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Archived IT - Encryption Articles
12 Jul 2017
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Q&A: The importance of encryption [64885]
ITProPortal, July 12th 2017

"Jerome Mohammed, Operations Director at Scentrics discusses encryption and its importance in the modern business...

1. What is encryption and why is it important?

Encryption is the process of making content unintelligible to anyone or any device without the proper keys to unlock that content. It is important because every time we use a device on the internet we leave a digital footprint that is accessible to those that either want to monetise this information and or those that wish us harm (e.g. terrorists, hackers etc). Encryption, if implemented the right way, puts you back in control over who you allow to view what information..."
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23 Jun 2017
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It's Time To Upgrade To TLS 1.3 Already, Says CDN Engineer [64447]
CSO Online, June 23rd 2017

"Businesses dragging their heels over rolling out TLS 1.2 on their website might have an excuse to delay a little longer: Version 1.3 of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption protocol will be finalized later this year, and early deployments of it are already under way.

TLS, the successor to SSL, is used to negotiate secure connections to web or mail servers, encrypting data on the move.

Six years in the making, TLS 1.2 added new, stronger encryption options -- but retained all the older, weaker encryption schemes that had gone before in the name of backward compatibility. Unfortunately, this meant that someone able to perform a man-in-the-middle attack could often downgrade connections to a weaker encryption system without the user being aware..."
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20 Jun 2017
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European MEPs Want To Ban States From Backdooring Encryption [64446]
TechCrunch, June 20th 2017

"The European parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) has put forward a proposal that would amend the EU's charter of fundamental rights to extend privacy rights to the digital realm and prevent governments of EU Member States from backdooring end-to-end encrypted services...

"This Regulation aims at ensuring an effective and equal protection of end-users when using functionally equivalent services, so as to ensure the protection of confidentiality, irrespective of the technological medium chosen," they write in the draft eprivacy proposal...
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06 Jun 2017
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Break Crypto To Monitor Jihadis In Real Time? Don't Be Ridiculous, Say Experts [64098]
The Register, June 6th 2017

"Calls by a former special advisor to ex UK Prime Minister David Cameron to allow the circumvention of end-to-end encryption to monitor terrorist suspects have come under fire from security experts.

Rohan Silva, government policy consultant turned co-founder at Shoreditch-based tech incubator/workspace startup Second Home, appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today programme (segment starts at 1:19.20; requires presence in the UK) to argue that law enforcement needed real time access to communications of those on the terrorist watch list.

The tech industry is 'not engaging' with policy makers and pushing end-to-end encryption for profit ('worries about customers switching elsewhere') rather than principle, according to Silva..."
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22 May 2017
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The Encryption Challenge [63714]
ITProPortal, May 22nd 2017

"There are many encryption challenges in the tech world today, particularly as the importance of encryption as a fundamental, rather than nice to have for data security, becomes the norm for businesses. An increasing number of organisations worldwide are adopting encryption to address the growing concerns of data safety and data privacy for compliance regulations..."
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15 May 2017
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How To Make Fully Homomorphic Encryption 'Practical And Usable' [63495]
Network World, May 15th 2017

"Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) for years has been a promising approach to protecting data while it's being computed on, but making it fast enough and easy enough to use has been a challenge.

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, which has been leading the Department of Defense's examination of this topic, recently awarded research and development firm Galois a $1M contract to explore ways to bring FHE to programmers..."
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