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25 Aug 2014
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How to Get the Best Performance from Oracle VM Server for SPARC [38031]
by Jon Anderson, Pradhap Devarajan, Darrin Johnson, Narayana Janga, Raghuram Kothakota, Justin Hatch, Ravi Nallan, and Jeff Savit

This article presents a set of best practices which can be used to improve virtual networking performance on Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

Please note that the configuration and setup of Logical Domains (LDOMs) is beyond the scope of this document except in the specific context of virtual network performance. The information included here is intended as a companion, not a replacement, for the official Oracle VM Server for SPARC documentation and hardware-specific documentation...
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30 Jul 2014
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Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 Sets World Record on SPC-2/E Benchmark [37585]
New World Record Demonstrates Customers Can Maximize Storage Performance and Data Center Budget Simultaneously with Oracle ZS3 Series

Recently Oracle published a new SPC-2/E world record benchmark for the ZS3-2 storage platform demonstrating, once again, that the Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 offers customers excellent price/performance for high-throughput workloads such as data warehouse, business analytics and video on-demand applications.

The ZFS Storage ZS3-2 beats IBM DS8870 by 10x and HP P9500 by 7x on price/performance.

Oracle Press Release
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18 Jul 2014
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Infor LN on Oracle SPARC T5: 10X faster, 10X lower cost [37407]
Leading ERP System Scales on SPARC

Parnian Taidi writes, "The value any ERP system can deliver depends on real-world performance, not just theoretical capabilities. Infor and Oracle recently conducted joint performance tests using Infor LN on Oracle SPARC T-series servers with customer-based transaction mixes, at the Oracle Solution Center in Linlithgow, UK. The measured results were 10X faster than previous records and showed near-linear scaling in both 2-tier and 3-tier deployments.

Infor LN is a uniquely powerful ERP solution for complex manufacturing, optimized for distributed global operations and equipped with the tools to improve operational performance in manufacturing plants, across the supply chain, and throughout the aftermarket service business. Oracle's SPARC T-servers running Oracle Solaris 11 are cost-effective, highly efficient cloud infrastructure platforms optimized to accelerate enterprise applications, delivering extreme performance and outstanding virtualization capabilities in a compact design..."
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19 Jun 2014
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9 tools to help you with Java Performance Tuning [36988]
By Alex Marshall

"Previously I wrote an article about 5 tools to help you write better java code which helped to improve our code but also our productivity," writes Alex Marshall. "At IDR Solutions we are always looking at ways to improve our code and lately we have been looking at improving our java code in our PDF to HTML5 Converter and Java PDF Library and I noticed that recently one of the areas of focus as been on improving and Java Performance.

In this article I will be taking a look at 9 tools to help you with Java Performance Tuning, some are used by us at IDR Solutions and others that we may use for personal projects..."
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22 Apr 2014
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Parallel Java with Fork/Join on SPARC CMT [35939]
By Amit Hurvitz

"Java 7 Fork and Join allows an easy way to perform dividable work by executing parallel tasks on a single computing machine. This article introduced a fork/join example of counting occurrences of a word in all files/directories under a root directory. I thought to check how these forked threads scale on a T5-4 server. Oracle T5-4 server has 4 processors, each has 16 cores. CMT technology allows 8 threads contexts per core (each core includes two out-of-order integer pipelines, one floating-point unit, level 1 and 2 caches, full specs here).

It took 1131.29 seconds for a single thread to process a root directory with 1024 files, 1.25MB each. Doing the same work with Java fork/join (available from Java 7), increasing "parallelism level" - using the Java fork/join pool terminology - up to 2048, took 7.74 seconds!..."
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28 Mar 2014
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Best Practices - Top Ten Tuning Tips Updated [35605]
By Jeff Savit

Oracle VM Server for SPARC is a high performance virtualization technology for SPARC servers. It provides native CPU performance without the virtualization overhead typical of hypervisors. The way memory and CPU resources are assigned to domains avoids problems often seen in other virtual machine environments, and there are intentionally few "tuning knobs" to adjust.

However, there are best practices that can enhance or ensure performance. This blog post lists and briefly explains performance tips and best practices that should be used in most environments. Detailed instructions are in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Administration Guide...
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