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Archived IT - BYOD Articles
12 Apr 2017
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Are Chromebooks Responsible For PC Market Growth? [62331]
The Verge, April 12th 2017

"Microsoft might have more reason to be scared of Chromebooks these days. While the software giant was spooked by Google's low-cost laptops three years ago, they've mostly only been selling well to schools. That appears to have changed over the past year. Chromebooks outsold Macs for the first time in the US last year, and now they appear to be contributing to overall PC market growth.

IDC claims the PC market is 'up slightly,' recording its first growth in five years. It's a tiny growth of just 0.6 percent, but it's a flattening of the market that Microsoft and its PC maker partners have been looking for after years of decline. While percentage growth looks good on paper, it doesn't always tell the whole story..."
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29 Mar 2017
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BYOD is Dead. Long Live BYOD [61933]
ITProPortal, March 29th 2017

It's time to stop debating the merits of BYOD vs. corporate-supplied and come up with a method of managing all manner of mobile devices

BYOD is dying. It's not that people no longer bring devices to work. It's that everyone brings their devices to work. Whether you use BYOx (bring your own everything) to describe this phenomenon or some other term, there are important concerns to be addressed.

For example, will you be providing devices to all employees, some employees (e.g., managers and executives) or no employees? How will user-owned devices connect to the network and how do you ensure personal and corporate data separation? What about company-owned devices and who owns, and thus has free access to, the data stored on them? And what happens when a device with company data or the ability to connect to the company network is stolen?..."
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27 Mar 2017
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The Seven Most Important Features Of Any BYOD Policy [61976]
TechZone360, March 27th 2017

"Today's world of mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones has introduced an interesting layer of complexity for IT departments in businesses everywhere. Employees often own and are familiar with their own technological devices, presenting both an opportunity and a challenge for employers - how can you control the use of these devices without eliminating them entirely?

The go-to solution is to create a custom bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, which outlines exactly how and why employees' home devices may be used for work or for network applications..."
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21 Mar 2017
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What To Consider In Developing BYOD Policy [61714]
CSO Online, March 21st, 2017

"Employees are going to bring in their own devices, whether the company likes it or not...

In today's work environment, employees are increasingly expected to be constantly available and communicating. Regardless of whether the company permits it, employees will use their personal devices for work. Instead of ignoring the inevitable, companies should develop and implement a BYOD policy that protects the company and balances productivity with security. Brandon N. Robinson Partner, Balch & Bingham LLP - Privacy and Data Security Practice, provides some tips..."
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23 Feb 2017
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Employees Not Trusted With BYOD [60880]
ITProPortal, February 23rd, 2017

"There is a strange side-effect to the Bring Your Own Device initiative, and one that's slowing it down. Apparently, many employees refrain from bringing their own devices to work from the fear of being judged.

No, not because their devices are old or slow, but because they fear others will think they're using them for personal instead of professional reasons.

Yes, that's a real fear, and it's quite prevalent. According to Nudge Rewards just 40 per cent of employees felt trust was not an issue when using BYOD..."
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09 Feb 2017
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7 Musts For Any Successful Byod Program (Slideshow) [60400]
CSO Online, February 9th, 2017

"Today, employee mobility and office BYOD programs are critical for enterprise productivity. Mobile devices add new security challenges, bypassing many of the security controls you have in place. Mobile devices, mobile apps and the networks they use are now essential to satisfy customers, collaborate more effectively with suppliers, and keep employees productive anytime and anywhere.

Unfortunately, increased connectivity often translates to increased security threats..."
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