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Archived NetBeans Articles
04 Jan 2015
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NetBeans: 8.0.1 Released with bunch of out-of-the-box tools [40292]
By Juergen Kress

"In every NetBeans release it provides out-of-the-box tools that leverage the java standards and other tools toward the web standards, alongside great popular market tools that increases developer daily productivity.

NetBeans editor analyzes code to work efficiently with great tips and refactoring templates for more clear and cleaner code, provides migration from other JDKs toward Java 8, and it works for Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, and Java ME Embedded 8..."
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01 Jan 2015
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NetBeans Top 5 Highlights of 2014 [40119]
By Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan writes, "It's been a great NetBeans year in 2014 and here are the highlights as I see them!

  • Release of NetBeans IDE 8.0, 8.0.1, and 8.0.2
  • Continually growing commitment and innovation around HTML5
  • Very successful JavaOne 2014 and more NetBeans Days
  • NetBeans Dream Team expansion
  • Books

Read on for details ...
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29 Dec 2014
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5 Reasons Why NetBeans Should be in Every Developer's Toolkit [40041]
YouTube Video By Mark Stephens

Mark Stephens has been working with Java since 1997. He is an Entrepreneur and software developer who setup IDRsolutions in 1999. IDRsolutions have a Java PDF library and a PDF to HTML5/SVG converter which are used by clients worldwide. He has an MSC degree in Computer Science and an MA in Mediaeval History and has a detailed knowledge of Byzantine and Ottoman History. So DevFest is his dream conference as he gets to combine both coding and mediaeval castles/cathedral and cisterns.

He writes, "If you have never heard of NetBeans, think that NetBeans is just a Java IDE, want to write better code, want to play with cool new technologies, or just want a better way to develop desktop applications quickly, this talk is for you.... I will give you a whistle stop tool of the multiple languages NetBeans supports, show you the built in examples and tools inside NetBeans for developing, testing and improving code, automating functions with netBeans, introduce you to the platform and show you how easy NetBeans makes it to build applications with very little code..."

Video on YouTube
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25 Nov 2014
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NetBeans Podcast 72 [39661]
Podcast Guests: Mark Stephens, Sylwia Kedzia, Nilay Yener, Emily Hall, Bruno Souza, Luke Mayell, and Adam Bien

  • 00:00 / Opening Chat with Mark Stephens from IDR Solutions
  • 03:25 / Sylwia Kędzia - Conversation with Nilay Yener, Co-organizer of GDG Istanbul
  • 14:25 / Emily Hall - Conversation with Bruno Souza, Open Source Advocate
  • 24:35 / Luke Mayell - Conversation with Adam Bien, Java EE Champion

Download mp3: 29 minutes (20 mb)
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17 Nov 2014
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NetBeans Podcast 71 [39389]
Guests: Mark Stephens, Ernest Duodu, Dorine Flies, Emily Hall, Ken Fogel, John Ceccarelli, Luke Mayell, and Johannes Weigend

  • 00:00 / Opening Chat with Mark Stephens from IDR Solutions
  • 02:47 / Ernest Duodu - Conversation with Dorine Flies, Co-ordinator of EPIK
  • 12:45 / Emily Hall - Conversation with Ken Fogel, Software Development Teacher in Canada
  • 16:50 / Emily Hall - Conversation with John Ceccarelli, Director of NetBeans Engineering
  • 23:40 / Luke Mayell - Conversation with Johannes Weigend, Software Architect at QAWare, Munich

Download mp3: 28 minutes - 22 mb
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06 Oct 2014
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Top 10 NetBeans Highlights at JavaOne 2014 [38718]
By Geertjan

Geertjan writes that he is, "Back home in Amsterdam again after a wild and crazy week at JavaOne 2014 in San Francisco. Off the top of my head, without too much thinking, here's what I consider to be, in no particular order, the top 10 of the cool things happening over the past week in the context of NetBeans IDE...

  • EPIK (Encouraging Programming in Kids)
  • Full Rooms Throughout NetBeans Day
  • James Gosling
  • NetBeans Teachers
  • IDR Solutions
  • Duke's Choice Award Winners
  • Oracle Partners
  • Reuniting With 'Old' Friends
  • "JavaFX Programming on the NetBeans Platform"
  • The Many Cool Ideas For Next Year!

And the list goes on and on. Anyway. It was awesome! Onwards to more awesomeness..."
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