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Archived IT - Backup Articles
13 Jun 2017
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Strategies For Enhancing Data Restoration Plans [64320]
Data Center Knowledge, June 9h 2017

"The key for creating a data recovery strategy is to act proactively. You don't want to scramble to locate and recover data after a breach/accident/flood, you want to have systems in place that protect your company from data loss. Surprisingly, many companies still argue that they cannot afford a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, despite the massive risks of losing data or not trusting the integrity of the data. The costs of improved malware security, better storage, and access control are exceedingly cheap when compared to the costs of a data breach caused by either internal or external agents..."
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10 May 2017
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Backup And Recovery Software: IT Pros Weigh In [63232]
Network Computing, May 10th 2017

"How can enterprise IT professionals know which data backup and recovery software to choose for their business? There are numerous products on the market for this critical data center function.

Peer reviews published by real users facilitate this software decision-making with user feedback, insight, and product rankings that collectively indicate which solutions are in the lead. With this knowledge, potential users are equipped to choose the product offering best-suited to their organizational needs..."
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09 May 2017
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Did Cloud Kill Backup? [63233]
Network World, May 9th 2017

"With enterprises rapidly adopting hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure and migrating traditional workloads to the cloud, distributed architectures have become de-facto standard, but traditional backup and recovery strategies have not kept pace. A new cloud-first approach to data protection is required.

According to IDC, 70% of CIOs have a cloud-first strategy, and it is safe to assume most enterprises have a multi-cloud infrastructure, deploying applications on the best suited cloud whether private, public or managed. This evolution to multi-cloud has created two transformative shifts that are disrupting the application tier of the infrastructure world..."
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28 Apr 2017
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Backup Testing: What To Test, When To Test, How Often To Test [62771]
ComputerWeekly, April 28th 2017

"We run the rule over what's involved in backup testing in virtual and physical server environments, how often you should test and the key pitfalls to avoid..."

"Data protection is an essential component in any data management strategy, and one that all system and storage administrators should fully embrace.

We take backups for various reasons: hardware can fail, software has bugs, and users make mistakes and delete or change data unintentionally..."
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25 Apr 2017
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Data Recovery - Best Practices To Protect Vital Information [62793]
Information Age, April 27th 2017

"A great insight on how to stay cool, clam, and collected during the unfortunate event of data loss...

With data recovery, prevention really is the best medicine. Companies that put in place the best plans and tools to protect data are much less likely to go through the hassles of recovery, meaning they spend less time on data and more time on generating revenue.

Automation is a valuable tool for data backups. Individuals and companies should set schedules for automatic backups in order to remove any manual processes. If one person at a mid-sized firm is responsible for manual backup procedures and they go on vacation for a week, then is data recovery being covered? Automation means companies will at worst lose a bare minimum of data..."
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24 Apr 2017
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The Cold Cloud: Long-Term Backup Storage In The Public Cloud [62783]
Enterprise Storage Forum, April 24th 2017

"Efficient storage management includes migrating aging data through progressively less-expensive storage tiers. When data ends its migration at the cold storage stage, you can keep it for long periods of time at very low cost.

Cloud-based data storage generally falls into these four storage classes or tiers:..."
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