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Archived IT - Compliance Articles
31 Jan 2017
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Managing Compliance Is Easier In The Cloud [60224]
InfoWorld, January 31st, 2017

"Rules and standards change, requiring constant IT effort to maintain compliance. Why not let the cloud take on that hassle instead?

Cloud doubters often raise compliance requirements as a barrier to cloud adoption, but in fact cloud providers have many tools to ease compliance with regulations and industry standards. They can help you maintain compliance with the least amount of resources..."
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13 Jan 2017
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Enterprise information security and privacy reliant on culture [59609]
SearchCompliance, January 13th, 2017

"Human error remains a threat to data, but privacy advocate Grace Buckler says setting the tone with company culture can offset enterprise information security and privacy risks...

Studies continue to show that insider threats are a big risk to companies' data protection efforts. But despite these well-known, highly publicized threats, corporate leadership often does not do enough to set the right information protection tone in their organizations, according to Grace Buckler, founder of privacy consulting firm The Privacy Advocate LLC. During the recent ISSA International Conference in Dallas, Buckler led a session where she discussed why the attitude of business leadership will have a direct effect on company efforts to improve information privacy. In this Q&A conducted at the conference, Buckler explains why a company's privacy breach prevention efforts are heavily contingent on company culture, and the potential costly repercussions if data security is ignored at the leadership level.

Why is a security leader's attitude so important to ensure enterprise information security and privacy?..."
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09 Sep 2015
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What QSAs Need to Know About New PCI Requirements [45727]
Search Security, September 9th, 2015

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27 Apr 2015
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3 experts teach you how to properly scope your PCI assessment [42296]
CSO Online, April 22, 2015

"When it comes to PCI, getting your scope right is more important than just getting a cheaper, faster assessment. Learn how to do it right with insights from 3 experts.

PCI is both a globally recognized standard and a lightening rod for discussion.

In recent weeks, I've engaged in conversations exploring the scope of PCI assessments. On twitter, the discussion focused on the need to include everything in scope, as a means to force companies to improve security. Contrast that with a recent column explaining the benefit to speed, price, and quality of properly scoping your PCI assessment (read it here)..."
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21 Apr 2015
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EU Data Protection Reform Triggers Privacy Warning [42168]
ComputerWorld, April 21, 2015

"European Union data-protection reform proposals could undermine basic privacy rights globally, a growing chorus of critics say.

More than 60 civil rights groups from all corners of the world including Europe, Africa, the U.S, Central and South America, Asia and Australia are calling on the European Commission to stop what they said is an effort to undermine people's right to privacy..."
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07 Apr 2015
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A CISO Reveals Why the Cloud Is Your Secret Weapon for Faster, Better, and Cheaper PCI Audits [41926]
CSO Online, April 7, 2015

Combining cloud with PCI is the recipe Joan Pepin, CISO of SumoLogic, used to achieve compliance faster, cheaper, and better. Here is what she did...

How do you feel about PCI? Or the security of the cloud?

What happens when you need to attain PCI certification for your cloud-based service?

That's precisely the challenge that Joan Pepin (LinkedIn, Twitter), CISO of SumoLogic, faced. Her results might surprise you..."
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