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22 Apr 2013
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Oracle Virtual Networking Newly Announced [30428]
Simplifies Complex Data Center Deployments

Oracle has just announced Oracle Virtual Networking, an architecture data center fabric that simplifies complex data center deployments with a wire-once solution and simple software-defined network configurations. Oracle Virtual Networking offers the industry’s fastest data center fabric with up to 80 Gigabytes (Gb)/sec bandwidth to the server and supports Oracle’s SPARC T5, T4 and M5 servers and Oracle Solaris 11 on SPARC and x86 platforms. Among the benefits users of Oracle Virtual Networking will enjoy are 4X improvements in application performance; a 70% reduction in infrastructure complexity; a 50% reduction in LAN and SAN capital expenditures; and a 19X acceleration of virtual machine migrations.
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02 Mar 2013
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How to: Build a Private Virtual Network with Zones in Solaris 11 [29973]
Networking with a 'Roll-your-own' Virtual Switch

Courtesy of User 13333379, readers are alerted to Stefan Schneider"s multi-part how-to on building a private virtual network with Solaris 11 Zones. Among the several tasks Schneider leads readers through are:

  • Creating a virtual switch (gbswitch0) inside your Solaris 11 servers
  • Creating virtual network interfaces which will be attached to the virtual switch
  • Creating zones which will use the virtual switch
  • Configuring the routing to keep all communication inside your Solaris server
  • Configuring a network address translation (NAT) which allow your internal zones to access external services like DNS
  • Configuring a reverse proxy for the public network interface.
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26 Dec 2012
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Increase Performance and Agility with Oracle's Data Center Fabric Solutions: Oracle Webcast [29076]
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If you missed the December 11, 2012, Oracle Webcast "Increase Performance and Agility with Oracle Data Center Fabric Solutions" with S.K. Vinod, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle Virtual Networking products, register to receive the on-demand link. Vinod shows viewers how the fast, simple, and agile architecture of Oracle Fabric Interconnect provides dynamic network and storage connectivity to thousands of servers. He demonstrates as well how to use Oracle Software Defined Network (SDN) to connect any resource on the data center fabric quickly—without incurring downtime or requiring network reconfiguration.
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30 Aug 2012
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Creating an Active/Active IPMP for Solaris 11 [27416]
Procedure Explains Network Auto Magic Service

User 20121221 blogs on how to create an active/active ipmp configuration with Solaris 11, in which automated network configuration is managed by a Solaris service called "nwam" or "Network Auto Magic". The nawm service is turned on by default, the post explains, and must be disabled before you make changes to the settings for static IP addresses. One must also employ the "default" physical networking service and be aware that this disables the ipv6 on the interfaces, which persists across reboots. The post notes that the ipadm command is the preferred tool to manage the configuration of the interfaces.
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30 May 2012
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Solaris 11 VNICs on SR-IOV Virtual Functions [26455]
Creating VNICs on Top of VF Devices for Bare-metal-like Performance

A post on Raghuram Kothakota's blog shows how, in three simple steps, one can configure a Virtual Function (VF) so that VNICs can be created on top of the VF device. This done, it becomes possible for an OVM Server for SPARC (aka LDoms) 2.2 to provide support for an SR-IOV VF that can be assigned to a Logical Domain. This VF will provide bare-metal-like performance, the post asserts, and then goes on to outline the three simple steps.
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23 May 2012
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How to Get Started Configuring Your Network in Oracle Solaris 11 [26377]
Changes bring a more consistent and integrated experience

With changes in implementation and the names of network interfaces and the commands and methods for administering and configuring them, the Oracle Solaris 11 network architecture is significantly different from previous releases of Oracle Solaris. Andrew Walton's article describes some of the new features for basic Oracle Solaris 11 network configuration and shows how to use them to add a new system to a simple but typical corporate network. His instructions cover both manual and automatic network configuration. Walton recommends that administrators use network configuration profiles to simplify complex configurations and apply them as a single unit of change.
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