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04 Jun 2017
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Worst Nightmares Of Coders And Programmers [64056]
Science Daily, June 4th 2017

"Coding is one job that appears easier than it actually is. If you are a coder, you've definitely had someone tell you how easy your job is. However, only a real programmer knows the blood and sweat that goes into making the final product. Through this process, there will be times when a coder ends up racking his brains for hours on end to figure out a solution to the jam he's in. A wise programmer once said, you're not coding if you don't bang your desk in frustration a few times. However at some point of time one will come across quite a few instances which can only be described as a nightmare..."
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01 Jun 2017
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10 Tips On How To Be A Great Programmer [63895]
jaxenter, June 1st 2017

"Talent can be important to succeed, but following common sense rules while programming is vital. In this article, Java champion Lukas Eder shares his top tips on how to code like a great programmer...

This post was originally published over at, a blog focusing on all things open source, Java and software development from the perspective of jOOQ.

I was recently asked in an interview about my opinion on how to be a great programmer. That's an interesting question, and I think we can all be great programmers, regardless of our talent, if we follow a couple of rules that - I believe - should be common sense. In fact, these rules don't all apply to programmers only, but to any professional..."
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12 May 2017
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Netbeans vs. Eclipse: Comparing Two Java IDEs [63261]
Business 2 Community, May 12th 2017

"Why would you use an IDE over a text editor when creating an application? While text editors like Sublime allow you to write and edit code easily, for Java developers in particular sometimes you need a little more under the hood to get started and stay organized. When more complicated Java concepts come into play (things like Applets, the Swing GUI, frameworks like Struts, or Servlets) that's where an IDE like Eclipse or NetBeans can really accelerate productivity..."
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24 Apr 2017
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11 Technologies Developers Should Explore Now [62802]
JavaWorld, April 24th 2017

"From machine learning to digital twins, opportunities abound in emerging (and converging) tech trends...

New and evolving technologies are rapidly reshaping how we work - offering creative opportunities for developers who are willing to pivot and adopt new skills. We took a look at 11 tech trends experts say are likely to disrupt current IT approaches and create demand for engineers with an eye on the future.

It isn't all about The Next Big Thing. Future opportunities for developers are emerging from a confluence of cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, VR. augmented reality, IoT, and cloud technology ... and, of course, dealing with the security issues that are evolving from these convergences..."
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19 Apr 2017
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Should You Use Python Or R For Your Programming Language? [62603]
insideBIGDATA, April 19th 2017

"When it comes to choosing a programming language, there really are only two choices if you're working with data. For data science, machine learning, statistics, IoT technology and even automation, the two best languages to use are Python and R.

Narrowing down the focus to those two languages is easy, but unfortunately, choosing between them is not so simple. It doesn't help that most resources will go into extreme detail about each language, but they stop short of ever choosing which one is the best option..."
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10 Apr 2017
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21 Hot Programming Trends - And 21 Going Cold [62328]
JavaWorld, April 10th 2017

Hot or not? From the web to the motherboard to the training ground, get the scoop on what's in and what's out in app dev

"Programmers love to sneer at the world of fashion where trends blow through like breezes. Skirt lengths rise and fall, pigments come and go, ties get fatter, then thinner. But in the world of technology, rigor, science, math, and precision rule over fad.

That's not to say programming is a profession devoid of trends. The difference is that programming trends are driven by greater efficiency, increased customization, and ease of use. The new technologies that deliver one or more of these eclipse the previous generation. It's a meritocracy, not a whimsy-ocracy..."
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