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Archived Free and Open Source S/W Articles
22 Dec 2014
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Top 10 open source interviews in 2014 [40038]
Interviews with open source professionals

Nitish writes, "This year on, we published a fantastic number of interviews with open source professionals. Our writers had the opportunity to talk to many talented leaders, engineers, community managers, and more - all of them stars in their fields, at their companies.

Take these for example: CEO of Bob Young, Head of Open Source at Facebook James Pearce, and OpenStack Board of Directors member Tim Bell of CERN. Imagine for a moment all of the advice, experience, and stories that just these three people must have shared. But we did a whole lot more interviews than that, and you can comb through a large collection of them.

Here are my favorite 10 interviews on in 2014..."
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12 Dec 2014
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Open Source Continues its March into the Enterprise [39667]
By Joe McKendrick

Joe McKendrick writes, "Recently, Microsoft - for years the sworn enemy of open source - announced that it was open sourcing it's .NET Framework, the underpinning of the vendor's tools and solutions for web services, SOA and cloud.

Open source has become a ubiquitous part of the enterprise landscape. Once considered to have some degree of risk, even the most risk-averse industry on the planet - insurance - is embracing it in various ways.

In one notable example, for instance, Progressive Insurance was reported in CIO as employing open-source data analytics software to measure customer response to its online advertising strategy..."
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29 Sep 2014
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New And Updated FOSS Components In Oracle Solaris 11.2 [38451]
Many FOSS components are delivered as part of Solaris

There is number of new and modified Free and Open Source Components (FOSS) in Oracle Solaris 11.2. The following information covers FOSS components delivered as part of Solaris Userland.

This blog lists the new and updated components.
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06 Jun 2014
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Nine Advantages of Open Source Software [36740]
Dennis McCafferty, CIO Insight, June 6th, 2014

While it initially seemed revolutionary, open source software is actually rooted in traditional IT processes. Technology, after all, has always been about collaboration and continuous improvement. (In the early days of the ARPANET, for example, researchers established a "request for comments" procedure to improve the project.) Of course, there have been trepidations raised about open source. But the always-active open source communities are more than happy to address any concerns. As a result, more than one-half of the software acquired over the next several years will be open source, according to industry research. And industry titan Michael Dell has describes it as a primary driver in terms of pursuing tech advancements "further and faster." That said, if you're still undecided about the concept - or need to convince your company's influencers about its merits - consider this list of top nine advantages of open source...
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03 Jun 2014
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Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS & HTML5, 3rd Edition [36739]
By Robin Nixon

Build interactive, data-driven websites with the potent combination of open-source technologies and web standards, even if you only have basic HTML knowledge. With this popular hands-on guide, you'll tackle dynamic web programming with the help of today's core technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.

Explore each technology separately and learn how to use them together - and pick up valuable web programming practices along the way. At the end of the book, you'll put everything together to build a fully functional social networking site...
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27 May 2014
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The true value of open source is people [36638]
By David Hurley

David writes, "Open source is valuable. Very few people would argue that point. There is most definitely a sense of intrinsic worth. But where does this value exist? Is it in the code produced or in something else?

By the very nature of open source (read more about the standard four freedoms here), the ability to view and access the source code is a powerful, driving factor. Because the code is so freely accessible and a prominent focus of open source it can easily be considered to be the value of open source..."
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