]
Integrated, Optimized Solutions for the SPARC and x86 Systems Are Proving Attractive

With a demonstrated commitment to the Solaris OS on both SPARC and x86 systems, and to Linux on x86, Oracle is clearly gaining the confidence of IT customers that the company is prepared to assist users to more fully implement its deep bench of software products, integrated and optimized with Oracle hardware, to run in enterprise applications, conclude Gary Chen and Al Gillen of IDC in their white paper "Oracle Delivers Unique Value with Oracle Solaris." The authors cite the increased level of consumer comfort vis-a-vis Oracle Solaris and competitive Unix solutions revealed in IDC's 2012 Server Platform Migration Multiclient Study.
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18 Oct 2012
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Oracle Solaris Videos on YouTube [28091]
Get the Picture; It's Free

There are 23 videos on YouTube dealing with a number of Oracle subjects ranging from Conor Nolan's three presentations on ZFS boot environments, branded zones on Solaris 11, and ipkg zones and beadm on zones. Others include several Oracle executives presenting overviews of the company's plans for its various offerings; Glenn Brunette on Oracle SPARC Supercluster data protection; the Geek Fest discussion of the T4 and T5 SPARC processor design; Oracle Solaris 11 zone provisioning with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center; the two-part video on moving from Solaris JumpStart to Automated Installer ... the list grows weekly. Check out this accessible, free resource.
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03 Oct 2012
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Oracle Solaris 11.1 [27910]
Best Performance, Availability and I/O Throughput of any UNIX Platform Running Oracle Database

Oracle Solaris is now available in version 11.1, which features the newest round of enhancements for the latest database technology, delivering the best performance, availability and I/O throughput of any UNIX platform used to run the Oracle Database. Improvements include:

  • Oracle Real Application Clusters lock latency improved by 17%
  • Ability to resize the Oracle Database SGA without a reboot
  • Use DTrace to observe and understand database I/O bottlenecks
  • Send system audit results to the Oracle Audit Vault to simplify compliance reporting
  • Create compliance reports quickly to meet auditor requirements with OpenSCAP
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20 Sep 2012
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Automating the Installation and Setup of Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 [27722]
Using the Automated Installer in Oracle Solaris 11

Lucia Lai has written a procedure that leverages the Solaris 11 Automated Installer (AI) to automate the installation and configuration of an Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 cluster. The AI enables the installation of both Oracle Solaris 11 and the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 packages onto the cluster nodes directly from Image Packaging System (IPS) repositories, and the nodes are booted into a new cluster with minimum user intervention. Only cluster nodes that use IPv4 addressing can be configured using the automated installation method. Nodes that use IPv6 addressing must be installed using the standard (manual) IPS installation method.
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06 Sep 2012
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'Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration: The Complete Reference' [27522]
First Solaris 11 Book now Available for Readers

"Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration: The Complete Reference," a book written by Michael Jang, Harry Foxwell, Christine Tran and Alan Formy-Duval for Solaris admins, Linux admins and developers, and even those somewhat unfamiliar with UNIX, is now available. Co-author Foxwell explains that the book covers the Oracle Solaris 11 11/11 release. Content is not expected to change much as a result of the next Solaris 11 release. Foxwell also writes that the book complements the extensive Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library, and covers the main system administration topics of installation, configuration, and management.
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